Save the date: Hearing Feb. 29 on North Beacon Hill station area rezones

The proposed rezoning for the station area. Click on the image to see a PDF that contains a larger map.
The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) is holding a public hearing on Wednesday, February 29 to discuss proposed rezoning in the North Beacon Hill urban village area, in order to implement the updated North Beacon Hill neighborhood plan. (See Seattle Council Bill 117375, currently in committee.) The proposed rezones may be seen in this PDF, and include rezoning several 40′ zones to 65′, changing parts of the El Centro properties from Single Family 5000′ to Neighborhood Commercial or Low-Rise zones, and changing some other areas to Low-Rise 3. Additionally, there would be a slight expansion of the Beacon Hill Station Overlay District.

The public hearing, which will be combined with a similar hearing for the Othello Neighborhood Plan update, will be held on Wednesday, February 29 at 6 p.m. at the NewHolly Gathering Hall, 7054 32nd Ave. S.

If you are unable to attend but still wish to comment, you may send comments to Councilmember Richard Conlin, Comments should be received by Tuesday, February 28, at 5 p.m.

More information about the neighborhood plan update and the rezone may be found at the DPD website, including the “Director’s Analysis and Recommendation on the North Beacon Hill Rezone Proposal.

Rizal Park meeting rescheduled for Wednesday

This mural is a landmark in Dr. Jose Rizal Park. Photo by Seattle Daily Photo in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
Seattle Parks and Recreation will hold a meeting this Wednesday to discuss Dr. Jose Rizal Park’s off-leash area as well as future opportunities for the park.

Because of the recent snow and slush, Parks rescheduled the meeting to this Wednesday afternoon, February 1, from 1 to 2 p.m. The first part of the meeting will be at the park itself, 1008 12th Ave. S., and the second half will be held at the Quarters 1 conference room at the Pacific Medical Center building, 1200 12th Ave. S.

Topics under discussion at this meeting wil be the newly-redesigned off-leash area and the other partnership efforts in the park. Parks staff will address the following issues:

  • Why the off-leash area was redesigned and why it is 4.1 acres in size
  • Program and partnership opportunities to re-activate the park so it is safe and accessible
  • Identification of maintenance priorities and fund raising opportunities
  • Roles and responsibilities of Parks staff and volunteers in park maintenance and attention to ongoing issues

There may be mud in the park; dress accordingly.

Suspect in street robberies arrested

The Seattle Police Department’s SPD Blotter blog reports that a suspect has been arrested in a recent series of street robberies on Beacon Hill. The suspects in the robberies were described as two Asian males and one Black male, all possibly teenagers.

The Blotter says, “Information developed during the on going investigation led detectives to the identity of one possible suspect. Victims were able to point out the suspect in at least three of the robberies during a photo line up.” Yesterday, the 17-year-old suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Youth Services Center for investigation of the robbery charge.

Beacon Bits: City U not coming to PacMed

The historic PacMed building. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.
There had been some talk that City University would move into the PacMed/Amazon building at the north end of Beacon Hill. However, the university has decided instead to move to the Sixth & Wall building in the Denny Regrade (or Belltown) area, according to the Seattle Times. The building was once the home of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and later of Group Health.

The Times reports:

“The university also considered the PacMed building on Beacon Hill—’s former headquarters—but chose Sixth & Wall after taking students to visit both buildings, (City University spokesperson Tarsi) Hall said.

“‘They really liked the neighborhood we’re moving to,’ she said.”

We aren’t sure, but was Beacon Hill just dissed?

* * *

Chef Vincent Rivera of Jazz Alley will be at El Centro de la Raza on Sunday, January 29 at 1 p.m. for a special cooking demonstration, making mole enchiladas and traditional side dishes. The demonstration will include both meat and vegetarian food.

Tickets are $40 and will benefit the El Centro de la Raza Senior Nutrition and Wellness program, which provides meals along with daily social, exercise and educational activities to seniors. Tickets may be purchased online through Brown Paper Tickets.

* * *

Jordan Van Voast of CommuniChi sent us this announcement:

“Happy Chinese New Year all, CommuniChi is celebrating 5 years of service to Beacon Hill and Seattle, offering affordable acupuncture. To celebrate, we are offering Free Acupuncture (to New Patients) on February 1.”

