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Crime notes quickie: Arrests made nearby

Just a couple of arrests made on the Hill recently:

23-year-old Isaiah Henry Nelson-Harris, a suspect in a March 28, 2010 shooting that occurred near 46th Ave S and S Brandon St, was arrested at a home near 12th Ave S and S Oregon St. New details indicate the shooting may have been in self-defense. — and the SPD Blotter

The F-Bomb Bandit was arrested at her mother’s Beacon Hill homeSeattle P-I

Crime notes: Muggings and taserings

B - Burglaries, R - Robberies, O - Other

“chanman” wrote to the mailing list and described a mugging that occurred last night at about 9pm near the Valero station on Beacon where he was attacked by one of group of three teens:

Three high-school aged young men passed me on the sidewalk when I was walking home from the light rail station and one of them ran from behind and tried to grab my bag. When I resisted, he started punching me in the face and we tussled on the ground.

He also provided a pretty good description of the group:

They are 16-18 years old. The two onlooking friends: one is African-American, about 5’11, wearing a black baseball cap, while the second friend is lighter complected, possibly Caucasian and shorter, around 5’3-5’5 with large, bushy brown hair and a black jacket. The feisty manbag-grabbing/combat enthusiast was 5’6-7, either Asian or Hispanic, had a dark baseball cap, a white or grey hoodie with a logo on the front, and jeans. While he was pummeling me on the sidewalk I scratched his back in defense, which certainly left a mark. They headed north on Beacon Ave after the incident. The police were notified by passerby (thanks neighbors!) and the incident number is 10-102895. Please let them know if you have any information.

He’s OK and still has his bag and was composed enough in the aftermath to remind everyone that positive outreach and intervention to “written-off” kids can make a difference.

* * *

Holly Park home

* * *

A federal appeals court says the 2004 use of a stun gun on a pregnant mother on Beacon Hill who refused to sign a traffic ticket is A-OK. — KOMO

* * *

Selected items from the scanner logs:


  • 3/19 12:45pm near 12th and Stevens
  • 3/23 11:45am near 13th and Lucile — Occupied forced entry burglary
  • 3/24 2:30pm near 16th and Lucile — Aubile alarm
  • 3/25 2:30pm near 14th and Atlantic


  • 3/25 8:30pm near 14th and Walker — Strong arm robbery


  • 3/19 7:45pm near MacPherson’s Produce — Fresh gang tagging


Crime notes: Neglect, break-ins, and pedestrian harassment

Jan wrote to the mailing list about a break-in:

[Last Wednesday] our rental house was broken into. It’s across from the viewpoint at 2910 12th Ave. So. Our renter was at home at the time and the intruder broke in the front door and came in with a knife. He boldly sat on the couch until our renter pointed a gun and called police. The intruder is one that we new as a little boy who lived down the street. He’s a druggie and usually not dangerous… Our son who is a policeman said he’s arrested him several times, but he seems to always get back out on the street. He needs some serious rehab.

* * *

Sentencing has taken place in the neglect case from December ’08:

Margaret Adell George’s mother was found living in deplorable conditions in her Beacon Hill home in December 2008. Seattle police detectives said the immobile woman appeared to have been neglected for an extended period of time before authorities found her in her home in the 4900 block of 26th Avenue South.

Seattle woman sentenced to jail for neglecting bed-ridden momSeattle Times (BHB news partners)

* * *

In The Big Bad Wolf of Beacon Hill, has the police account of a woman on foot being harassed by a man in a vehicle in the early morning hours of March 8th:

The woman told officers she got lost on the way to her friend’s home and, as she was wandering around the neighborhood, a “light brown or gold colored full sized American-made 4 door vehicle” pulled up next to her near 20th Ave S and S Ferdinand and the driver offered her a ride.

The woman declined the man’s offer and kept on walking.

The driver than told the woman “he was a good guy” and asked for her name, but the woman ignored him and kept walking.

