Some neighbors not happy about The Oak

This flyer recently appeared on doorsteps near the location of the planned new bar/restaurant, The Oak.
[Editor’s note: Gwen Lewis’ letter has been edited on 2/22 to remove her address and phone number.]

Online reactions to The Oak, the new restaurant/bar planned to open soon on Beacon Avenue South, have generally been positive. However, not everyone is thrilled about the new business. Residents living in the area around the Oak, at 3019 Beacon Ave. S., recently found flyers on their doorsteps bearing the headline “Are You Aware?”

“Are you aware that there is a pending application with the Washington State Liquor Control Board for our new neighbor @ 3019 Beacon Ave. South to operate a TAVERN in our neighborhood? … This will definitely impact all of us (positive or otherwise) but the bottom line is that we should have a say about this matter. We are asking you to get involved!”

The flyer suggests sending objections to Alan Rathbun of the Liquor Control Board, as well as to James Kenny, the Assistant City Attorney, then ends with the appeal “Act Now … Participate … Beacon Hill is also yours!”

Redd Mateo is the contact person listed on the flyer. The Beacon Hill Blog asked Mateo how many people are involved in the group protesting The Oak, and he said “I can’t tell you that as of yet but from the initial input we gather, there is a good number of neighbors (mostly with children).” Asked about his group’s specific concerns with The Oak, he listed several potential issues: littering, noise, crowd control, and public urination. “The bar they operate in Capitol Hill opens from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Assuming that they close at 10 p.m., who will stop them from extending those hours to 2 a.m.?”

Mateo forwarded a letter written by another neighbor, Gwen Lewis, addressed to the Liquor Control Board and objecting to The Oak’s liquor license. (Read the letter here.) Lewis’ letter includes a concern that “…Beacon Baptist Church, Beacon Lutheran Church, and the Beacon Hill Library may be within 500 feet.” (According to Google Maps, the Oak would be roughly 630 feet from the front door of the Library, about 730 from the Baptist Church, and roughly 800 feet from the front door of the Lutheran Church. The Lutheran Church no longer operates but there is still a preschool on the site.)

The letter also alleges “chronic illegal activity (Per RCW 66.24.010) associated with the applicants operations of the premises proposed to be licensed AND the applicant’s operation of another licensed premise.” The letter then describes circumstances at the owners’ other establishment, The Redwood, back in 2006 when the bar had newly opened and had problems with some of its neighbors on Capitol Hill, who complained about noise and filed a zoning complaint with the Department of Planning and Development (DPD). However, The Redwood’s case with the DPD has been closed since 2007 and the business is still operating at the same location on Capitol Hill.

Other allegations in the letter include statements that the Oak’s owners have worked on the property without permits and were issued a violation, and that representatives of the Oak “informed neighbors that the applicant was opening up a coffee shop (but) on February 6 the applicant posted a liquor license application notice.” According to the DPD website, there was a complaint and violation last month, but the Oak’s owners have also received two permits since that date.

Lewis’ letter also brings up the 2008 shooting at the Beacon Pub, limited parking in the area, and a “known drug area at nearby Triangle Park” (Stevens Place Park) as additional reasons to object to the Oak’s liquor license application.

Lisa Jack, one of the co-owners of The Oak, was shocked to hear about the flyers and the opposition by these neighbors. She told the BHB, “When buying this building we were told that Beacon Hill would support this move wholeheartedly as they were looking for new fun businesses. The Redwood is an entirely different establishment in an entirely different neighborhood; it would be lovely if one of these disgruntled people would just come talk to us.”

She added, “We have been very honest with everyone, even in the early stages of not knowing what it would be… we have said ‘restaurant/lounge that will serve children as well in the dining area.’ We intend The Oak will be a neighborhood place for Beacon Hill residents and we hope to have weekend brunch too.”

Mateo and Lewis are concerned that The Oak, as a drinking establishment, won’t be a good fit for the location, which is a commercial building but has residences directly adjacent to the south and west. Mateo said, “Please don’t get me wrong. I really welcome new business in our neighborhood… just like that new pizza place. What a great place. But a tavern is totally different. This is something that will impact a lot of people in the neighborhood.”

Jack, who along with co-owner Mat Brooke is moving to the neighborhood herself, is disappointed at the turn of events. “It seems like the responses in your blog as well as passers-by have been very excited by what we are doing. It breaks my heart that we may have to struggle once again to make a good honest business.”

