Enjoy sukiyaki at Blaine Memorial United Methodist on Saturday

Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church, located on 24th Avenue South near Kimball Elementary School, is having their annual sukiyaki dinner this Saturday, March 3. The event will benefit Julia’s Place at Madrona Grace Presbyterian, an overnight shelter for homeless families.

There will be both sit-down and take-out food available. The take-out availability (cooked and uncooked) starts at 2 p.m. and runs until 5 p.m., and sit-down dining will be open from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. Tickets for the event are $12 for adults and $8 for children 11 and under.

For further information, please contact the church at (206) 723-1536. Blaine Memorial United Methodist is located at 3001 24th Ave. S.

City making investment in Beacon Hill’s business district

Today, Mayor Mike McGinn announced a $1.1 million investment in 19 neighborhood business districts, including Beacon Hill, as part of the Seattle Jobs Plan.

Of that $1.1 million, the lion’s share is going toward “comprehensive, multi-year” strategies” developed by the business communities in some neighborhoods, including the Central Area, Chinatown/International District, Columbia City, MLK (Rainier Valley), Rainier Beach, and others. Beacon Hill is not included in this list.

However, $142,500 of the total will be going to support focused investments in certain neighborhoods, along with the Only In Seattle marketing campaign and a drive to form Business Improvement Areas (BIA). Beacon Hill won’t be getting a BIA or the Only In Seattle push, but the neighborhood will be seeing focused investment, as will several other neighborhoods, mostly in south Seattle: Belltown, Columbia City, Georgetown, Madison Valley, Rainier Beach, Sodo, South Park, and White Center. Still, once you divide $142,500 among all of those neighborhoods, it’s probably going to be a relatively small investment here on the Hill.

We’re not yet sure what sort of “focused investments” Beacon Hill is in line for, but we are gathering further information. Stay tuned.

Beacon Hill International School hosting informational tours this week

This sculpture, Welcome to the Wheel World by Ela Lamblin, decorates the front plaza at Beacon Hill International School (the school building isn't showing in the picture). Photo by Rob Ketcherside in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.com.
Have kids starting kindergarten this fall? Beacon Hill International School invites you to tour the school tomorrow, Tuesday, February 28, or on Thursday, March 1, from 9:15 a.m. until 10:45 a.m., starting in the school’s Multipurpose Room A.

There will be a brief presentation of program highlights followed by the tour of the school building. Registration is not required. Please note that no child care is provided.

Beacon Hill International School is located at 2025 14th Ave. S.

Safety walkabout on North Beacon 2/28

Neighbors will meet here at La Cabaña for a North Beacon Hill safety walkabout this Tuesday. Photo by rjs220302 in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.com.
The South Seattle Crime Prevention Council will have a safety walkabout in the North Beacon Hill business district and light rail station area this Tuesday evening, February 28, at 7:30 p.m. All neighbors are invited to join the walk which will begin outside the La Cabaña Restaurante at 2532 Beacon Ave. S.

Walkers should dress warmly and bring a flashlight, umbrella, and note-taking supplies. The walk will happen whether rain, snow, or sun. The walk should end at about 9 to 9:30, and will be followed by a wrap-up meeting, but you don’t have to stay for the whole thing. You are welcome to participate for as long as you are able.

Green eggs, ham, and birthday cake

Green eggs and ham? Photo by Ben Husmann via Creative Commons/Flickr.
All are invited to celebrate the 112th birthday of Dr. Seuss at Jefferson Community Center, next Friday, March 2 at 6 p.m. There will be birthday cake, green eggs and ham to try, and more. Admission is $2 and the entire family is welcome.

Jefferson Community Center is located at 3801 Beacon Ave. S. For more information, call 206-684-7481.

Beacon Bits: Food Forest, food for kids, food for thought

Someone spinning on his head at Jefferson Park in the late afternoon sun. Photo by Robinette Struckel in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.

We’ve been holding on to some of these Bits for a while, so no time like the present… here goes!

* * *

The Beacon Food Forest was featured recently in Crosscut, where Robert Mellinger writes:

“There is no other project of Beacon Food Forest’s scale and design on public land in the United States — a forest of food, for the people, by the people.”

The article gives a thorough background on the bureaucratic issues that the Food Forest organizers have had to deal with so far, as well as an overview of future plans.

The Food Forest was also featured in Take Part this week.

* * *

Travelers Thali House was recently touted in the Seattle Weekly‘s Voracious blog as “colorful food kids will eat.”

