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Police notify community of Level 3 sex offenders in area

Two Level 3 sex offenders recently moved to North Beacon Hill, according to a Seattle Police Department announcement distributed this week to notify neighbors about seven offenders who have moved into the South Precinct. Two of the offenders are living in North Beacon Hill, one in Georgetown, one in Columbia City, one in Sodo, and two near the Othello area of Rainier Valley.

The offenders on North Beacon are Malik Calhoun, 20, who moved to the 1300 block of 15th Avenue South, and Michael L. Johnson, 35, who moved to the 1400 block of South Columbian Way.

According to the police, Level 3 sex offenders have the highest risk of re-offense. These offenders have completed their sentences and are free to live wherever they wish; however, they are required to register in the community where they live, and police may publicize their presence. It is against the law to use this information to threaten, intimidate, or harass registered sex offenders.

Here is the announcement from Mark Solomon at the SPD:

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Neighbors invited to public safety meeting 3/7

City Councilmember Bruce Harrell.
City Councilmember Bruce Harrell, chair of the new Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology Committee, has announced that the committee will hold special meetings in the Seattle neighborhoods, starting with a meeting in our South Precinct area this Wednesday, March 7, at 5:30 p.m. at the Southeast Seattle Senior Center, 4655 S. Holly St.

Harrell’s website says “We will work with your neighborhood and focus on real public safety solutions. The special committee meeting will include state-of-the-art polling technology.
We will listen, identify solutions, and take action.” Representatives from the Seattle Police Department South Precinct as well as elected officials and other community leaders will be there.

This meeting is co-hosted by the Southeast Seattle Crime Prevention Council. All are invited.

Safety walkabout on North Beacon 2/28

Neighbors will meet here at La Cabaña for a North Beacon Hill safety walkabout this Tuesday. Photo by rjs220302 in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on
The South Seattle Crime Prevention Council will have a safety walkabout in the North Beacon Hill business district and light rail station area this Tuesday evening, February 28, at 7:30 p.m. All neighbors are invited to join the walk which will begin outside the La Cabaña Restaurante at 2532 Beacon Ave. S.

Walkers should dress warmly and bring a flashlight, umbrella, and note-taking supplies. The walk will happen whether rain, snow, or sun. The walk should end at about 9 to 9:30, and will be followed by a wrap-up meeting, but you don’t have to stay for the whole thing. You are welcome to participate for as long as you are able.

Hit-and-run collision damages two cars and a garage

A Beacon Hill Blog reader who would prefer to remain anonymous sent us a series of pictures of the aftermath hit-and-run accident that occurred yesterday, February 1, at about 12:50 pm in the 1500 block of 18th Avenue South. He says, “Blueish Cadillac backed up, hit the Honda Accord, then the Honda CRV, and then sped off.” Ouch.

If you know anything about this incident, you should contact the Seattle Police.

Thanks to the neighbor who sent the photos!

The collision pushed this car into the garage door.

Suspect in street robberies arrested

The Seattle Police Department’s SPD Blotter blog reports that a suspect has been arrested in a recent series of street robberies on Beacon Hill. The suspects in the robberies were described as two Asian males and one Black male, all possibly teenagers.

The Blotter says, “Information developed during the on going investigation led detectives to the identity of one possible suspect. Victims were able to point out the suspect in at least three of the robberies during a photo line up.” Yesterday, the 17-year-old suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Youth Services Center for investigation of the robbery charge.

NBHC hosting public safety meeting Feb. 7

The North Beacon Hill Council is holding a public safety meeting on Tuesday, February 7 at 7 p.m. at the Beacon Hill Library. Guests at the meeting will include Sergeant Ann Martin of the Seattle Police Department, and another police officer (to be named later) who serves North Beacon Hill.

Here is the agenda for the February meeting:

  • 7:00 Welcome and hellos
  • 7:15 Public Safety Meeting with Sgt. Ann Martin and a patrol representative from the South Precinct
    • Sgt. Martin and her SPD representative
    • Open discussion
  • 8:00 Community announcements and concerns
  • 8:30 Closure—Executive board meeting to follow

The Beacon Hill Library is located at 2821 Beacon Avenue South.

New neighbor wants to know: North Beacon safe for runners?