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  1. Oh pshaw, now I had to look up oligarchy! Well, as it should be,
    majority rules, or is supposed to. You can catch more flys with
    honey than vinegar, I hadn’t seen any insults per se, but if so I will
    apologize for whoever did. It has no place in decent opinions and
    conversations. I wonder if Brook is a psychologist etc. His comments
    were spot on. L L

  2. the only nasty comment I saw was about getting rid of puritanical neighbors… were all part of this community and all our inputs are valid, I totally agree with what Brooke said.

  3. Maybe it’s just me but I am confused as to why we need more bars on Beacon Hill? To my count we already have two places plus gas stations which i’m sure sell plenty of stuff. I understand that this is a proclaimed “family” restaurant however, once 10PM hits than it’s not so much “family” orientated. I’m glad some people can forget the 2008 shooting at the Beacon Hill Pub but, I cannot. This is the first time I have ever been disappointed in BH. “Fun” at what cost?

  4. Yes, and who can forget the shootings associated with the Imperial Lanes? Clearly, we need to outlaw bowling. And what about the troubles at the Jefferson Park Community Center? Clearly, we need to vanquish community recreation.

    What we obviously need on Beacon Hill are more dentist’s office, tax accountants, hair salons, and restaurants that close at 6pm. Just like the good old days.

  5. No good can come from a tavern. Period. Just e-mailed to not give the oak their license. Hopefully others will back Mateo and Lewis. I would also like to add that although there are not any blatant attacks, the cynicism and sarcasm is very child like.

  6. How dare we display cynicism and sarcasm when confronted with such a nuanced, reasoned arguement as “No good can come from a tavern. Period” ?

    But for those of us who insist on soldiering on in our ignorance, may I second Jack’s suggestion that you contact Alan Rathburn at the WSLCB ( and asst city attorney James Kenny ( and let them know that Beacon Hill residents have some definite opinions as to this establishment.

    If you don’t speak up, they won’t hear you. Don’t let a small but vocal group dictate what our business district should look like. Let “the marke”t decide how many bars Beacon Hill can support,

  7. I have lived directly across the location of the Redwood for 8 years, almost 2 years prior to they’re opening, and the Redwood has clearly cleaned up this neighborhood from what it used to be, the establishment before was a very shady laundrymat, (I tried doing my laundry there once and nothing worked!). I would not leave my apt after dark because of the drug and prostitution activity, now I call the Redwood “my other kitchen” and I feel much safer at night. I have gotten to know 2 of the owners who work there and they care about the neighborhood very much as they live on this block too! It is a friendly neighborhood place and Im glad its here, I guess thats my 2 cents worth for what it matters…. Go Oak!

  8. Jack, I disagree completely with you statement that “no good can come from a tavern.” A lot of good comes from places where people get together, see each other and spend time in each others’ company. Ray Oldenburg’s influential book “The Great Good Place” explores the value these “third places” have to communities (the book is where Third Place Books in Ravenna and Bellevue got its name):

    There’s a good overview of Oldenburg’s work at the Project for Public Space Website: “Oldenburg suggests that beer gardens, main streets, pubs, cafés, coffeehouses, post offices, and other third places are the heart of a community’s social vitality and the foundation of a functioning democracy. They promote social equality by leveling the status of guests, provide a setting for grassroots politics, create habits of public association, and offer psychological support to individuals and communities.”

    Far too often my family leaves Beacon Hill for the community that family pubs offer. We put our kid in the backseat and go to places with food and beer in West Seattle or Capitol Hill or Lower Queen Anne. As great as El Quetzal and Bar Del Corso are as neighborhood amenities, having a pub where minors are allowed will give Beacon Hill something that until now has been kept north of the ship canal and west of the Duwamish. Even Columbia City doesn’t have what is seen as perfectly normal in practically every neighborhood in Seattle that isn’t in the Southeast District.

  9. I’m with the majority of people here who are excited about the eminent arrival of the Mighty Oak. And, while I can sympathize to a certain extent with people who don’t want to live directly next to a potentially noisy establishment, it seems like it’s unreasonable to not allow such an establishment in a building that is already zoned for food and retail.

    I might not be understanding things appropriately, but the previous establishment was a restaurant, so it’s not like having a pub replace it is surprising or out of left field. It’s not like the people living around it moved in next to a church, only to find it turned into a strip-club.

