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Liquor license application filed for The Mighty Oak on Beacon Avenue

January 27th, 2012 at 4:29 am | Posted by Wendi Dunlap

Some Beaconians have been morning the loss of The Beacon Pub, the dive bar formerly located at the site of Bar del Corso. Perhaps the new liquor license application we saw today will give you hope.

A “spirits/beer/wine restaurant lounge +” application has been filed by Bar4 LLC (Tim Purtill, Kelly Staton, Lisa Jack, and Mat Brooke) for a business named The Mighty Oak, to be located at 3019 Beacon Ave. S. This is the former location of Sharon’s Lutong Bahay and of Manila Video; the building sold a few weeks ago for $435,000. A liquor license of this type allows an establishment with more than 50% dedicated dining business to sell spirits, beer, and wine by the serving for consumption on the premises; the beverages may be sold on tap or in opened bottles or cans.

Bar4 LLC also own The Redwood, a bar at 514 E. Howell St. on Capitol Hill. Yelp reviews mention peanuts on the floor, hamburgers, cheesy corn nuggets, and sweet potato fries—we don’t know yet what sort of place The Mighty Oak will be, but all of those things are currently lacking on Beacon Hill. (The reviews also mention hipsters. Frequently.)

Some years ago The Redwood was under scrutiny after some of the bar’s neighbors complained about noise. (The Redwood, like The Mighty Oak, is located in a mostly residential area, though one that is considerably denser than North Beacon Hill.) The Department of Planning and Development has since closed the complaint case, and The Redwood continues to operate.

We are attempting to contact the Bar4 LLC folks and will update when we hear more information about The Mighty Oak.

The liquor license application is number 408904. Comments about the application may be e-mailed to the Washington State Liquor Control Board at customerservice@liq.wa.gov.

This is what the Mighty Oak building looked like in 2008, when Google Street View came by and took a photo. It has since been painted green:

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