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R.I.P Metro Route 38

A Route 38 bus. Photo by Oran Viriyincy in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
As of today, one of Beacon Hill’s bus routes is gone: Route 38, a shuttle between Mount Baker and Beacon Hill Link stations. The route formerly ran down to Sodo, but since the opening of Link the 38 was truncated to a shorter route, running only during part of the day. The limited hours and route that duplicated Link made the route not terribly useful, and Metro finally pulled the plug today.

If you were a Route 38 rider, Metro suggests using Link instead.

Photo by Oran Viriyincy in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool.

Metro proposes deletion of Routes 38 and 42

A Route 38 bus on South McClellan. Photo by Oran Viriyincy in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool.
King County Metro has released proposed service changes for June, 2012. Among the changes are two in or very near Beacon Hill, the deletion of Routes 38 and 42.

Route 38 currently is a short route that runs between 15th Avenue South and Martin Luther King Jr. Way South on South McClellan Street. Previously, it ran down to Sodo, but since the opening of the Link light rail line in 2009, it has been truncated to the shorter route. The 38 runs only between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., generally every 20 minutes.

The proposal to delete the 38 cites “low performance” as the reason for the deletion:

“Route 38 performance is in the bottom 25 percent of routes that do not serve the Seattle core on the measure of passenger miles per platform mile.

“Consistent with our Service Guidelines, Metro plans to use resources from low performing routes to relieve overcrowding, improve on-time performance, and increase the number of trips on underserved corridors.”

The alternative transportation suggested for 38 riders is Link, either at Mount Baker Station or Beacon Hill Station. Either station is less than one-half mile from the 38’s current stops, however, there is a very steep hill between 23rd Avenue South and Mount Baker Station. Link trains do run more frequently and for longer hours than the 38 buses do.

Protesters at a King County Council town hall meeting in Columbia City in 2009 expressed their opinions about Metro service changes. Photo by Wendi.
Route 42 runs in Rainier Valley from Pioneer Square to Columbia City. Currently the 42 runs only once an hour between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays, and not at all on weekends. Similar to the 38, Metro says “Route 42 performance is in the bottom 25 percent of routes that serve the Seattle core on both measures Metro uses to rate performance (rides per platform hour and passenger miles per platform mile).”

Alternatives Metro suggests for 42 riders, depending on whether they are going to Columbia City, Martin Luther King, Jr. Way South, Rainier Avenue South, or South Dearborn Street, include Route 7, Route 34, Route 39, Route 8, or Link light rail. Most stops are less than one-quarter mile from the current stops, and Route 8 serves the same stops as Route 42.

A previous attempt to delete Route 42 caused some controversy in 2009. Representatives for the Asian Counseling and Referral Service on Martin Luther King Jr. Way South at South Walden Street argued that the route is necessary to serve their clients, and that clients who are elderly or disabled would not be able to walk to the nearby light rail stations.

Seattle Transit Blog recently posted two articles, “The Case Against the 42” and “Ridership on Route 42” that argue that the route is redundant and rarely used:

“It’s demonstrably unnecessary for mobility, it’s costing a fortune, and riders are choosing in droves not to ride it. At this point, Route 42 is indefensible.”

Seattle Transit Blog analyzes Route 36 ridership patterns

Seattle Transit Blog currently has a post up analyzing patterns of transit ridership on Beacon Hill’s Route 36. The post includes a chart that shows the average daily number of boardings and deboardings by stop. As one might expect, the stops at each end of the route are heavily used, as are the stops at Beacon Hill Station and the VA hospital. Stops in the International District along S. Jackson see a huge amount of traffic.

The author, Bruce Nourish asks that Beacon Hill neighbors comment on the STB post: “please let us know in the comments what else you see in this data that I’ve missed.”

