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Your opinions wanted for Neighborhood Plan Update survey

June 7th, 2010 at 4:57 am | Posted by BHB Admin

A neighbor at the Beacon Hill Festival, thinking about how to prioritize Neighborhood Plan ideas. Photo by Jason.

(By Frederica Merrell, with some added text by Wendi.)

138 people voted on a Neighborhood Plan Update actions and strategies survey at the Beacon Hill Festival on Saturday. If you couldn’t attend the festival, have no fear—click this link to take the survey online. (This is a different survey than the one we posted about several weeks ago.)

The purpose of this survey is to ask North Beacon Hill neighbors and non-residents to rate their support for elements of our 2011 Neighborhood Plan update. In the survey, you are asked to indicate your level of support or agreement for various strategies to be included in the plan. (Some examples of the strategies that are included in the survey: “Create affordable rental and home ownership housing targets for the Beacon Hill Urban Village and periodically evaluate progress,” and “Create the Town Center campus on Beacon Avenue between McClellan and 15th, by calming and redirecting traffic flow, extending the festival street, and creating bus/bike lanes and activated alleys.”) The proposed plan update will be edited based on your input. Questions or comments? Send them to nbhcplan@gmail.com.

This plan update is proposed by neighborhood volunteers, with ideas that come from neighborhood groups and individuals. It incorporates the work done by the Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) in 2009 and the comments they collected. Look for future reports on the survey results here on the Beacon Hill Blog.

Our neighborhood plan

The 1999 North Beacon Hill Neighborhood Plan has been a highly successful document because neighbors and City of Seattle departments implemented significant improvements for our community over the ten-year planning period. It was built on the shoulders of the 1993 North Beacon Hill Action Plan, our first neighborhood plan and one of the first residential neighborhood plans in the City. The 1993 Action Plan was supported by extensive study of housing trends, demographics, and conditions in the North Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Neighborhood plans are updated in response to changing conditions. Conditions have changed in the community, and the world at large. The 2011 North Beacon Hill Neighborhood Plan recognizes new conditions and strives to help residents thrive under new economics, ecological strains and demographic changes. We acknowledge the significant role played by City of Seattle in spurring our neighborhood to complete an update of our plan by 2011. This update is made possible through the guidance and assistance of the Department of Planning and Development, Department of Neighborhoods, City Council and staff, Department of Transportation, Parks Department, Seattle Planning Commission, and the Mayor’s office.

In addition to North Beacon Hill residents, business owners and their clients, and the City of Seattle, members of the following neighborhood groups and organizations participated in shaping our plan update:

  • North Beacon Hill Community Council
  • Duwamish District Council
  • El Centro de la Raza
  • Jefferson Park Alliance and Friends of the Jefferson Park Food Forest
  • Seattle Youth Soccer
  • Beacon BIKES Planning Committee
  • Columbia City Bikeworks
  • Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board
  • Cascade Bike Club
  • Feet First
  • Beacon Hill Merchants’ Association
  • Beacon ARTS
  • ROCKiT Space
  • Denise Louie Early Education Center
  • Friends of 2010 Parks Opportunity Fund projects:
    • North Beacon Central Park
    • Lewis Park
    • 17th and Hill Park
    • 12th Avenue Viewpark
    • Jose Marti Playground
  • Beacon Hill Elementary School
  • Mercer Middle School
  • Kimball Elementary School
  • Veterans’ Administration Hospital
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • King County Public Health
  • Sustainable South Seattle
  • Georgetown Farmer’s Market

For more information about the Plan Update or the survey, please contact nbhcplan@gmail.com.

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