To sign up for a free treatment, visit the CommuniChi website.

CommuniChi is located inside the El Centro de la Raza building, at 2524 16th Ave. S. #301.

* * *

A video look at “another Tuesday night on Beacon Hill,” with Alleycat Acres.

* * *

The Benders art show at NEPO House is extended through January 28 because of last week’s snow shenanigans. More info at the NEPO website.

* * *

Save the date—on February 4 there will be a ROCKiT Art Chair community celebration party at the library, and at Jose Rizal Park, there will be a dedication of a monument to honor World War II Filipino defenders of Bataan and Corregidor. Stay tuned for more information about these events here on the blog soon!

Liquor license application filed for The Mighty Oak on Beacon Avenue

Some Beaconians have been morning the loss of The Beacon Pub, the dive bar formerly located at the site of Bar del Corso. Perhaps the new liquor license application we saw today will give you hope.

A “spirits/beer/wine restaurant lounge +” application has been filed by Bar4 LLC (Tim Purtill, Kelly Staton, Lisa Jack, and Mat Brooke) for a business named The Mighty Oak, to be located at 3019 Beacon Ave. S. This is the former location of Sharon’s Lutong Bahay and of Manila Video; the building sold a few weeks ago for $435,000. A liquor license of this type allows an establishment with more than 50% dedicated dining business to sell spirits, beer, and wine by the serving for consumption on the premises; the beverages may be sold on tap or in opened bottles or cans.

Bar4 LLC also own The Redwood, a bar at 514 E. Howell St. on Capitol Hill. Yelp reviews mention peanuts on the floor, hamburgers, cheesy corn nuggets, and sweet potato fries—we don’t know yet what sort of place The Mighty Oak will be, but all of those things are currently lacking on Beacon Hill. (The reviews also mention hipsters. Frequently.)

Some years ago The Redwood was under scrutiny after some of the bar’s neighbors complained about noise. (The Redwood, like The Mighty Oak, is located in a mostly residential area, though one that is considerably denser than North Beacon Hill.) The Department of Planning and Development has since closed the complaint case, and The Redwood continues to operate.

We are attempting to contact the Bar4 LLC folks and will update when we hear more information about The Mighty Oak.

The liquor license application is number 408904. Comments about the application may be e-mailed to the Washington State Liquor Control Board at

This is what the Mighty Oak building looked like in 2008, when Google Street View came by and took a photo. It has since been painted green:

View Larger Map

NBHC hosting public safety meeting Feb. 7

The North Beacon Hill Council is holding a public safety meeting on Tuesday, February 7 at 7 p.m. at the Beacon Hill Library. Guests at the meeting will include Sergeant Ann Martin of the Seattle Police Department, and another police officer (to be named later) who serves North Beacon Hill.

Here is the agenda for the February meeting:

  • 7:00 Welcome and hellos
  • 7:15 Public Safety Meeting with Sgt. Ann Martin and a patrol representative from the South Precinct
    • Sgt. Martin and her SPD representative
    • Open discussion
  • 8:00 Community announcements and concerns
  • 8:30 Closure—Executive board meeting to follow

The Beacon Hill Library is located at 2821 Beacon Avenue South.

New neighbor wants to know: North Beacon safe for runners?

A poster on asked this question yesterday:

“So long story short, I’m coming from the East Coast and I’m moving to North Beacon Hill. –is it safe to run outside as a mid-20’s female by myself?
I know the area is mostly blue-collar and there’s a school right across the street for me, and park next to it. But just because there’s a school doesn’t promise me it’s a safe neighborhood. So I’m looking for thoughts, suggestions, tips. I’d like to run close to home so even if you can point me to link so I can find the answers myself that would be cool.”

