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Neighbors meet at Mercer to plan North Beacon’s future

May 15th, 2010 at 4:56 pm | Posted by Wendi Dunlap

Neighbors discuss the future of North Beacon Hill at Mercer Middle School. Photo by Wendi.

The North Beacon Hill Neighborhood Plan Update Action Team Kick-Off meeting last night drew an enthusiastic group of more than fifty neighbors to Asa Mercer Middle School to express their thoughts about the future of North Beacon. Idea boards were set up around the room and people were given stickers to apply to the boards to choose which proposals to prioritize.

One concern expressed by several people was that the ideas on the boards seemed to be poorly chosen, including some projects that were already built or being built. (For example, one of the ideas was to put lids on the reservoirs at Jefferson Park, a project which has already happened.) Many people were choosing to use their stickers to prioritize projects that have already been done, instead of prioritizing new potential ideas for the Hill.

Other ideas on the boards were vague, such as “Supporting a safe and healthy community,” which received a large number of support stickers from neighbors at the event. However, many other concepts on the boards were more specific, such as “SDOT Street Use will review and approve permits for benches and banners.”

If you could not make it to the meeting last night, you can participate online by filling out an online survey.

City Council member Mike O'Brien listens to neighbors' comments. Photo by Wendi.

Neighbors were given stickers to place on various boards to give their opinions or demographic info. Photo by Wendi.

Frederica Merrell points out some concerns with the idea boards. Photo by Wendi.

Deciding how to prioritize one's stickers. Photo by Wendi.

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