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Crime notes: Flashings continue on North Beacon Hill

There have been more recent sightings of the serial masturbator/flasher in the North Beacon Hill area — at least eight reported incidents so far, we’re told. He appears to still be driving the newer-looking navy blue [Chevy?] truck with tinted windows as previously described, and is obscuring the license plate in an attempt to elude identification. If you spot a truck matching this description, especially if you notice the license plate is hidden, please consider notifying 911.

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Aaron G. was robbed Sunday night. He wrote in with this account and asked us to share it:

I was on my way home from the Valero store around 11:30 pm on Sunday night when two guys approached me from behind. They asked for my bags repeatedly before shoving me and demanding that I give it to them. Once handing it over, they started screaming at me, asking what else I had on me. They reached into my jacket pocket, grabbed my cigarettes, took my wallet from my back pocket, and ran off as a car approached. I chased them down to the Shell station where they jumped into a car waiting with a few other guys in it and they peeled off.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT! This happened near 15th and College. They were young, maybe 18 or 19 years old, black men, Ethiopian accents. Hooded sweatshirts, and they seemed nervous.

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Drive-by shooting near Shaffer and Morgan, April 17th — The Seattle Times, BHB news partner

Neck chains attract robberies in Rainier Beach and at Cleveland High — SeattleCrime.com

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Recent burglary activity from police reports, bhnw.org scanner logs, and the mailing lists:

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A car was stolen from Chris B.’s house near 18th and Lander last week. Something else to keep an eye out for:

The woman who is staying with us had her car stolen [April 25th] between 10:30 and 11:15 am. The car is a 1997 dark teal Honda Civic, license plate 244-YVO. There is a car seat in the back. … If you see it, please call the police.

Crime notes: Safes, stalking, and spraypaint

Photo of a safe combination dial
Multiple safes were stolen from houses burgled on Wednesday near 13th and Forest. Photo by squacco.
On Wednesday around noon, multiple homes near 13th and Forest were burglarized. The reports we’ve received indicate that the suspects were two medium-build Asian men in a white van. They appeared to be especially interested in jewelry and safes, removing such items from at least two houses.

If you saw anything that might be helpful in tracking down these men, or if you see any further suspicious activity, please don’t hesitate to contact the police and report it. And, of course, keep your doors locked and an eye open for your neighbors.

* * *

A series of messages on the mailing list recently mentioned that signs, buildings, and even cars in alleyways near 13th and Nevada and perhaps as far north as Spokane St were tagged with graffiti on the same day, Wednesday, some time prior to about 6pm. Information on dealing with and preventing graffiti vandalism is here.

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“Give me all of your stuff, or I will stab you!”SeattleCrime.com details the stalking and knife-point robbery of a 15-year-old girl, apparently followed on the bus from Red Apple to Beacon and Dawson by her assailants. One wonders if these youth might be some of the same that have been involved in other robberies and muggings lately.

Crime notes: Smash-and-grabs and a bank robbery

Crime map
V - Vehicle break-ins, B - Burglaries, R - Robberies, S - Shots fired
Rosie Kirby writes, hoping someone might have seen something of interest today near her home that was burgled today:

We live on the corner of 13th and Hill St. in North Beacon Hill. Our house was broken into with what looks like possibly some sort of crowbar or having kicked in the door somewhere between 7:10 a.m. and 4 p.m. today, 2/22/10. Our neighbor (these are town homes) reports that she heard the door open and shutting around 1:00 p.m. but did not think to look and see if anything was going on. Luckily, not too much was stolen; however, we would appreciate any information or if anyone saw any suspicious activity. The burglar may have left with the laptops, money, and miscellaneous in a brown QFC paper bag. We had one hanging in the kitchen for recycling and they dumped the contents onto the couch.

If you may have any information that could help track down the thieves or recovery their stolen property, please call Rosie at 701-610-4555 or Seth at 206-914-0557 or email rak711@hotmail.com.

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Recent selected BHNW-logged scanner activity:

  • 2/15 7:15pm near 29th and Hudson — Gunshots
  • 2/16 3:45pm near Beacon and McClellan — Bank robbery*
  • 2/17 6:15pm near 21st and Columbia Drive — Burglary/casing
  • 2/17 8:30pm near Beacon and Monroe — iPod robbery**
  • 2/18 1:30pm near Spokane and Columbian Way — Burglary
  • 2/18 8:00pm near 28th and Columbian Way — Gunshots

* Oddly, there are no additional details currently to be found about this bank robbery than what’s in the scanner logs at bhnw.org and CDNews.