Travelers was also mentioned in the March issue of Sunset, on page 17. The blurb mentions that Travelers serves Indian street food and gives a couple of examples.

Back to Voracious, where Travelers was featured yet again this week in a “Sexy Feast” review by Jay Friedman:

“My thali looked like an edible artist’s palette. Instead of a paintbrush, I’d dip my fork into the various metal bowls, sampling each carefully and seeing how it blended with the next…

“Exploring and enjoying different tastes and textures, with varied sequences of bites, nibbles, scoops, and swirls, made this a delicious experience.”

* * *

7×7 listed Beacon Hill as “one of the 7 best neighborhoods in Seattle” — specifically, “best for families.” Writer Alida Moore cited our parks, playgrounds, library, diversity, and light rail as reasons the Hill is great for kids, along with one highly-rated school: Mercer.

* * *

Have you noticed that MacPherson’s doesn’t sell sprouts anymore?

* * *

Neighbor Lesley Ernst writes:

“You know the neighborhood is changing when…

“Arriving at my massage office on Hanford St. and Beacon Ave. early last Sunday morning to find that the ubiquitous litter in the parking strip has changed from 40-ouncers to Kombucha bottles and PCC to-go containers.”

9th District Rep. Adam Smith to host town hall in SE Seattle

Rep. Adam Smith.
U.S. Congressman Adam Smith, who represents the state’s 9th District, will host a town hall meeting on Sunday, March 4 from 2-4 p.m. at the Filipino Community Center, 5740 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S. in the Rainier Valley.

The meeting is open to the public and provides an excellent opportunity for Southeast Seattle voters to meet Smith, who will be representing us when the new redistricting plan takes effect, moving Southeast Seattle into the 9th District along with Mercer Island, Bellevue, Renton, Tukwila, Kent, and other areas stretching southward to Tacoma.

Previously, our area was in the 7th Congressional District, represented by Jim McDermott. The new 9th District will be the first majority-minority district in Washington State.

Tippe and Drague still on track to open, say owners

This building will become the Tippe and Drague Alehouse. Photo by Curtis Cronn in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
With all of the discussion lately about The Oak, a few have been reminded of another drinking establishment expected to open soon on Beacon Avenue South, the Tippe and Drague Alehouse. The Tippe and Drague will be located in the former ROCKiT space building at 3315 Beacon Ave. S. It has been nearly a year since the news first broke about the alehouse (at the time, they said “anticipate suds flowing in June”), and there have been rumors going around the neighborhood that the Tippe and Drague might not open after all.

The Beacon Hill Blog contacted the alehouse’s owners, Melissa Cabal and Robert McConaughy, to find out what is happening. Here’s what they told us:

“There’ve been a few snags with the city and permitting but we’re moving forward and hope to open in May—alehouse with food, local beers and wines. One side of the space will allow minors to accommodate the high number of families with small children in the neighborhood.”

They say the liquor license is not an issue, and that they have been granted a provisional license already, with the permanent license to come shortly before the pub opens. It is possible, then, that both the Oak and the Tippe and Drague will open this spring. Big changes are on the way for Beacon Avenue nightlife.

Biking on Beacon: All about trees

Trees previously planted along a Beacon Hill greenway. Photo courtesy of Dylan Ahearn.
Would I please shut up with the bike stuff!?  Why, yes I will.  Let’s talk about street trees!

As noted in this previous post, Beacon BIKES has been working with SDOT to plant trees along our planned Neighborhood Greenway routes.  We had a very successful effort last fall planting 70 trees along 18th Avenue South.  Now we are working with SDOT to plant 300 more trees this March.  The City plants the trees, waters them for three years, and prunes for the life of the trees.  Home owners get to pick among three tree types or choose no tree at all.  It is called the SDOT Community Tree program, and you can find out more about it here.

If you have questions about the program email me or come to the next North Beacon Hill Council meeting (March 6th, 6:30-8:00 pm, Beacon Hill Library) where we will be presenting a little more info.  The planting is scheduled for mid- to late March and we will be planning a community tree planting day to plant a few by hand in the same time frame. SDOT has already marked some of the proposed planting locations; you can check out the flags along 14th Ave S to get a feel for how this program can really improve a street for all users.

If you live north of Lucile and would like a tree or two planted in your planting strip let me know and I will forward it to the City.  If you would like a tree for your yard instead of your planting strip, there is another great City program called Trees for Neighborhoods which has been posted about previously here, with more up-to-date info here.