Bus stop spacing to increase on Routes 36 and 60

This Route 60 stop at 15th and Hanford is safe, but the stop just to the south at Hinds is proposed for closure. Photo by l0st2 in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
Metro Transit has announced that they will be reducing the number of stops on Routes 36 and 60 to improve the speed and reliability of the buses on those routes and also reduce costs, energy consumption, and emissions. The planned removals will increase the average spacing between stops to about 1,150 feet from the current 920 feet.

The two routes currently have a combined total of 137 stops south of South Jackson Street (including Route 60’s trips through Georgetown and West Seattle); 28 of these would be removed, including 20 stops on Beacon Hill. One new stop would be added, on 14th Avenue South at South Walker Street, where it would replace the current stops at South Hill and South College streets.

According to Metro, 11 percent of Route 36 and 60 riders who board south of Jackson will have to catch their buses at a different stop.

You can see an interactive map and a list of all the stop closures on Metro’s website. The page also contains a list of options for sending Metro your feedback about these changes.

Bus service changes for Beacon Hill begin Saturday

Route 38 makes its way up South McClellan Street. But it won't be doing that before 9:00 am anymore. Photo by Oran Viriyincy.
King County Metro Transit will be making service changes to some of the routes serving Beacon Hill, starting on Saturday, October 2.

According to Metro, revisions include:

  • Route 36 will return to its regular routing between Beacon Avenue South and South Myrtle Street, and South Myrtle Street and 39th Avenue South. It will no longer operate on Beacon Avenue South between Myrtle Street and Othello Street. The Route 36 shuttle will be discontinued.
  • Route 38: All service before 9:00 am will be discontinued.
  • Route 39 will return to regular routing between South Othello Street and 38th Avenue South and South Myrtle Street. It will no longer operate on Martin Luther King Jr. Way South and Renton Ave South between South Othello Street and South Henderson Street.
  • Route 60: On weekends, all trips will be extended from Georgetown to White Center, and service will be improved to a 30-minute frequency.

The online Trip Planner will help you see if your route’s schedule has changed. Be sure to input a date of October 2 or later when using the Trip Planner, or you won’t get the new schedule.

The new RapidRide “A Line” will debut on Saturday, replacing Route 174 and running between Federal Way and the Tukwila International Boulevard Link light rail station. If you’re interested in trying it, you might want to take Link from Beacon Hill down to Tukwila on Saturday or Sunday, because all trips will be free on the A Line for opening weekend.

Crime notes: Baby in protective custody, busted window, purse snatcher nabbed

Over the last weekend in February, someone smashed the front window at Hello Bicycle. Photo by dreaming_of_rivers, from the BHB Flickr photo pool.

Sunday, a 10-month old ‘intoxicated’ baby was taken into protective custody near 15th and Nevada. — Seattle Times Blotter

* * *

Metro bus purse snatcher arrested near I-90 and Valentine PlSeattleCrime.com

* * *

Here are some selected reports sent to us, appearing on the mailing lists, or in the scanner logs at bhnw.org.



Vehicle break-ins:

Vehicle thefts:

  • 2/26, Andrew Sorkin wrote:

    I live on Beacon Hill and just had my car stolen. If anyone sees a 1991 black [Acura] Integra with license plate 750-YNW please email me at straussss@gmail.com or call 510-333-9633. The car was not in great condition, didn’t have a working stereo, and may have been ditched somewhere… I hope 🙂

  • 3/8 3:30pm, 15th and Lucile — 1993 Burgundy Dodge Caravan


  • 2/23 12:15pm, Swift and Albro — Boy throwing rocks at northbound cars on the freeway.
V - Vehicle crime, B - Burglary, A - Assault, O - Other

Beacon Bits: Cupcakes and buses and health inspections

Cupcakes from Wink
A sample of Wink's wares. Photo by Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake.

Cupcakes coming to VictrolaWink Cupcakes will be available through three Victrola coffee houses, including our own at 3215 Beacon Ave S.