    In my mind, Beacon Ave’s roll in the neighborhood is similar to say Greenwood Ave, Queen Anne Ave or California Ave: A central strip for food and retail, serving the surrounding community. Every one of those stretches of road also features its share of drinking establishments too. I fail to see why Beacon Ave should be different.

  10. In my not always humble opinion, Someone wrote “There are plenty of drinking establishments on the hill “like the gas stations” LOL not in the same category . There are other bars/ restaurants on the hill, all seem to exist amicably and without any reported incidents or violations. As someone also said the market will ultimately decide if a new bar/restaurant will survive,or any competing business, for that matter.
    The owners of a new bar, or any business, spending thousands of dollars to build it, plus the aggravation, will do everything they can to make it a successful and acceptable business in the community. as have the other bar/lounges/restaurants on Beacon Hill . I know I would. L L

  11. I used, license #408904, The Mighty Oak at 3019 Beacon Ave. to send my comment of support for business revitalization through creation of another fine establishment on Beacon Avenue.

    I guess, in truth, we can’t “vote with the throat”, in the way I intended it, until the place opens with its fine selection of beverages. Yodeling from the tree tops would be fun too, but a bit much.

    Sticky Michelob is the yucky remains on an unclean bar floor of a piss poor beer we were forced to consume in earlier times on Beacon Hill.

    I’m still pretty good at first base, by the way. Play bal!


  12. @Amy, congratulations on this being your first disappointment in Beacon Hill. Does this mean that you just moved here last week? or do you live in a fantasy land version of Beacon Hill that is only filled with rainbows and kittens? Either way I congratulate you on your acute ability on avoiding disappointment.

    @Jack, Mateo and Lewis just curious…but did you write letters of protest against other restaurants/bars in the neighborhood that have this same license? I’ve seen quite the mob forming in front of Bar del Corso and someone should really do something about that! I also ate an enchilada at El Quetzal that was so spicy I was forced to wash it down with a cold beer. This madness must be stopped! We need more tax preparers! Not more lively neighborhood restaurants!

    Seriously, if your only argument is ‘No good can come from a tavern. Period.’ then I think that you really need to get out more. Period. I would suggest starting by going and talking to the new owners/neighbors. They will be living in our neighborhood and I bet you will find they have a lot of the same concerns and hopes that you have.

    “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.” Oscar Wilde

  13. A little worried here… I walked past the old Rockit space on Sunday, and saw that the liquor license application was gone from the window. Can anyone who actually knows the owners confirm whether this is A Good Sign (that the license has been approved, and they’re moving forward) or A Bad Sign (that it’s been denied and we lose the chance to have a gastropub within walking distance)?

  14. Frankly the sale of beer/”Bum Wines” to go is a far bigger issue than a local pub/lounge. Every day there are groups of people exchanging food-stamp purchased goods for cash to buy beer with in the parking lots.

    I say bring-on The Oak and let’s get some positive business and community growth in N. Beacon.

  15. Just a correction — earlier I meant to write “north of I-90,” not “north of the ship canal.” The cliched phrase took over my fingers as I typed.

  16. Matt Brooke, one of the co-owners, is a pretty nice guy. I am glad he is also moving to the neighborhood. He was in the bands Carissa’s Wierd (band spelling is correct) and Band of Horses. Maybe he can contribute some expertise to Beacon Hill Rocks!

  17. What is this prohibition? It’s a bar, not a crack house! Well run bars bring in commerce and community. Those hating the idea probably wouldn’t go anyway. They’re too busy living in a world they only wish existed. Go join a cult Jack!

  18. I am super stoked about a new bar in BeHi. Now can we get a spot for bands (local and national) to come play live shows? Don’t like noise, get double pane windows. Your wallet will appreciate it long after your ears fail you.

  19. Presumably the old Lutheran church will be, or is, on the market. What sort of acoustics does it have? That might be a cool performance/community meeting space.

  20. LOL, The Mighty Oak’s owners/planners are probably getting dizzy from all the ideas suggested by
    neighbors and potential customers.
    We have to consider it is a pretty small space to put in all the suggestions .But a lot can be done with good planning.
    As an older fuddy duddy, I wonder if Troy is thinking of a rock band, as compared to my view of having a couple violins playing at my table.

