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Neighbors bearish at BAN meeting

Perhaps the bear pictured on this Beacon Hill bus shelter is the legendary Beacon Hill Bear. Photo posted by Kim from Seattle Daily Photo to the Beacon Hill Blog Photo Pool on Flickr. See more of her wonderful photos at
Perhaps the bear pictured on this Beacon Hill bus shelter is the legendary Beacon Hill Bear. Photo posted by Kim from Seattle Daily Photo to the Beacon Hill Blog Photo Pool on Flickr. See more of her wonderful photos at
Craig Thompson sends a report from last night’s meeting of the Beacon Alliance of Neighbors (BAN). Here are some of the highlights:

At last night’s BAN meeting, four neighborhood project coordinators decided that whenever we call 911 about crime, etc., we will indicate a bear is part of the action. An all purpose report would go something like:

Fourteen youths have been jumped by a bear making gang signs off campus, near Cleveland High. The bear was later reported pushing a Goodwill shopping cart, and carrying a gas can, while approaching drivers at the Shell station. A bear – identity unclear – was then spotted traversing several backyards, carrying a cash register and an application for a
liquor license. A bear – presumably an ursa minor – was spotted in possession of several cans of Old English 800, Red Bull, and acrylic enamel. Near evening, a bear accosted several residents about free burglar alarm equipment while stealing their potted plants.

80 significant trees in the woods south of Dr. Jose Rizal Park were saved from ivy infestations by two EarthCorps crews this past Tuesday, May 19; a crew will return on June 8 to continue heading south along the west side of Beacon Hill.
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Raised-bed veggie gardens for seniors: volunteers, candidates needed

photo by Sbocaj
photo by Sbocaj
Kahlyn Keilty-Lucas, El Centro de la Raza Senior Garden Project Coordinator, is running a project to provide raised-bed vegetable gardens for seniors, providing outdoor activity along with some self-sufficiency and money-savings on groceries to our older neighbors.

The gardens are housed in a four by six by two foot box, allowing them to be placed in the yard, in an unused driveway, or even atop a paved-over planting strip. Seeds, vegetable starts, and gardening tools will be provided. A weekly visit from master gardener volunteers is available to those who may have growing questions.

The project has funding (courtesy of the United Way) and materials to provide 40 gardens, but is currently lacking on manpower to get them set-up and in place. If you know a local senior that would enjoy learning about and tending to a little vegetable garden, or if you have some basic tools or a truck and could volunteer to help assemble, transport, or install them, please contact Kahlyn at El Centro (612-387-8481).

Photo: Reservoir fence coming down

Photo by Joel Lee
Photo by Joel Lee
Neighbor Joel Lee writes:

I was walking my dog this morning and noticed that they are taking down the gulag style chain-link and barbed wire fence that surrounded the now underground reservoir at Jefferson park. It has been a blight on the neighborhood for years and a major step in reclaiming the park as a public space. In the attached photo the fence you see at the bottom is just a temporary fence.

Exciting news! That huge open space up there atop the reservoir is going to provide great views and a place to lounge in the sun or run or toss a Frisbee or ball around.

Volunteers clean up and replant Jose Rizal Park

Volunteers were at Jose Rizal Park this weekend to kick off the MLK Weekend of Service by doing some needed cleaning and maintenance in the park. According to Elizabeth White of EarthCorps, who managed the project, 86 volunteers removed 6,000 square feet of new ivy, maintained 48,421 square feet of past work sites (more than an acre!), and planted 325 native plants. Wow! Thanks to all of the dedicated volunteers for their hard work in improving one of the neighborhood’s jewels!

“Going reusable” with help from the SPL

Going green with reusable shopping bags. Photo by Ruthie Ruth.
Going green with reusable shopping bags. Photo by Ruthie Ruth.
Levecke Mas writes:

“Without declaring it a ‘new year’s resolution’ but rather a lifetime goal, our family of four is trying to say ‘no’ to the plastic bags. So far this year, we have been successful! From the way in which we shop, we estimate that to be about 100 bags we have not taken!

“Part of the success is being ready; we have amassed tons of great totes and the trick is remembering to bring them into the store or being willing to run back to the car because you forgot — again.

“I just want to share with all my neighbors, that the Beacon Hill Library is selling awesome reusable bright green totes for only $1. They are perfect for stacks of books so also perfect for all grocery items. Sales of the totes benefit Friends of the Beacon Hill library so everyone wins.

“Try ‘going reusable’ as often as you can or all the time!”

Help restore the Maple School Natural Area

The Maple School Natural Area is a 15-acre greenspace, overrun by invasive plants such as blackberry and ivy. The Northwest Environmental Education Council has planned a work day on January 19 to remove the invasive plants and plant native species to restore the greenspace.

If you would like to help, please meet at the base of the stairs at South Lucile Street and 18th Avenue South at 10:00 am on January 19 (MLK Jr. Day). Wear work clothes. Tools, gloves, snacks and instruction will be provided.

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Any changes in airplane noise lately?

The Central District News posted the map seen here of the glidepaths for Sea-Tac. The red line is the glide path to the new third runway; the green line is the old one. If you live under these paths, have you noticed a change in airplane noise since the third runway opened recently? If you’re on the west part of the Hill, do you hear more noise? Here at the Blog, we live between those two paths, and have noticed a decrease in noise, but not since the third runway opened. It got quieter months ago for some reason.

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Help clean up Beacon Avenue today at noon

Today at noon, “Team Java Love,” one of two local Beacon Avenue litter-pickup teams, will be picking up litter on Beacon between Java Love and the Beacon Hill Library. Anyone who would like to pitch in is welcome. Please bring gardening or latex gloves if you have them. We are told that when you check in at Java Love, they may have yellow litter bags and highly fashionable safety vests to use. The job could take 30 minutes to an hour or more, depending on how many helpers are there.

Thanks to Allison for posting this on the mailing list!

A walk in Seattle Parks

Seattle Parks and Recreation are seeking your input on their Walk in the Park program, and on better ways to get people to enjoy parks without cars. They are asking for activity ideas, locations for events and activities, suggestions of parks that are suited to road closures, and other similar ideas. Do you have an idea or an opinion? Fill out the survey here, or go to the Walk in the Park page to find out more.

Thanks to Mike Cheney for the heads-up!