A few sample responses:

“I am a late 20’s female, and live on North Beacon Hill. Running during the day is not a big deal at all. The most that’s happened is getting cat calls while running on Rainier. I’ve lived here almost 5 years and haven’t been running at night, but honestly, I don’t even really feel safe walking at night here.” – phantompoop

“Beacon Hill is fine. The neighborhood is a little lower-rent than some areas, but overall you should be safe. Try to stay out of poorly-lit/isolated areas (the I-90 trail comes to mind), don’t run with your headphones or anything that makes you less aware of your surroundings, don’t run at 3 in the morning, and just trust your own instincts. That goes for any neighborhood, actually.” — fact_bears_eat_beets

“There are only a few other parts of Seattle that are worse. Anyone who tells you Beacon Hill is ok is flat out lying to you or delusional.” — Fishermansterminal

Want to add your two cents? Here’s the Reddit post.

Findlay Street Christian Church holding “trial service” on Beacon Hill

This is the proposed Findlay Street Christian Church building on South Bayview Street. However, the project has not been able to move forward.
Findlay Street Christian Church sent us this announcement Tuesday:

Findlay Street Christian Church has desperately wanted to move into the Beacon Hill area for years and this weekend (January 29th), we’ll be holding a trial service at The Garden House (2336 15th Ave. S.) 10:30am to check out the space and to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood. All are welcome—we have been an open and affirming congregation since 1987—and we’d love to meet you!

A bit more about the church, Findlay Street Christian Church sold its property six years ago with hopes of moving into the Beacon Hill area. Three years ago, we purchased property on the corner of Bayview and 14th Ave S, we designed an ambitious, forward looking, mixed use building that included worship space and multi-unit affordable housing. Unfortunately, we have run into a number of unforeseen setbacks and have so far been unable to get the project off the ground.

Despite numerous hurdles regarding this building project, we’re still eager to move into the Beacon Hill neighborhood and so we are excited to worship this Sunday.

For more information about Findlay Street Christian Church, head on over to our website at

We look forward to meeting you all!

Motion-sensing cameras proposed to prevent crime in Mid-Beacon Hill

Our news partners at are reporting that a local resident has drafted plans to put motion-sensing cameras up on major arterials in parts of Mid-Beacon Hill to thwart crime.

Glenn Tamura has created a proposal to place cameras to capture images of all pedestrians and motorists who travel on Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Beacon Avenue South, Columbian Way, and South Orcas Street. (See the map below.)
The cameras would be able to capture license plate information and send images to a remote server via a wireless connection.

Why this area? The KOMO article quotes neighbor Alexis Gallegos, a block watch captain in the Mid-Beacon neighborhood of Lockmore, who says that crime in the area “‘just started escalating…Now it’s to the point where you can’t go to a (neighbor’s house) without having somebody that’s had their door kicked in.'”

Tamura will discuss his proposal with neighbors at a community meeting tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club.

View Motion-sensor cameras proposed area in a larger map

Recent break-ins cause concern

Neighbors on the Beacon Hill mailing list have been warning about recent criminal activity in the neighborhood.

First, neighbor Heather posted:

“Friday night at around 4 a.m. my friend witnessed a car being broken into from his window. He called the police and was on the phone with them as they were pulling up, but the guy got away. Apparently, his method of choice was to break in, leave the car door open slightly and leave the car until the unknown car owner maybe looks out and doesn’t see anything so they turn their car alarm off. Once they turn it off the guy comes back and takes what he wants. Pretty clever idea. Moral of the story, don’t assume it is wind if your car alarm goes off and you don’t see anyone. He will be back. This happened on 16th Avenue South.”

Then neighbor Krizten reported:

“My neighbor’s house got robbed today (Tuesday) between 9-11am this morning. She lives above the greenbelt as you come up Holgate from the west. The police believed the burglar(s) came up thru the greenbelt. They smashed a window on that backside of the house and ransacked her bedroom mainly, stealing a jewelry box, walkman and various other small objects.

“This is the second time she’s been broken into this year… A pretty similar burglary happened to another neighbor about 8 doors north of her about 2 weeks ago.

“I believe it also happened between similar hours and the items stolen were similar and included her work laptop. She believes someone was actually watching to see when she left.”

Crimes are only one of the topics discussed on the neighborhood mailing list. Other topics have included missing chickens, recommendations for child care, snow removal, and the quality of Beacon Hill broadband. To join the mailing list, go here.