Moments later, the report says, the driver got out of his car holding a knife and told the woman “I want sex.”

More at

* * *

Meilee offers a first-hand account of being shadowed and stalked by a driver:

After work yesterday 3/16 just after 5P, I was walking north along 15th Ave S. It was still daylight and lots of cars and people around. I just passed the Clearwire store and barbershop and was almost to the garden society house when a man in a burgundy SUV pulled up along side and started rolling his car along. I stopped and he stopped so then I started walking forward and he pulled forward. He turned his vehicle as if he was going to park. So I turned around and started walking back towards ABC Supermarket. When I turned around, I looked back and the guy had put his car in reverse and started driving backwards. I started walking faster and called my husband asked that he pick me up. The guy drove off and I walked into the grocery store.

Anyway I wanted to let people know and just be aware of your surroundings and even walking on a busy street in daylight. Some guy, who knows what his intentions were was “brave” enough to roll along side in his car.

My husband said I did the right thing by walking into a business but I’m still shook up. Who knows what the guys intentions were but even more, what he might do something to someone else.

* * *

Kevin forwarded a note from a neighbor at 24th and McClellan:

We had a burglary on Tuesday. It occurred at about 11:30 AM [Tuesday], when there was apparently no one at home in any of the 6 homes here on this side. Our house had been unoccupied for an hour when this happened. The frame to the lower door (and the door itself) was broken to gain entry, apparently with a pry bar of some sort. The intruders entered and stole items of substantial value, notwithstanding the alarm (and the decals and signs indicating there was an alarm). The police responded 3 hours later.

* * *

Select items from’s scanner logs:


  • 3/9 9:15pm near 17th and Shelton
  • 3/10 6:15pm near 14th and Nevada
  • 3/12 2:00pm near 14th and Nevada
  • 3/18 12:00pm near 23rd and Spencer
  • 3/18 12:15pm near 22nd and Spencer

Vehicle break-in:

  • 3/11 12:45pm near Beacon and Lander


  • 3/13 6:30pm in Holly Park

Thanks everyone for keeping your neighbors informed!

Crime notes: Baby in protective custody, busted window, purse snatcher nabbed

Over the last weekend in February, someone smashed the front window at Hello Bicycle. Photo by dreaming_of_rivers, from the BHB Flickr photo pool.

Sunday, a 10-month old ‘intoxicated’ baby was taken into protective custody near 15th and Nevada. — Seattle Times Blotter

* * *

Metro bus purse snatcher arrested near I-90 and Valentine

* * *

Here are some selected reports sent to us, appearing on the mailing lists, or in the scanner logs at



Vehicle break-ins:

Vehicle thefts:

  • 2/26, Andrew Sorkin wrote:

    I live on Beacon Hill and just had my car stolen. If anyone sees a 1991 black [Acura] Integra with license plate 750-YNW please email me at or call 510-333-9633. The car was not in great condition, didn’t have a working stereo, and may have been ditched somewhere… I hope :)

  • 3/8 3:30pm, 15th and Lucile — 1993 Burgundy Dodge Caravan


  • 2/23 12:15pm, Swift and Albro — Boy throwing rocks at northbound cars on the freeway.
V - Vehicle crime, B - Burglary, A - Assault, O - Other

Graffiti clean-up, reporting tips and you

Report graffiti, phone 206-684-7587
Report graffiti by phone or online

Seattle Public Utilities hosts a Graffiti Prevention & Removal site that includes instructions on reporting graffiti (by phone or online), tips on removing graffiti, volunteering on a “Red Wagon Program” neighborhood graffiti clean-up and paint-out crew (for which free supplies are available from the city), waivers for private property owners (PDF) to receive Red Wagon graffiti removal, and numerous additional tips to prevent graffiti.

We’re working with our neighborhood news partners through the Seattle Times to find out more about graffiti issues around Beacon Hill and the rest of the city, and we’d like your input.

