Kimball PTSA receives $60,000 grant

$60,000 from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ Large Project fund was awarded to the Kimball Elementary PTSA “to create a global learning community by fostering inclusion and support, leadership development, and providing programs and classes for parents.”

The awarded funds will be matched by a portion of an additional $1.9 million in community matching (cash, volunteer labor, donated professional services, and donated materials).

Some program background from the news release:

The Department of Neighborhoods’ Large Projects Fund annually provides cash awards of up to $100,000 to neighborhood organizations committed to building a better community. The funding is matched by locally raised money, donated materials, and volunteer labor. The 2009 awards range from $28,000 to $100,000 and communities have pledged to match the city’s $1.3 million contribution with resources valued at nearly $1.9 million.

. . .

Since the program was created 21 years ago, the Neighborhood Matching Fund has awarded over $42 million with a community match of more than $64 million. Projects have involved nearly 65,000 volunteers who have donated over 400,000 work hours.

The full award news release (PDF) is here (linked from here). Other individual award recipients are in another PDF here, or at CHS, the Capitol Hill Seattle blog.

Thanks, CHS!

Top of the Hill: our first annual survey, open now

Summer’s almost over, and it’s time for the first annual Beacon Hill Blog “Top of the Hill” survey!

The survey lets you tell us what your favorite places are on the Hill, or, sometimes, your least favorite. Some of the questions are serious, some are frivolous, but the results should be entertaining, at the very least.

The survey will be open for two weeks. It will close on September 11. We’ll show you the results shortly after that.

The survey is open to anyone who lives or works or spends lots of time on Beacon Hill.

Go here to fill out the survey, and have fun!

Van Asselt playground project needs neighbor help

Keyunda Wilson at Van Asselt is trying to get a Neighborhood Grant to bring a play structure to Van Asselt Elementary @ the African American Academy.

To be eligible for the grant and to bring a community playground to this area we need 25% of the pledges to come directly from the neighborhood! I need to have pledged commitments by Friday the 28th.

Time is short: the 28th is tomorrow!

Ways you can pledge to help:

  • With your time: join the Playground Committee, attend a planning meeting, help design the playground
  • With materials: lending or buying tools and equipment, providing snacks for the builders
  • With labor: paint or assemble the play structure
  • With organizing: contact and recruit other people in the community who may be interested in the project

If you’d like to help, email Keyunda at or with your name, address, phone number, and the number of hours you are willing to pledge and/or kinds of volunteer activities or items you can pledge. Or call 206-252-7500.

Libraries closed all week next week

All SPL branches are closed Aug 31-Sep 7. Photo by Tallent Show.
All SPL branches are closed Aug 31-Sep 7. Photo by Tallent Show.
Remember: the Seattle Public Library will be closed from August 31st through September 7th for budgetary reasons.

Luckily, during this period, fines will not accrue and items will not come due. The crazy part is that even the functions that don’t require staff will be inaccessible for the week. This includes the website and book drops at branches — keep your books until they re-open after the 7th. Also, there will be no library-hosted meetings.

This last item impacts the September North Beacon Hill Council meeting, which will have to be moved and/or rescheduled. (We’ve not yet seen official notice of when or where, and the NBHC website does not say. The usual alternate location is the Beacon Hill Lutheran church at 18th and Forest. The official time, location, and agenda will be posted as soon as it’s available.)

Meet State Rep. Hasegawa & Two parks: clean up and construction

State Representative Bob Hasegawa. Photo from
State Representative Bob Hasegawa. Photo from
Some upcoming events of interest:

If you’re following the plight of our neighbors on the far-west side of the Hill with a portion of their view now interfered with by new power lines, or if you’d just like to have a word with State Rep. Bob Hasegawa, this note from Nick Papini (by way of Doug) may be of interest:

State Representative, Bob Hasegawa is going to tour our neighborhood this Friday, Aug 28th, at 1:00PM.

We have asked Bob to come to see first-hand what City Light and ST have done regarding the massive power lines on Stevens St, and along 14th Ave.

We are going to meet at my house (3017 12th Ave S) at 1:00PM. If anyone would like to attend, and either meet Bob for the first time, or get a chance to catch up with him, this is a good opportunity.

* * *

Craig Thompson is looking for a couple of neighbors to help wrangle a large number of expected volunteers working at Jose Rizal Park on Friday, September 11th:

Hi! September 11 is the fall King County United Way Day of Caring. For the past two years, large groups of employees from Microsoft and other businesses have come to Dr. Jose Rizal Park and other sites to improve our common spaces.

This year, we may have between 70 and 100 people volunteer at Dr. Jose Rizal Park, and so for the first time, I’ve got to admit I’m challenged. The two neighbors who’ve helped out so much in the past around this event have moved from Beacon Hill and aren’t available.

Is there someone out there who could help get a couple of groups started on projects in the off-leash area? It would be great if a few neighbors turned out to help. I’d like to begin setting up at 9 AM that Friday morning, Sept. 11 – the event runs from 10 AM to 2 PM.

The volunteers do the heavy lifting; most of what’s involved is laying out the tools, which we’ve purchased with grants, plus we’ll have some on loan. We’ll be making improvements to the entrance of the off-leash area terracing the slope along the east side of the park with materials already on site – the terraces will be planted later in the month by a smaller crew of volunteers.

Email Craig at if you can help out.