    As to the lounge/restaurant, I love kids dearly, but I hope parents will have the good sense to leave toddlers with a baby-sitter, and older children not allowed to wander among patrons and tripping servers, as are one of the complaints I have heard from patrons of some other locations. Other than that, I would love to see kids there. L L

  21. Yay for Beacon Hill! Call it self-serving, but I like it when my friends come to THIS side of town for a change. Since Bar Del Corso opened and with El Quetzal’s good reputation spreading, it’s been nice to meet up (and spend those $) in our neighborhood.

  22. Lisa + Matt – Welcome to the neighborhood. Very excited for a new restaurant and pub to be coming to the area.

  23. Concerned

    I introduced myself to Lisa the other day and she seems nice and honest. I hope that proves to be true and that the Cap Hill experience is very different from the Beacon Hill one. I too welcome you to the neighborhood.

    I live within earshot of the establishment in question. My family goes to bed before nine for work and school the next day. Noise travels. It will be great to have another new business in the neighborhood but I sincerely hope that it is not a business that adds to the crime at Triangle Park and the noise in the alley. We also are already very cramped in parking on the street so that will be a bit worse with a new business. Still, it is zoned as a restaurant and so good luck. You may see us for brunch now and then as there is nothing like that around here.

  24. Walter has brought up some valid neighborhood points for homes 2,3 or 4 houses from the bar/lounge/restaurant. I would guess the bar/ restaurant will cater to , and draw older groups with children, not like the hip hop bars like ChopSuey, the bars in Belltown or SODO.

    As I read it ,it will be a bar first with an accommodating somewhat limited menu considering the space to work with.,but I may be wrong in guessing.

    I know we can be assured that the new bars from the beginning, p will be very careful with serving alcohol ,that is, over pouring wherein customers may become rowdy, even outside the bar, including
    driving and DUI.’s . The bar and employees cannot afford the WSLCB penalties nor the adverse attitude of the neighborhood concerning noise or said rowdy behavior. (there can be hefty fines and penalties up to and including bar closures. Again the new Beacon Hill bars can not risk that.
    I feel confident they will live up to our best expectations. L.L.

    PS: parking is another matter ,but those to the bus lines like the #60 or #36, should find it easy to navigate to and from without the worry of driving . Of course we must always be careful of our
    surroundings in late afternoon and evening.

  25. I’m all in favor of the Oak and grateful to business owners who see the potential that Beacon Hill has. Having lived on Beacon Hill for over 28 years, I am thrilled to see the kind of development that will be what ultimately drives out the problems that have plagued our neighborhood. Remember Columbia City 10 years ago? Those early “restaurant/bars” spawned a thriving business district with a variety of merchants, and…drove out the drug dealers, crime and public urination! We can’t wait to patronize the Oak!

  26. The neighborhood meeting on Tuesday 3/6 th evening was well attended. I am pleased, as were many, regarding the plans for the Oak bar/lounge/restaurant. Which apparently will have a large portion dedicated to the restaurant. I, for one, hope, in part, that it will serve great simple breakfast/ brunches,nothing fancy but plain bacon & eggs etc. similar to the Silver Fork on Rainier Ave. Remember ,the public must support the bar and restaurant to make it a success !

    For many people,the #36 bus will be handy transportation to and from there if anyone gets a “buzz” from the bar. I, or anyone, should not take the risk of driving nor risking the integrity of the Oak,or any bar of course.

    There has been no news about the “other” bar, Tippe and Drague lately. L L

  27. Woo Hoo! I’m a little late the party, but I just found out about the Mighty Oak and came to the blog to search for info. I am SOOOO delighted to have a great new restaurant and bar in the neighborhood! Welcome to the neighborhood Mighty Oak, and I plan on being one of your first and repeat customers.

  28. I love it! Good pubs build community and foster friendship and I believe the Oak will be such a pub. I’m actually more excited about the food than the drinks, but it’s very difficult for any type of local restaurant to survive without both revenue streams.

    Beacon Hill let’s make this happen!!

  29. I am a Beacon Hill resident of about 15 years, and our family has participated in numerous activities aimed at bringing variety, liveliness, and business to the Hill. In addition, however, I am among those who have concerns about the Mighty Oak. I attended the Beacon Hill Council meeting and stated my concerns. I thought the responses from Lisa Jack and her partner were thoughtful and reassuring. As someone who lives across the alley and two doors down from the Oak, my central concern is with their statement that they would keep the liquor lounge open after the restaurant closes at ten. They said it would stay open until midnight.
    People who go out for dinner and drinks do not seem likely to generate noise, trash, etc. At least I see no evidence of that around El Quetzal, or Bar del Corso, or the other restaurants within walking distance of my house, which I patronize with my wife and child, and where I sometimes have a beer with my meal or pizza.