  • Where do you find graffiti to commonly be a problem on the Hill?
  • Have you volunteered on a Red Wagon patrol?
  • Do you have an experience dealing with graffiti you’d like to share?
  • Have you found the police to be responsive to reports of vandalism in-progress?
  • Do you know what gangs are tagging in your area?
  • Is there more that the city should do to combat and clean up graffiti?

We’d love to pass along your comments, tips, and questions. Thank you!

The city has a Graffiti Nuisance Ordinance that requires property owners to remove graffiti in a timely manner or be subject to fines. If your property is vandalized by graffiti, take photos before removing it and make a police report to (206) 625-5011. The photos may be useful for the police to track gangs and for insurance reimbursement purposes. SPU has a “Paint it out” PDF brochure with information to print and keep for reference.

Some of SPU’s tips include:

  • Install motion-sensor lighting.
  • Grow vines or vegetation to cover unpainted retaining walls.
  • Install a graffiti-resistant coating on your walls.
  • Keep matching paint on hand to quickly paint out graffiti.
  • Install cameras to monitor activity on your property.

Thanks to Christine Cole who shared the SPU link with the BAN list a week or two ago.

Crime notes: Smash-and-grabs and a bank robbery

Crime map
V - Vehicle break-ins, B - Burglaries, R - Robberies, S - Shots fired
Rosie Kirby writes, hoping someone might have seen something of interest today near her home that was burgled today:

We live on the corner of 13th and Hill St. in North Beacon Hill. Our house was broken into with what looks like possibly some sort of crowbar or having kicked in the door somewhere between 7:10 a.m. and 4 p.m. today, 2/22/10. Our neighbor (these are town homes) reports that she heard the door open and shutting around 1:00 p.m. but did not think to look and see if anything was going on. Luckily, not too much was stolen; however, we would appreciate any information or if anyone saw any suspicious activity. The burglar may have left with the laptops, money, and miscellaneous in a brown QFC paper bag. We had one hanging in the kitchen for recycling and they dumped the contents onto the couch.

If you may have any information that could help track down the thieves or recovery their stolen property, please call Rosie at 701-610-4555 or Seth at 206-914-0557 or email

* * *

Recent selected BHNW-logged scanner activity:

  • 2/15 7:15pm near 29th and Hudson — Gunshots
  • 2/16 3:45pm near Beacon and McClellan — Bank robbery*
  • 2/17 6:15pm near 21st and Columbia Drive — Burglary/casing
  • 2/17 8:30pm near Beacon and Monroe — iPod robbery**
  • 2/18 1:30pm near Spokane and Columbian Way — Burglary
  • 2/18 8:00pm near 28th and Columbian Way — Gunshots

* Oddly, there are no additional details currently to be found about this bank robbery than what’s in the scanner logs at and CDNews.

** The time doesn’t quite match up, but the location and crime description sounds like “Robbery On Metro Bus on Beacon Hill Last Night” at

* * *

April Jahns reported a Saturday-night smash-and-grab on the mailing list and followed up with video:

Some punk smashed the passenger side window of our minivan last night. We got it on video – it’s pretty grainy, though. When Ryan is done converting and snipping and whatever else he has to do to the footage I’ll post it on youtube and send a link to the listserv. The person had to rifle around for a minute before finding a grocery bag (hid well out of sight) to find my stash of Valentine’s Day candy conversation hearts. Maybe he’ll get a cavity as his punishment.

We did call the police and since we have the video an officer came out and he dusted the van for prints and will pick up a copy of the video tomorrow. He couldn’t stress enough how important it is for us to call when we see someone suspicious walking around – it enables the officers to talk to fishy looking people. He said the report allows them to pull suspicious looking people over to talk to them. Of course, this happened at 5:10 am – if I had seen him walking by my house I would have seen him breaking into my car. A
car around the corner from us was broken into as well. The officer said there have been lots of prowls in this area (I’m at 16th & Bayview) and they have been patrolling but the commission of the crime is so fast that its hard to catch them in the act.

