A photographic look back at 2009 on Beacon Hill

During the last year, many of you have contributed amazing photos to the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr. The photos you see here today were chosen from the nearly 700 photos that were taken and posted in the photo pool during 2009. Some were chosen because of their photographic beauty; others, because they captured newsworthy moments on the Hill. Some of these we’ve published before, and some we haven’t.

We would like to thank all of our wonderful Beacon Hill photographers for posting photos to the pool and their generosity in allowing us to share them with you. We hope you enjoy this look back at 2009. Happy New Year!

A foggy morning at Beacon Hill Playfield in January. Photo by Bridget Christian.

Enjoying the horsie ride at the Red Apple. Photo by melissajonas.

Keeping cool in a Beacon Hill condo pool, late July. Photo by Bridget Christian.

A door opened in the July heat at Kusina Filipina. Photo by l0st2.

Waiting to try the new light rail train on opening weekend at Beacon Hill Station. Photo by Jason.

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Crime notes: Hicks extradition, purple pleasure, more break-ins

Daniel Hicks extradition hearing today. — The Seattle Times

A brand new purple vibrator was among the items stolen from a home at 19th and Massachusetts. — SeattleCrime.com

On the mailing list, Maureen wrote that her basement apartment at 14th and Winthrop was burglarized yesterday between about 1:30 and 3:30pm, with entry through a window in full view of the street. This was the only time when no one was home; was someone watching? The thieves made off with two laptops. Two weeks ago, the vacant house on the opposite corner was also broken into, by smashing the back door glass. Maureen also noted seeing some unfamiliar dog-walkers always on their cellphones in the area recently.

Update: The SPD Blotter has some additional details on the home invasion robbery mentioned last night.

Planning your New Year celebration

Dog in a party hat
Photo by prettyinprint (CC BY-ND)

Going out and about?

Good news! Sound Transit has announced Link light rail will be running until about 1:30am on New Year’s Eve. Update: From the Seattle Times by way of the Seattle Transit Blog, the additional train runs will be departing Westlake, southbound, at 12:44am, 12:54am, 1:09am, 1:24am and 1:39am.

Staying on the Hill?

Good news! The Beacon Pub is celebrating the New Year all weekend long. They’ll have a DJ on NYE, and will be hosting their world-famous karaoke Friday and Saturday nights. On New Year’s Day, they’re opening early: 10am for both food and drink, and featuring drink specials all weekend long.

Got something else going on?

Let us know what you’ve got planned in the comments!

Crosswalk beacons now working at Beacon and Lander

We have received a few questions over the last couple of months about the new crosswalk beacons on Beacon Avenue South at South Lander, just in front of Beacon Hill Station. The crosswalk signs and lights were installed in October, but the lights did not function, and no buttons were installed to activate them.

The lights have just started working recently. According to SDOT, the delay was caused when the lights were installed by Sound Transit’s contractor, who installed the wrong wiring for them. The contractor removed and replaced the wiring, and now the overhead crosswalk beacons are on and flashing. (They won’t be button-controlled.)

New pedestrian warning signage on Beacon Avenue South

Crime notes: Faux-police, Sunday strangeness, scanner updates

Police Impersonator Robs Three Men in Beacon HillSeattleCrime.com

* * *

Some items of note from the BAN and Beaconhill mailing lists:

  • Katrina noted a dark teal Toyota Corolla being driven recklessly at high speeds around the neighborhood near 20th and Brandon recently.
  • Sometime overnight on the 26th, Mike’s white 1997 Subaru station wagon was stolen from where it was parked on 13th and Judkins.
  • Sunday evening, Mahalie and others along Cheasty had a suspicious visit from a supposed door-to-door magazine salesman.
  • Lindsay mentioned seeing a man driving slowly through the neighborhood near 15th and Dawson on Sunday in a tan Crown Victoria-like sedan, taking photos of houses. Willie wondered if he saw the same guy near 20th and Hanford the same night.
  • Hazel mentioned a neighbor’s property on 20th between Hinds and Spokane had been broken into on Sunday. Maryann responded that she’d seen a couple of kids in baggy clothing acting shifty as she walked along 19th near Spokane Street around 5 or 6pm that night.