    My point here is that while a restaurant is not problematic on a residential family-centered street, a late-night establishment primarily serving alcohol may be. Not always is, not probably will be, but may be. I want some reassurance that it will not be.

    On a closely related note: Can we, as neighbors, give each other the courtesy of a careful, attentive hearing of neighborly thoughts? As neighbors, we should presume that we all have the best interests of the neighborhood at heart, though we may differ about means to those ends. I thought that attending the Council Meeting and speaking with the owners was a neighborly, courteous, respectful way to become informed and to let my concerns be heard. I feel that some responses on this blog have unjustly castigated and ridiculed the few of us who stated our worries that night. There have been far more such flaming posts to this website than people present at that meeting–so at least some posters are writing from ignorance. If there are thoughtless knee-jerking naysayers in this conversation I do not think I am among their company. A little respect, please?

  30. Gary, nice post.

    To your second point, bear in mind that the first publicity this issue got was a flyer that phrased the issue in some rather alarmist language about taverns, and much of the counter-reaction has been to that. Yes, some responses were not as respectful as I wish they were. Your feeling you are getting painted with that brush is exactly the reason why I hate the name calling and “win at any cost” approach to neighborhood politics. You can’t build a self-perpetuating community when you are willing to treat neighbors as collateral damage.

    Maybe we can discuss this over a pint at The Oak someday.

  31. Wow, this is a long thread on the new Oak bar/ restaurant/lounge.
    Both Gary and Brook have valid points. Personally, I don’t feel the negative
    comments were too harsh,Even starting with the mentioned “flyer” at
    the outset.
    I feel people felt they have legitimate reasons to question the Oak location ,etc.
    I hope their fears are laid to rest from the meetings and publicity.
    I think we all know the bad publicity surrounding the troubles with the SODO and
    the Bell Town bars..
    I am extremely certain The Oak will not even come close or even be compared to those
    types of bars. As an example Oak owners state the rear door(s) to the alley will be
    set up for emergency exit only.
    While the patrons leaving the bar can’t be “monitored” ,we can pretty much rest assured
    that bartenders will watch closely as to any “over pouring” liquor. To some extent the bar has strict responsibilities for inebriated people off the premises as WSLCB laws can cite the bar(s) for DUI’s
    and other infractions with owner, bartender citations,mandatory training and up to temporary and permanent canceling of licenses.
    Owners of the Oak have spent and will spend thousands of dollars on our new OAK. The owners have bought the property, and will live in the rear house portion. We can bet they will do everything they can to make a safe,fun and popular bar / restaurant for us.

    To those who have voiced legitimate comments about noise, drunks, trash ,pee, or other concerns,
    I know ,from being a previous bar(s) owner, it ain’t gonna’ happen at the OAK.
    Further ,I apologize for those few ,who in their zeal for a nice bar/restaurant/ lounge chastised them for their concerns. L L.

    Lenny ,No. Beacon Hill

  32. I support the Oak 100% and can’t wait to go with my family for good pub food and a beer. Beacon Hill needs another family friendly restaurant and pub (thank you El Quetzal and Bar del Corso, but you can only go to those places so many times). We have been having to venture out to other neighborhoods looking for decent family friendly places. It will be nice to not have to drive to Madrona or Columbia City and just drive up the street. I too, plan on becoming a repeat and regular customer. I look forward to your opening, hopefully soon!

  33. Come on Mighty Oak! Where are you? We need non-shady business in Beacon Hill. A family restaurant with brunch on the weekend sounds good to me. And, this mom could use a friendly place to have a beer with friends every once in a while too! Waiting and hoping! 🙂

  34. My husband and I are very excited for this venue to come to the neighborhood. We support you and also frequently go to Redwood. Love it and the food. We have both sent emails to the liquor board in support of your establishment! Others who support should do the same.

  35. People. Get a life!!! We live in the neighborhood and desparately want more restaurants. People who go to restaurants typically drink something, too. You could move to Kansas.