A poster on asked this question yesterday:

“So long story short, I’m coming from the East Coast and I’m moving to North Beacon Hill. –is it safe to run outside as a mid-20’s female by myself?
I know the area is mostly blue-collar and there’s a school right across the street for me, and park next to it. But just because there’s a school doesn’t promise me it’s a safe neighborhood. So I’m looking for thoughts, suggestions, tips. I’d like to run close to home so even if you can point me to link so I can find the answers myself that would be cool.”

A few sample responses:

“I am a late 20’s female, and live on North Beacon Hill. Running during the day is not a big deal at all. The most that’s happened is getting cat calls while running on Rainier. I’ve lived here almost 5 years and haven’t been running at night, but honestly, I don’t even really feel safe walking at night here.” – phantompoop

“Beacon Hill is fine. The neighborhood is a little lower-rent than some areas, but overall you should be safe. Try to stay out of poorly-lit/isolated areas (the I-90 trail comes to mind), don’t run with your headphones or anything that makes you less aware of your surroundings, don’t run at 3 in the morning, and just trust your own instincts. That goes for any neighborhood, actually.” — fact_bears_eat_beets

“There are only a few other parts of Seattle that are worse. Anyone who tells you Beacon Hill is ok is flat out lying to you or delusional.” — Fishermansterminal

Want to add your two cents? Here’s the Reddit post.

Motion-sensing cameras proposed to prevent crime in Mid-Beacon Hill

Our news partners at are reporting that a local resident has drafted plans to put motion-sensing cameras up on major arterials in parts of Mid-Beacon Hill to thwart crime.

Glenn Tamura has created a proposal to place cameras to capture images of all pedestrians and motorists who travel on Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Beacon Avenue South, Columbian Way, and South Orcas Street. (See the map below.)
The cameras would be able to capture license plate information and send images to a remote server via a wireless connection.

Why this area? The KOMO article quotes neighbor Alexis Gallegos, a block watch captain in the Mid-Beacon neighborhood of Lockmore, who says that crime in the area “‘just started escalating…Now it’s to the point where you can’t go to a (neighbor’s house) without having somebody that’s had their door kicked in.'”

Tamura will discuss his proposal with neighbors at a community meeting tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club.

View Motion-sensor cameras proposed area in a larger map

Recent break-ins cause concern

Neighbors on the Beacon Hill mailing list have been warning about recent criminal activity in the neighborhood.

First, neighbor Heather posted:

“Friday night at around 4 a.m. my friend witnessed a car being broken into from his window. He called the police and was on the phone with them as they were pulling up, but the guy got away. Apparently, his method of choice was to break in, leave the car door open slightly and leave the car until the unknown car owner maybe looks out and doesn’t see anything so they turn their car alarm off. Once they turn it off the guy comes back and takes what he wants. Pretty clever idea. Moral of the story, don’t assume it is wind if your car alarm goes off and you don’t see anyone. He will be back. This happened on 16th Avenue South.”

Then neighbor Krizten reported:

“My neighbor’s house got robbed today (Tuesday) between 9-11am this morning. She lives above the greenbelt as you come up Holgate from the west. The police believed the burglar(s) came up thru the greenbelt. They smashed a window on that backside of the house and ransacked her bedroom mainly, stealing a jewelry box, walkman and various other small objects.

“This is the second time she’s been broken into this year… A pretty similar burglary happened to another neighbor about 8 doors north of her about 2 weeks ago.

“I believe it also happened between similar hours and the items stolen were similar and included her work laptop. She believes someone was actually watching to see when she left.”

Crimes are only one of the topics discussed on the neighborhood mailing list. Other topics have included missing chickens, recommendations for child care, snow removal, and the quality of Beacon Hill broadband. To join the mailing list, go here.

Asian Express mini-mart robbed

The Asian Express store on 14th Avenue South. Photo by Paul Sableman via Creative Commons/Flickr.
Seattle Police report that the Asian Express convenience store at 2122 14th Avenue South was robbed on Monday night.

At approximately 9:30 p.m., four masked men in dark clothing entered the store. The thieves took money and other items, then fled on foot to car described as “an older grey sedan.”

Here is the official description of the robbers from the police blotter:

Four males, late teens-early 20s, wearing dark clothing, bandanas or something covering their faces. One suspect, a black male, was armed with a handgun.

Officers responded to the scene along with a K9 team, but were unable to find the suspects. The crime is still under investigation. If you have information about this case, please call 911.