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Have you seen Buddy?

Missing kitty Buddy looks like this famous Lolcat.
Missing kitty Buddy looks like this famous Lolcat.
Neighbor Jeannie writes:

“Buddy is gone! Buddy is a very large feral/stray/neighborhood gray male cat that has been fixed and had his ear clipped by the feral cat folks. He also has a non-fixed/clipped evil twin I have seen around. I haven’t seen Buddy for over a week now and I’m a bit worried. Last seen at the end of 17th Ave S (right before Swift/Albro bridge). Please email if you have seen him. His feral female sidekick is in my tub with her new babies and she misses him. (They all have homes when they are bigger! Woohoo!) She will be fixed and clipped when the babies are weaned. He looks like the lolcat (pictured right), but a bit scruffier.”

Can you help find these stolen tools?

Neighbor Nick writes:

“Hi, we live on the corner of 15th and Hinds and recently (last night?) had two toolbags stolen, and some cordless drills. They are Veto Pro Pac XL toolbags. One is filled with wood and metal-working tools, the other is mostly electrical tools. There is a Makita 18v lithium ion cordless drill as well. If anyone tries to sell you tools with purple and silver paint on them or with a ‘Q’ written on them, please call Nick at 206-718-7358. Thanks!”

Have you seen Raul?

Have you seen Raul?
Have you seen Raul?
Neighbor Heather writes:

I am posting this for my neighbor Steve, who has lost his male cat Raul. He last saw him on April 21st at 13th and Stevens.

Cat Features:
Raul is a tabby cat, male, white paws and face. About 8 years old.

If you have seen him or have him, please call Steve at 206.999.9662! There are also some fliers up around Beacon Hill.


Can you help Raul get home?

Have you seen Hershey?

Have you seen this dog?
Have you seen this dog?
Neighbor Charlie writes:

Our little friend Hershey was last seen at 12th and Winthrop on St. Paddy’s day. He is about 15 years old and is a Jack Russell terrier (Parsons). He walks with a bit of a limp due to stiff joints, and is very deaf.

He went out for a stroll and has yet to return. Hershey was last seen wearing a little grey sweater and a bright red collar. He has several pieces of ID attached to the collar, and is chipped.

Anyone spotting him up here in North Beacon Hill can contact Charlie @ 206-323-5049.

Have you seen Messi?

Have you seen this kitty?
Have you seen this kitty?
Neighbor Krystyn writes:

Our cat has been missing since the night of Friday, March 22nd from our yard on North Beacon Hill at the corner of 18th Ave S and S Holgate St. He is a 1 year old, short-haired, tabby striped bobtail. Think bobcat or lynx look-a-like. If you live in the area, can you check your garage, basement or garden shed? Please call if you have seen him. He is afraid of strangers and will run away if you try to catch him. Thank you! We miss Messi.

If you can help, call Mike at 206-658-5169.

Have you seen Elvis?

Elvis is lost and may have made his way to Beacon Hill. Have you seen him?
Elvis is lost and may have made his way to Beacon Hill. Have you seen him?
Sara writes:

“We lost Elvis on Sunday. He got away from us on I-5 and Roanoke in Seattle. We got a tip that he was in Beacon Hill on Monday. He is a black with white terrier mix. He is 17 lbs and still has his leash attached. He is very shy. Reward if found! Contact 989-708-1571 or 309-370-7468 if found or have any information.”

Is this your parakeet?

We’ve had stories about lost and found cats, dogs, and chickens here on the Beacon Hill Blog. We’ve even run a story about a goat (who turned out to be a sheep). But today we have a first — a found parakeet.

Neighbor Barbara writes:

“[My partner] found a parakeet walking on the sidewalk at about 12th and Judkins on Sunday, January 27th, by the condo development right before the park/picnic area near the dog park by the Jose Rizal Bridge.

Attached is a flyer that our 8-year-old daughter put together, along with a photo. Can you post it on the blog?

I’m sure he or she is someone’s pet, that perhaps flew out the window!”

Found Parakeet flyer