** The time doesn’t quite match up, but the location and crime description sounds like “Robbery On Metro Bus on Beacon Hill Last Night” at SeattleCrime.com.

* * *

April Jahns reported a Saturday-night smash-and-grab on the mailing list and followed up with video:

Some punk smashed the passenger side window of our minivan last night. We got it on video – it’s pretty grainy, though. When Ryan is done converting and snipping and whatever else he has to do to the footage I’ll post it on youtube and send a link to the listserv. The person had to rifle around for a minute before finding a grocery bag (hid well out of sight) to find my stash of Valentine’s Day candy conversation hearts. Maybe he’ll get a cavity as his punishment.

We did call the police and since we have the video an officer came out and he dusted the van for prints and will pick up a copy of the video tomorrow. He couldn’t stress enough how important it is for us to call when we see someone suspicious walking around – it enables the officers to talk to fishy looking people. He said the report allows them to pull suspicious looking people over to talk to them. Of course, this happened at 5:10 am – if I had seen him walking by my house I would have seen him breaking into my car. A
car around the corner from us was broken into as well. The officer said there have been lots of prowls in this area (I’m at 16th & Bayview) and they have been patrolling but the commission of the crime is so fast that its hard to catch them in the act.

* * *

Mike Rosen wrote about another smash-and-grab Sunday night on the BAN list:

We live on the 1300 block of 13th Avenue South, close to Atlantic. Around 2 am the car alarm on our Honda went off. (I am sure some of you heard it.) One of us went down to check. No signs of break in. This morning I left for work and noticed the Eclipse that was parked behind the Honda had had its driver’s window shattered. I called 911 to report it, and they said that the owner must call it in. I left a note for the car’s owner. My older Subaru had not been broken into.

* * *

Update: While preparing this entry, there was a report of a man shot near the Mount Baker light rail station. From the SPD Blotter:

On February 22nd at approximately 7:11 p.m. officers on patrol heard shots fired near the light rail tracks at MLK Way South and South Winthrop Street. Officers searched further and discovered an adult male victim (possibly in his 30’s) who had sustained a through and through gunshot wound to the arm. The victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

Officers are currently interviewing additional persons who were in the area at the time of the shooting. A possible suspect vehicle was seen fleeing the area. That vehicle is described as a green Chevy Impala with shiny chrome rims. There is no suspect description available at this time. Officers continue to actively investigate this incident. Gang Unit detectives have been notified and will be conducting the follow up investigation.

SeattleCrime.com has been updating with additional information.

Home invasion robbery by men posing as police

SeattleCrime.com has details of a home invasion robbery at an apartment near 13th and Beacon in the early morning of November 1st. A couple was robbed of several thousand dollars by six men dressed as police officers.

From the story, the couple seems to think they were targeted after having gone to a taco stand earlier in the evening. I wonder what could have happened at a taco stand to make these criminals interested in tracking down and robbing these victims.

Update: KOMO has more details.

Crime notes: Headliners

Seattle man [Kino Gomez] skips bail, costs family $100,000Seattle Times Blotter

Beacon Hill teen tells of selling her body on Seattle streetsSeattle P-I

Police Beat: The MomentSlog with the police report from the hair salon robbery last week

Transient sentenced to prison for slaying at homeless campSeattle Times Blotter, Van Truong sentenced for the September 11, 2008 killing of Major Lee Gay in “The Jungle”.

Store robbed near 15th and Columbian

There was an armed robbery near 15th and Columbian on Thursday night. Seattle Police say that a suspect entered the store, in the 4300 block of 15th Avenue South, armed with a hand gun. He rushed the clerk and forced him to give up some cash, then fled.

The suspect is described as a Black or Hispanic male, 25-30, 5’7″, 160 pounds, with fair or almond-colored skin, wearing a black hoody, a blue and white plaid jacket, and blue jeans.

A K-9 unit tracked him to a nearby parking lot, but the suspect was not found.