* * *

Today’s bhnw.org’s scanner logs included reports of:

  • Houses being cased near 13th and Walker.
  • A burglary near Columbia Drive and South Pearl Street.
  • A forced-entry robbery with weapons at 24th and Graham, with a K-9 unit responding and Graham Street east and west of Beacon Avenue being closed for the search.
  • A broken window and signs of entry near 20th and Ferdinand.

Beacon Bits: Wong well-wishes, chief search, found dog

Get-well card for Wah Wong and family
Get-well wishes for Wah Wong and family posted outside the Jade West Cafe in West Seattle. Photo courtesy West Seattle Blog.

Wah Wong, the proprietor of the Jade West Cafe in West Seattle, who was injured in the DUI Corvette incident last week, has been released from Harborview. His son, Jason, is still in the hospital, reportedly in satisfactory condition — West Seattle Blog

* * *

El Centro’s Roberto Maestas has been appointed to Mayor-elect McGinn’s Police Chief Search Committee.

* * *

A lost dog followed Jennie home. She writes:

Today a young, male American Staffordshire Terrier (possible mix) followed me and my dog home. We found him near the library. He is mostly white with some brindle spots on his back and ear and has bright ice white-blue eyes. He’s very friendly.

He has no tags and the veterinarian found no ID chip. She’ll be calling Animal Control soon, but if you recognize this dog by description, please call 206-971-6028.

Beacon Hill’s December through a lens

Here are some of the photos added to the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr recently. Taken any interesting photos? You are invited to contribute them to the pool.

Aged red door on Beacon Hill. Photo by Moxie Sinclair.

Photo of the Pac Med building by Erick Mota.

Street art posted outside the library on Beacon Avenue South. Photo by Wendi.

Photo of Christmas lights on 13th Avenue South by Jason.

The Beaconettes wished us all happy holidays. Photo by go-team.

Welcome to a new BHB sponsor: Green Cleaning Seattle

We’d like to welcome a new sponsor to the pages of the Beacon Hill Blog: Green Cleaning Seattle. They describe themselves as “Seattle’s locally owned & operated green cleaning company,” and offer eco-maid services, house cleaning (“basic clean” and “deep clean”), party and event cleaning, office cleaning, and other services, using “products that are non-toxic and natural.” They add, “We do not use products that contain chemicals or artificial fragrances. We also recycle and reuse our cleaning towels (they are cleaned and sanitized after each use) and recycle and reuse our spray bottles.” You can see their ad in the right-hand column of every page on the blog for the next few weeks.

Thanks to Green Cleaning Seattle for their support of the Beacon Hill Blog!

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Crime notes: Guns, cocaine, and SWAT response

On Christmas night, a suspect in a domestic violence incident fled as officers arrived at the scene near MLK Way and Juneau. The victim suggested the suspect might be found at a friend’s house at 22nd and Lucile. The SPD Blotter details the situation that followed:

Officers located the vehicle at that location within one minute of that information being broadcast. Once the house was surrounded, the officers could see an individual inside matching the suspect description.

Officers attempted to call the suspect inside, but it went straight to voice mail. A short time later, the resident’s cousin and his two children exited the residence and they stated that the suspect was inside.

The suspect still refused to answer his cell phone or to respond to hailing. At that point, the door of the residence was still open from the cousin exiting, so the officers formed a contact team and made entry to take the suspect into custody.

As the officers entered the residence to take the suspect into custody, they located a large quantity of narcotics (1/4 kilo of cocaine) and several weapons (Mak90 and Tec9) in plain view.

The suspect had retreated into the attic so the residence was locked down and SWAT was called out. SWAT responded to the scene and used a flash bang device thrown into the attic to get the suspect to respond and ultimately surrender.

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary and Eluding. In addition, the home owner/resident was booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Violation of Uniform Control Substance Act and Violation of Firearms Control Act.

* * *

A sampling of recent burglaries logged at bhnw.org and reported on the mailing lists:

  • December 22nd, 8pm — 15th and College (reportedly one of many in that vicinity on this day)
  • December 23rd, 1pm — 17th and Shelton
  • December 26th, 10pm — Beacon and Holly