* * *

Seattle Parks and Recreation and Seattle Public Utilities are hosting a Jefferson Park construction update meeting, 6pm, Tuesday, September 8th, at the Jefferson Park Community Center.

At the meeting learn about funding through the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program that the city intends to apply for and get an update on the construction at Jefferson Park.

The first part of the meeting will be dedicated to Jefferson Park construction update and the second half will discuss the application for federal and state funding.

All emphasis is mine.

Crime Notes: Burglary escape sounds like an action film

The damage left behind when the Cherokee rammed its way out. Photo by Rob.
The damage left behind when the Cherokee rammed its way out. Photo by Rob.
Rob near 15th and Spokane writes about what had to be a dramatic and brazen daylight burglary (emphasis mine):

Our house was burglarized Tuesday some time around mid-day. They appear to have entered through a window we thought was too high from the ground, or even a ladder, to make possible. They took two laptops, and our 32″ LCD TV in the living room (probably peeked through front door / window blinds and saw that, motivating the break-in). To top the whole thing off, they then stole my silver ’01 Jeep Cherokee out of the locked garage, ramming it through the closed garage door. Fortunately nobody was home or hurt, but we are very shaken up.

That sort of exit had to attract some attention. If you have any information about this break-in that could be helpful, if you were in the area of 15th and Spokane and saw anything yesterday, please contact the Seattle Police Department. Also, keep an eye out for a silver Jeep Cherokee with 60th anniversary edition badges and 5-spoke alloy wheels, plate number A58145Z; when found, it may be useful for collecting fingerprint evidence. I’d imagine there’d also have to be a bit of scratching-up on it, having driven through a garage door.

Updated with photo from Rob.

Beacon Bits: Kusina Filipina, coffee with Sabzi, and 75 pounds of tomatoes

A colorful sign marks the front entrance of Kusina Filipina. Photo by Wendi.
A colorful sign marks the front entrance of Kusina Filipina. Photo by Wendi.
After yesterday’s plum tree story, we have more food-related stories for you to check out!

The Om Nom Nom Nom foodie blog reviews Beacon Avenue establishment Kusina Filipina: “The food is really good. I think it comes pretty close to authentic Filipino food.” Despite the good rating for the food, and an overall positive review, they give it 2.5 doughnuts on a 5-doughnut rating scale. Tough critics!

* * *

Laura at the Beacon Hill Bungalow blog just canned 75 pounds of tomatoes. We salute her ability to slave over a hot stove in August. It will all be worth it this winter.

* * *

OK, it’s not actually about food, but the University of San Diego Student Radio blog features “Coffee and Conversation with Sabzi of the Blue Scholars,” from our very own Victrola Espresso on Beacon Avenue. In the interview, Sabzi discusses the Northwest’s musical identity, the role of record labels in a changing music industry, the current and future state of music, and more. If you haven’t yet gotten around to hearing Blue Scholars, there are links at the bottom of the interview to a couple of songs you can stream.

Beacon Hill plum tree is front-page news

Nearly half the front page is devoted to the Risses' plum tree. From the Seattle Times front page PDF.
Nearly half the front page is devoted to the Risses' plum tree. From the Seattle Times front page PDF.
Heidi Risse pointed out their plum tree’s front-page appearance on today’s issue of the Seattle Times. The Risses’ tree, with a bumper crop of plums this year, is featured in an article about City Fruit (previously mentioned here), an organization formed earlier this year to not only help harvest urban crops, but to assist and educate tree owners in pest control, pruning and processing. Check out City Fruit’s calendar for classes on canning and more.

Find out how the 75 pounds of bounty will be put to use in the article at the Times.

Beacon Bits: Dig dirt and clean up your act

That large thing in the upper right corner is the tunnel boring machine that was used to dig the Beacon Hill Tunnel. And now, it can be yours! Photo by Eric Hodel.
That large thing in the upper right corner is the tunnel boring machine that was used to dig the Beacon Hill Tunnel. And now, it can be yours! Photo by Eric Hodel.
Remember that huge tunnel boring machine that was used to dig out the Beacon Hill light rail tunnel? Want it for your own nefarious projects? Seattle Transit Blog reports that you can have it, for a mere $300,000 (or best offer).

* * *

Local duo Blue Scholars are releasing their new EP, OOF!, tomorrow. They’ll be celebrating the release by making surprise appearances or perhaps even playing secret shows all over town. The only way to know where the action will be is to follow them on Twitter: @bluescholars for the news. If you can’t make it to the secret shows, they’ll be at the release party at ‘Ohana in Belltown tomorrow night. (Hat tip to Reverb for the news.)

* * *

The Health Department restaurant inspectors have recently paid a visit to North Beacon Hill. Results of the inspections, as usual, are posted online. The Chinatown Café (in the Red Apple) has a perfect score of 0 this time. Two other businesses did not fare so well; the Golden Daisy on Beacon Avenue had 13 points in “blue” violations, and’s cafeteria had 20 points in “red critical” violations. Some perspective: these violation levels are nowhere near close to closure-levels. 45 or more red points force a re-inspection within two weeks, 90 or more red points force closure of the establishment, and 120 or more total (red and blue) points force closure of the establishment as well. Still, we’d rather see our local businesses getting 0 points than even a few blue points. Congratulations to Chinatown Café this time around for getting a good, healthy zero!