* * *

Mike Rosen wrote about another smash-and-grab Sunday night on the BAN list:

We live on the 1300 block of 13th Avenue South, close to Atlantic. Around 2 am the car alarm on our Honda went off. (I am sure some of you heard it.) One of us went down to check. No signs of break in. This morning I left for work and noticed the Eclipse that was parked behind the Honda had had its driver’s window shattered. I called 911 to report it, and they said that the owner must call it in. I left a note for the car’s owner. My older Subaru had not been broken into.

* * *

Update: While preparing this entry, there was a report of a man shot near the Mount Baker light rail station. From the SPD Blotter:

On February 22nd at approximately 7:11 p.m. officers on patrol heard shots fired near the light rail tracks at MLK Way South and South Winthrop Street. Officers searched further and discovered an adult male victim (possibly in his 30’s) who had sustained a through and through gunshot wound to the arm. The victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

Officers are currently interviewing additional persons who were in the area at the time of the shooting. A possible suspect vehicle was seen fleeing the area. That vehicle is described as a green Chevy Impala with shiny chrome rims. There is no suspect description available at this time. Officers continue to actively investigate this incident. Gang Unit detectives have been notified and will be conducting the follow up investigation. has been updating with additional information.

Crime notes: James sentenced, scanner logs, $7.5K reward

BHNW incident map
Selected incidents appearing in scanner logs. B - Burglaries, V - Vehicle thefts/break-ins, S - Shooting or weapons

Rodney James was sentenced to 30 months in prison for the December 12th alcohol-involved crash that injured Wah and Jason Wong on Columbian Way. The West Seattle Blog has minute-by-minute coverage of the sentencing hearing. Thanks, Seattle Times and WSB!

* * *

Man shot in robbery — On the night of January 7th around 10:15pm, a man was robbed by several suspects in a black Jeep in the alley between 15th and 16th, just north of Plum. After refusing to turn over his money as demanded, three of the suspects physically assaulted the victim and the driver, a white female, fired a small handgun, striking the victim in the left torso. The victim reports he escaped and heard two more shots as he fled. After returning to his home near 16th and Holgate and evaluating his wounds, he took a cab to Harborview and reported the incident to police on January 10th. The reporting officer was unable to correspond any 911 calls to the approximate time of the incident.

Thanks to Scott from CDNews for forwarding the police report.

* * *

Selected incidents of note, collected from scanner logs and recent mailing list postings:


  • 2/6 10:30pm near 13th and Bayview: Forced entry burglary.
  • 2/9 2:45pm near 25th and Bradford: Forced entry burglary.
  • 2/11 1:00pm near 21st and Waite: An attempted burglary. Police responded with suspect still in the yard.


  • 2/9 4:15pm near 33rd and Graham: A woman saw someone leaving something something in her trash. When confronted he pulled a gun on her and then jumped into a black Mercedes and left.

Vehicle theft

  • 2/14 near 19th and Spokane: As reported on the BAN list, a teal 1992 Honda Civic hatchback was stolen and replaced with a nearly identical vehicle(!). The missing vehicle has plate number 932VQS. The “replacement” vehicle, also presumably stolen, has plate number 187WHY.

Vehicle break-in

  • 2/15 8:30am near Beacon and Graham

Other suspicious activity

  • 2/10 2:45pm near 12th and Nevada: Two men came to the resident’s door and tried to get in. Perhaps unrelatedly, about three hours later a drive-by shooting occurred at this same address.

* * *

$7,500 reward for return of stolen data — Eriq Chang lost his entire business last weekend when, in a seemingly targeted occurrence, his home was burgled and the only items stolen were his computer and backup drive.