  36. I am glad this didn’t get shot down and is now open. Sooo happy to see more places slowly opening here.Now I hope someone does open a bar that is open till 2. it would be great to be able to stay in my neighborhood instead of having to go to west Seattle or Capitol Hill.

  37. Happy Cyber and manic Monday Everyone !
    It is strange for “litlnemo” to bring up voices of the past, but interesting in seeing how wrong predictions can become.
    In my, ummm ,early daze, occasionally I would stay late in bars “when everyone was prettier at ” last call “.
    My friend and I went recently to the Oak for the first time to “check it out”. We had a locally brewed beer and hamburgers.
    The Oak has lots of room, and an upstairs full bar. It would be a great place for community meetings.

    North Beacon Hill is in a class by itself, I haven’t heard of any fights or shootings at either the Oak, or Tippe & Drague.
    Unlike what we now see near hoity toity Lake Vulcan (aka Lake Union) and the Citrus bar a couple nights ago.
    I and a friend also went to Tippe & Drague ,just for also a local brewed beer on a “football” evening, filled with whoops and yelling for favorite teams.
    I have to add, that the T & D also serves gluten free sandwiches for those with Celiac disease wherein people cannot tolerate the gluten found in breads and other wheat products.

    I and many are grateful for lilnemo and Wendy’s Beacon Hill blog too, along with the two new bar/lounge/restaurants on our hill.


  38. Oops ,guess Wendy is Wendi ? ,apologies, as Shakespeare wrote “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” !

  39. this placed disrespected a long time resident of Beacon Hill of 25 years!!. several friends took me to this place to have a beer and snacks… we asked the bartender to change the music and he retorted that bartender preferences ruled..we asked what the owners policy was..customer or bartenders preferences..he stated bartenders…we were all brown people…i think all people of color should avoid this red neck place!!!..they owe an us..i asked for the owners number and they would not give one…

  40. this placed disrespected a long time resident of Beacon Hill of 25 years!!. several friends took me to this place to have a beer and snacks… we asked the bartender to change the music and he retorted that bartender preferences ruled..we asked what the owners policy was..customer or bartenders preferences..he stated bartenders…by then we cussed a bit…as he got us upset..this is a redneck place!!!..they owe an us..i asked for the owners number and they would not give one…is this what gentrification is all about?

  41. I’m a white guy and I wouldn’t expect any bartender of any color at any bar to change the music just because I asked.

  42. the issue was not color.color was just another layer..the issue is customer asking the bartender what was the owners policy…ive been to many bars where bartender gladly changed the music to flow with the customers wants…but asking if it was discretionary vs a policy ..a simple response would had made it clear how the tavern is run..but not even answering..then when asked how do i reach the i can get it clear from the owner..and NOT just giving me the contact what?

  43. In my opinion, the situation happening at the Oak could have turned out better.
    I am sorry the group felt slighted on their visit.
    The bartender could have handled differently, with your music request. He is not there to play the music he likes.
    I have no idea if there was a full bar or just your group. Further, it would have been satisfactory to give you the owner’s name. Of course the owners name is on the bar license which must be on display.
    I have owned 2 bars in my early days, so I know the priority is for the bar to make money and also keep the customers satisfied.

  44. lenny…thanks for the back up on this…Matt, the owner, and i had a good conversation today. he immediately apologized for the staffs bad behaviors and was going to talk to him today. his apology was sincere, which took the wind out of my sail, so to speak. and i have since taken back and deleted my more angry comments off facebook and several other bloggs, yelp, etc. lots of young folks come here land on the hill and know nothing of the history or the people. snappy, “hipster” yap off to locals, to make themselves feel somehow above folks would in the old days got their mouth re arranged, and the loss of teeth would have made “snappy” hard to pull off…but the lack of maturity …was revealed…hope he gets a clue..i’ll cut him this one pass..this time…anyways..good to have a nice pub back up on the hill…now i dont have to go far…it will get better. best to all

  45. The Oak a redneck place? Thanks for the laugh. That was a good one. Actually, it isn’t very funny at all and is a pretty strong accusation. Why do you feel entitled to walk into a place and make adjustments to fit your tastes? Why does it need to change or “get better”, as you suggest? Did you ask to turn the lights up or the volume down as well? Were you the only people there? I just can’t imagine walking into a bar and expecting (or even just suggesting) the bartender to change the music. It wouldn’t surprise me to get a rude response, especially if the place had even a few people who were perfectly fine with the current music selection.

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