* * *

Health inspectionsAsa Mercer Middle School, Dearborn Park Elementary, Maple Elementary School, Cleveland High School, Fiesta-Mex Video, Beacon Avenue Shell, Beacon Hill 76, Inay’s, Java Love, and Lucky Seafood.
Congratulations to Asa Mercer, Dearborn Park, Maple, and Cleveland for perfect 0-point inspections!

* * *

SDOT wants your opinion on Metro’s electric buses that get their power from Seattle City Light. They’ve been pondering retiring electric trolley buses for a while, replacing them with diesel coaches. (And everyone knows that diesel is always reasonably priced.)

* * *

Frank Nam spotted this topically-amended sign in the restroom at the Beacon Hill Library.

More Bits: Luminaria, sing-a-longs, matching money, and more

Luminarias photo by AZAdam. At the Beacon Hill Library on Saturday, learn basic paper-cutting techniques using scissors and a hole puncher to make your own decorative Day of the Dead luminaria.
Luminarias photo by AZAdam. At the Beacon Hill Library on Saturday, learn basic paper-cutting techniques using scissors and a hole puncher to make your own decorative Day of the Dead luminaria.

This Saturday, the 14th, from 2 to 4pm, an introduction to traditional Day of the Dead crafts with artist Amaranta Ibarra Sandys will be at the Beacon Hill Library. This event is free, requires no registration, and is open to everyone ages 5 and older.

* * *

Craig Thompson has resumed regularly updating the Beacon Lights column at the P-I, most recently considering Sound Transit, the mayoral race, and Dow Constantine.

* * *

Next Thursday, November 19th, from 6 to 7:30pm at the Beacon Hill Library, the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods is hosting free technical assistance workshops to educate neighborhood groups and community organizations on funding opportunities under the Neighborhood Matching Fund. The program provides cash awards to community organizations for neighborhood-based projects. Proposals are due as early as January 11th for “Small and Simple” projects.

* * *

Metro has introduced a new reroute notification system where you can sign up for email or SMS alerts if your bus has been rerouted due to snow or other emergency condition. — Seattle Transit Blog

* * *

200 student poet-athletes will be participating in their fall season-ending America SCORES Seattle Poetry Slam tomorrow, November 13th, from 5 to 6:45pm. Join them at the Cleveland High School Auditorium. Call 206-988-1000 for more information.

* * *

Rise up Singing — a family-friendly, evening sing-along with Albert Kaufman (the human jukebox). Former Beacon Hill neighbor Albert Kaufman will be back in town on Saturday the 14th at OmCulture near Gasworks Park from 7 to 9:30pm. Albert will be leading a sing-a-long with special guests and children of all ages are welcome. Thanks for the notice, Mira!

Plan ahead: Metro on holiday schedule tomorrow

You might have to wait a bit longer for your bus tomorrow. Photo by Oran Viriyincy.
You might have to wait a bit longer for your bus tomorrow. Photo by Oran Viriyincy.
Do you have Veterans’ Day off tomorrow? Neither do we. Metro Transit, however, is operating on a “reduced weekday” schedule for tomorrow’s holiday, and most buses serving our area, including the 36 and 60 routes, are listed as “Routes operating a reduced weekday schedule with designated trips canceled.” Please note also that the 38 route is entirely canceled tomorrow.

The reduced weekday schedule will also be in effect on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), Christmas Eve, and from December 28 through 31; buses will run on a Sunday schedule on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Check your schedule for trips identified with an “H” — those trips will be canceled tomorrow.

Link Light Rail will be running on the normal weekday schedule.

Thanks to Seattle Transit Blog.

Seating experiment on the 36 today

Photo by VeloBusDriver. Click for more photos.
Photo by VeloBusDriver. Click for more photos.
Seattle Transit Blog mentions a Metro novelty running today on the 36 route: a bus with half a row of seats removed, allowing for easier circulation of passengers on routes with lots of people getting on and off. If you’re hopping a bus this evening, keep an eye out for bus number 4186 “leaving 3rd and Union Southbound at 4:45 and returning Northbound to 3rd and Pike at 6:15.”