Following the break is a formal request, reward stipulation, and release of liability on return of the stolen data as drafted by Eriq’s attorney. If you can help Eriq out, contact his lawyer or email Eriq directly at or call 206-659-5585.

Continue reading Crime notes: James sentenced, scanner logs, $7.5K reward

Crime notes: Tips, burglaries, and more tips

Map of selected items from V - Vehicle thefts and break-ins, B - Burglaries, R - Robberies, S - Shots fired, O - Other.

Selected scanner items from
1/13 10:30pm — Burglary: 22nd and Kenny
1/14 1:30pm — Burglary: 35th and Graham
1/15 7:15pm — Vehicle Theft: 15th and Lucile
1/18 3:00pm — Vehicle Break-in: 12th and Atlantic
1/25 9:30pm — Shooting / Weapons: 12th and Atlantic
1/27 1:45pm — Robbery: Beacon and Alaska
1/29 10:30am — Other: 32nd and Myrtle
1/29 12:30pm — Other: 13th and Atlantic
1/31 5:30pm — Vehicle Theft: Beacon and Morgan
2/1 3:45pm — Robbery: Beacon and Brandon
2/4 1:15pm — Vehicle Break-in: Beacon and Horton
2/5 2:30pm — Vehicle Break-in: 17th and Plum

* * *

Collen wrote to the mailing list about a daytime break-in on January 21st at 18th and College where they smashed the bathroom window and took a computer, several iPods, and a camera. He also mentioned that his girlfriend’s car window was smashed a few nights later nearby.

* * *

John Wright also wrote to the list about a car theft and recovery:

Just wanted to let you know that my friend’s car was stolen on Saturday, 1/23, between 10:30 p.m. and Midnight. It was a red 1998 Honda Civic 4-door. It was parked on 17th Ave S near Holgate. We didn’t hear anything, and our dogs (who bark at just about everything) did not make a peep.

It was recovered Sunday morning in the Bryn Mawr area of Renton. It was sitting in a ditch, stereo stolen, steering console trashed, windows open. Rear passenger door was tagged on the inside with a gang sign. They stole the De La Soul CD, but left behind the Nirvana and Nada Surf. :)

* * *

From‘s Robbery Round-up:

January 15th, South Seattle: A man ran inside Cleveland High School and told officers working off-duty at a basketball game that he’d been carjacked at gun point. The man told police he was parked outside the school’s gym when two other men approached him, put a gun to his head and demanded his vehicle. The report says the victim told the robbers “he was ready to die” and to “go ahead and shoot if he was going to kill him.” The victim eventually handed over the car and the suspects drove off.

* * *

After the jump, two lists of very good advice from Felicia and Craig via the mailing list.
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Wongs still recovering from crash injuries

West Seattle Blog has another report on the recovery status of Beacon Hill neighbor Wah Wong and his son Jason. Wah, who operates the Jade West Café in West Seattle, was seriously injured along with Jason on December 12 when the two were struck in their own front yard by a Corvette that left the road and pinned the Wongs between the front of the Corvette and their own car. Jason Wong is leaving the hospital after the amputation of his left leg, and Wah Wong has had surgery for his leg as well and is currently recovering at a skilled nursing facility. Neither will be able to return to work for some time.

The driver of the Corvette, Rodney Dean James, is in custody, charged with vehicular assault.

If you would like to help the Wong family, you may donate to “Save Jade West Café” at any Wells Fargo Bank. Donations will help with the family’s medical bills.

Hicks pleads not guilty to aggravated murder

The Seattle Times reports that Daniel Hicks pleaded not guilty today to two counts of aggravated murder in the shooting deaths of his girlfriend and baby daughter last month near 13th and Ferdinand. Prosecutors now have 30 days to determine whether to seek the death penalty.

Jennifer Morgan, 28, and her daughter Emma, 13 weeks old, were both shot multiple times with a .45 caliber handgun on December 21. Hicks was arrested in Santa Cruz, California on December 28.

See previous reports here.