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Beacon Bits: Lost ring, hip-hop coffee, and a unicorn head

(Editor’s note—I just fixed the link to the article about The Station in The Stranger. Sorry it wasn’t working earlier!)

Neighbor Julie writes:

My husband lost his wedding band yesterday, most likely taking his snow gloves off while we were out walking – here are the most likely places:

  • 23rd & Forest, or along 23rd between McClellan and Stevens
  • NE corner of 17th & Beacon, or across Beacon in front of the library
  • in front of Red Apple

We gave our name and number to Red Apple and we are searching for it, but please keep an eye out!!
Men’s size 10.5 white gold plain wedding band, 4mm
Thank you!!

Julie 206-713-8606

* * *

Sledding, bah. How about sliding down South Hanford Street on a giant unicorn head? Video here.

* * *

Charles Mudede of The Stranger interviews local rapper Gabriel Teodros at The Station coffee house, and The Station is practically the co-star of the interview:

“‘This is my favorite coffee shop in the city. This is the place where my whole city comes through.’ Indeed, a whole city seems to come in and out of the Station. Beacon Hill is a planet.”

* * *

MSNBC’s John Brecher must live around Beacon Hill. He supplied several before-and-after snow photos to a feature on the MSNBC website. Slide the slider back and forth on the pictures to see our neighborhood with and without snow.

* * *

Seattle Public Schools will use Friday, January 27 as a snow make-up day. It was previously scheduled as an off-day for staff professional development. The other two make-up days for this week’s snow days haven’t yet been scheduled.

* * *

Frozen fennel flowers. Photo by K. Shuyler.

Our snow (and ice) day

Even weeds were beautiful yesterday with their coats of ice. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.
We saw a lot of folks sledding, snowboarding, and innertubing down steep South McClellan.
Neighbor Cindy Vanous writes: "A few months ago, we had the 'remuddled' front and back porches of our 1923 Beacon Hill home removed and rebuilt according to the 1930’s census photo of the house. We also had new windows built in the same lovely style as the originals, and painted the whole thing to better show off the details… yesterday evening, it all paid off in one perfect photo. This is what I love about our hill: street after street of these beautiful Craftsman bungalows, still standing strong after earthquakes, windstorms, countless shifts in architectural fashion, and nearly a century of everyday use."
In the snow, a street grate becomes abstract art. Photo by Robinette Struckel in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
Shoppers parked their sleds and toboggans while shopping at the Rainier Avenue QFC. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.

Ice storm warning: stay home if you can

This tree in British Columbia was encased in ice in a 2005 ice storm. Photo by Shazron via Creative Commons/Flickr.
The National Weather Service has issued a very rare ice storm warning for our area. Here it is:

The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued an ice storm warning… which is in effect until noon PST today. the winter weather advisory is no longer in effect.

* Some affected locations… Hoquiam… Olympia… Seattle.

* Timing… during the morning hours.

* Ice accumulations… two to four tenths of an
inch this morning.

* Main impact… travel will be severely impacted. Power outages are

Precautionary/preparedness actions…

An ice storm warning means severe winter weather conditions are imminent or occurring. Significant amounts of ice accumulations will make travel dangerous or impossible. Travel is strongly discouraged. Commerce will likely be severely impacted. If you must travel… keep an extra flashlight… food… and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency. Ice accumulations will likely lead to snapped power lines and falling tree branches that add to the danger.

Please be careful out there, everyone. Schools are closed, all library branches are closed today, and many other offices and services are closed because of the weather, so it’s a good idea to stay home if at all possible.

(Editor’s note: NWS warning was changed from all-caps to make it easier to read.)

It’s back! Snow again.

It’s been snowing steadily for a while this morning on North Beacon Hill, and the streets and yards have a nice coating of snow. As on Monday, Metro is on snow routes, and Route 38, which runs up and down McClellan, is cancelled (see http://metro.kingcounty.gov/up/rr/adverseweather.html for information about other routes). Seattle Schools and most other area schools and universities are closed for the day. There are some exceptions at the moment, so check http://schoolreport.org/ for the latest school closure info.

The city now has a winter weather map that shows the latest information about streets that have been plowed or de-iced.

How is the snow where you live? Please post comments here. Have pictures? Post them to the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr, or email us.

School cancelled, garbage pickup still on schedule (for now)

Seattle Public Schools are playing it safe in advance of tomorrow’s predicted snowstorm. School is closed tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18. Evening activities are also cancelled. For other schools and universities in the area, please check schoolreport.org.

If your garbage pickup is tomorrow, Seattle Public Utilities is currently advising that you treat Wednesday as a normal day for garbage, recycling, and food/yard waste collection. Of course, weather could still change all of that.

Weather forecasters, including those at BHB news partners KOMONews.com, say the next round of snow won’t skip Seattle, and will spread from south to north early Wednesday morning, probably arriving between 2 and 4 a.m. On top of the potential snowfall, we may get winds gusting to 35-40 mph. The “Slushmageddon” mentioned by folks like Cliff Mass in the last few days probably won’t happen after all; the storm will be snow all the way through. Current expectations are that we will get 4-6 inches of snow in Seattle, but as those of us who have been here a while know — you never know what might actually happen.

Two-hour delay for Seattle Public Schools

Seattle Public Schools have announced a two-hour delay for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17. All schools will open two hours late, and pre-school activities such as preschool and Head Start are cancelled.

If your children ride school buses, be aware that buses will be running on snow routes, which means that yellow buses only run on roads that have snow removal maintained by the City. You should have received notices about snow routes in the mail during November.

For updated delay/closure information for Seattle Schools and other local schools and districts (including colleges and private schools), keep your eyes on SchoolReport.org. Snow is expected both today and tomorrow, and conditions are definitely subject to change.