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Phone snatchers, gold grabbers near the hospital

Debbie writes with an account of a couple of brazen robberies last night along Beacon Avenue near Jefferson Park:

I was walking north along Beacon Ave yesterday evening, using my earbuds with my iPhone on a call. The phone was in my left hand. At about 7pm, I passed by two young black guys in white T-shirts and shorts. One was wearing a light gray knit cap. They turned around and one of them grabbed the phone from my hand and the two took off down the sidewalk. When they turned and saw I wasn’t pursuing, they slowed to a walk and cut into the VA parking lot. They had pulled the earbuds off the phone and tossed them to the ground. I ran to pick them up and caught up to them. I demanded my phone back, but they denied having it. I didn’t think it was worth physically fighting over, so I turned back as they continued to walk through the lot.

A man who had just parked his car saw me run toward the thieves. When I was within earshot of him, I said they had stolen my phone, so he called the police. The two crossed Beacon Ave and jumped the fence into the golf course. After our reports were taken, the officer took me to the Jefferson Community Center, where there was another report. A woman had a 14 kt necklace ripped from her neck about 15-20 minutes earlier than my incident. It sounded like one or two of the men involved with her necklace were the same as the ones who stole my phone.

She also passes along some advice:

I had a first generation iPhone, so it isn’t worth a whole lot these days. But when I get another phone, I’m going to get black third party earbuds so it won’t look like I have an Apple product. I will be more careful when I have the phone out on the street, I’ll save involved and lengthy conversations for indoors, and I will be more aware of the people around me and make eye contact as the officer advised. The part of Beacon Ave that the theft occurred in is also somewhat empty, so as much as possible I’m going to walk along 15th Avenue instead until it connects to Beacon to avoid walking around the VA area.

I’m not sure I’d agree about that stretch of Beacon being much less ‘safe’ than the sparse stretches of 15th, but I’ll add another safety tip: instead of keeping your i-device in your hand, put it in a pocket.

Further details emerge about last night’s assault at 13th and Holgate

KING5 News has posted more information and a video report about the victim in last night’s attack in North Beacon Hill. 25-year-old Sudanese immigrant Dawit Alemu, who was celebrating his upcoming graduation from Seattle Central Community College, was attacked by a group of men, knocked unconscious, robbed, and left for dead on the sidewalk in broad daylight. At least one witness took photos, which led the police to two suspects, aged 19 and 20, who are being held on $200,000 and $250,000 bail on suspicion of robbery pending the filing of charges. The other attackers remain at large. Alemu would have walked in his graduation ceremony tomorrow; instead, he remains in Harborview, unconscious with life-threatening injuries.

Police currently believe the attackers did not know Alemu.

(Post edited at 7:40 pm to add additional information about the bail, the age of the attackers, and that the attackers did not know the victim.)

Valentine’s Day robbery

SPDBlotter reports:

On Saturday, February 14th at approximately 8:02 p.m. officers responded to a 911 call of an armed robbery of a clothing store in the 2500 block of 15th Avenue South. After robbing the store, the two male suspects fled the scene on foot and remain at large. Nobody was injured during the robbery and no shots were fired. An SPD K-9 unit responded and conducted an unsuccessful track. Suspect #1 is described as a black male, late teens to early 20’s, 5′7″ tall, 160 lbs., short black hair and wearing a black t-shirt, black pants and a red,white, and black scarf over his face. Suspect #2 is described as a black male, late teens to early 20’s, 6′1″ tall, 180 lbs., short black hair and wearing a black t-shirt, black pants and a black doo-rag over his face. Both suspects were wearing gloves. One suspect was armed with a silver handgun and the other with a black handgun. It is unknown at this time what was taken during the robbery. Anyone with information about these suspects or their whereabouts is asked to call 911 or Seattle Police immediately.

Street robbery suspects arrested

Two suspects were arrested this morning for a street robbery that occurred just after 2:00 am in the 6200 block of Beacon Avenue South. Two adult males reported an attempted robbery in which one of the suspects displayed a revolver. The suspects fled into a residence on the same block. Police surrounded the house, and found 10 people inside, including two that were positively identified by the victims. The gun was found and turned out to be stolen.

The suspects, one of which was a juvenile, were booked for Investigation of Robbery and Violation of the Uniform Firearms Act.

Via the SPD, and the Rainier Valley Post, who are practically the Beacon Hill Post today!)