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  1. hi..how about another name besides “commons”..maybe a contest or suggestions with voting..As “commons” sounds and is so east coast. ive been here 40 years on beacon hill and have watched the gentrification of Seattle and have witnessed “Town hall” and “commons” surfacing along with other imports. we can lend to a localized name. otherwise we are just re enforcing colonial invasion oblivious to who is already been here.

  2. Hi — if we had some alternate name that was really “Seattle” I would agree, but I don’t think we do. (Incidentally, Seattle Transit Blog calls their equivalent section “Page Two.”) I don’t think of Commons as an East Coast name myself. And I did want to make it clear that it’s for the whole community, but calling it “Community” didn’t seem to work as far as giving it a place name of sorts.

    Anyway, I think it’s OK to call it Commons. Considering that Beacon Hill itself is actually named after a place in Boston… 😉 If we want to get rid of the East Coast names we have to start with the Hill itself! But of course, people might disagree.

    You might want to repost your comment on the Commons post I put up today — it’s more likely to be seen and discussed there than it is on this page.

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