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NOT Tonight: An a cappella tribute to the library

September 17th, 2009 at 11:09 am | Posted by Jason

Unfortunate update: We were improperly informed. The performance already occurred during the original re-opening. Our apologies for getting anyone’s hopes up. A couple of photos of the event are below:

Beaconettes Performance 1Beaconettes Performance 2

We’ve received notice via Dorothy Orzel about a very special library re-opening celebration event tonight:

The Beaconettes have decided to perform their ode to the Beacon Hill Library outside the building tonight. The Beaconettes are an all women a cappella group — mostly Beacon Hill residents — who have a great talent for writing witty lyrics to classic tunes. They won Best New Group at last year’s Great Figgy Pudding Contest. It just happens that they had recently penned this tribute to that unexpectedly glorious building (and its staff), so the re-opening seemed a perfect occasion to perform for patrons and staff…

The Beaconettes performed at the Beacon Hill Festival at Jefferson Park back in June. Several performances are available on YouTube: God Bless Our Ferries, Gentlemen; Danny Boy; We Three Naked Cyclists; and more.

You are invited to join them at 7pm in front of the Beacon Hill branch library.

Thank you, Dorothy!

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