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We have winners!

We have winners in the Sights of Route 36 Contest!

As you might remember, in the contest we posted 16 images of Beacon Hill locations that are on the #36 bus route. The first person to get all 16 right is the winner. As it turned out, both winners are couples who worked on the contest together!

In first place, with all 16 correct, are Liz Mack and Derrick. They win a NAMSAYIN “Know where you came from” t-shirt with a picture of the #36 bus, and a $50 gift card to The Station coffee house.

In second place, with 15 correct, are Lina Hwang and Nick Crivello, who win a NAMSAYIN shirt as well. Lina and Nick came up with more detail than Liz and Derrick did on a couple of the answers, but were unable to answer all 16.

We’ll post the answers soon, but first, we wanted to give you a couple of days to speculate on the answers yourself. The images are here. Where do you think those Route 36 sights might be found? Show off your knowledge in the comments here.

Congratulations to Liz, Derrick, Lina, and Nick!

Happy birthday to us

Photo by Anssi Koskinen via Creative Commons.
We forgot to celebrate the Beacon Hill Blog’s second birthday on Sunday. The first post on the blog was on October 10, 2008. In our first month we posted about pancakes, dead electronics, presidential debates, and some topics that are still seen today: light rail and garden thefts. Our first crime report was about a shooting at 16th and Spokane in which a 17 year old was shot in the leg after he and his girlfriend “exchanged words.”

We also posted about some since-departed local businesses (Buggy, Grown Folks Coffee) and some that are still around (Hello Bicycle, and Beacon Pub—though the latter is leaving soon).

Our first Beacon Bits post was on October 17, 2008, and featured Spokane Street construction, cheap coffee in Sodo, and local bus route changes.

A few posts that generated a lot of discussion (at least, a lot for a brand new blog) in our first month were “Beacon Hill est omnis divisa in partes tres…”, an editorial about divisions within Greater Beacon Hill; What are five things you love about Beacon Hill?; and What are some things you’d like to improve on Beacon Hill?, which brought out a discussion on that covered topics from breakfast food to gentrification.

Here’s to a new year of Beacon Hill blogging!

How you can be part of the Beacon Hill Blog

You may have noticed recently that we’ve run a few opinion pieces by Beacon Hill neighbors who have something to say. This is just one of the ways you can communicate with your neighbors through the blog and its related activities, and keep up with what’s going on here on Beacon Hill.

Opinion posts are always welcome, on a variety of topics, as long as they are related to Beacon Hill. If you’d like to submit an opinion post, please email us. Non-opinion articles are welcome, as well. Please talk to us about what you are interested in covering. Local meetings and events are great places to start.

If your interests are more in the photojournalism area, consider posting your photos in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr. Photos posted there are considered for publishing in the blog.

The BHB Forum allows you to post on a variety of topics and carry on ongoing conversations with your neighbors. Recent topics posted on the Forum include electric car plug-in sites, finding running partners on the Hill, the Jefferson Park Community Garden, and bicycling with kids. The Forum is a good place to post your help wanted, lost pet, and swap/sell posts, too.

Some folks prefer to interact with their neighbors via email. The Beacon Hill Mailing List has been operating for more than 10 years now, with a large group of neighbors exchanging advice, warnings, recommendations, announcements, and ideas about our neighborhood.

The Beacon Hill Blog Twitter feed is another way to keep up with things. All the blog’s new posts are announced there, as well as other commentary and information on occasion. We also have a Facebook group.

Last but not least, there’s one other way that you can use this blog to communicate with your neighbors on the Hill—by running an ad (or two). You can run picture ads or text ads, for a very low price, that will directly target people who live and/or work on Beacon Hill.

BHB partnering with Times in local news network

We are happy to announce today that we will be joining a partnership with the Seattle Times as part of their network of community news websites. (See the other sites here.)

This is not an acquisition or anything remotely like that, but instead, a collaboration between the Times and local independent news sites to make use of the strengths of each organization and improve news coverage for all of our readers. We remain independent as always.

We look forward to serving our neighbors on Beacon Hill better through this partnership, and we’re excited about the possibilities of this journalistic collaboration between old (the Times has been around for more than a century) and new media (the BHB has been around since October 2008, in a medium—blogging—that didn’t even exist 15 years ago).

— Wendi and Jason, editors, the Beacon Hill Blog

Beacon Hill Blog has a new self-serve advertising system

Please forgive this momentary promotional interruption. We wanted to let you know that we’ve recently gone live with a new self-serve ad system here on the BHB. To advertise on the blog, just go to, click “Create Your Ad”, and follow the steps, including uploading your ad art and paying online. It’s quick and easy. You can also click the various “Advertise Here” links you see on our website. We have several ad positions available, including text-only ads and image ads of varying sizes. This is a great way to target Beacon Hillers and other folks in Southeast Seattle!

Now, back to your regularly-scheduled programming.

BHB changing servers to reduce outages

You may have noticed periodic outages of the blog in the last couple of weeks. We do know about it, and we have been struggling trying to solve the problem. At this point we believe it is a problem with the server itself and so we are moving to a new server at our ISP. You may see some more down time while the move is occurring, but we hope that will be the last of it. Cross your fingers!

Beacon Hill graduates, send us your names

Photo by David Goehring.
Photo by David Goehring.
Back in the day, community newspapers used to publish announcements when local residents graduated from high school or college. We’d like to do that, too. If you are a Beacon Hill resident and graduating from high school or college this year, please send us your name, school name, which type of diploma or degree you’ve earned, and a graduation photo by June 15. We’ll post the graduation announcements we receive shortly after that.