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Perihelion Brewery to open later this year at McClellan and 16th

No sign of the dentist's office anymore; this construction is bringing a brewpub to North Beacon Hill. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.
No sign of the dentist’s office anymore; this construction is bringing a brewpub to North Beacon Hill. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.
Remember when the Rainier brewery was open down the hill from us in Sodo, and we could smell the beer brewing up here on North Beacon every day? It’s been a few years since then, but beer brewing is returning to the vicinity, and now it’s even closer! Beacon Hill’s first brewpub, Perihelion Brewery, will open later this year.

The pub will be located across S. McClellan from the Red Apple, in the building that houses Salon Nouveau. The salon is staying; the pub is taking over the former dentist’s office on the west/16th Ave. S. side of the building.

A few days ago, the BHB was out there peering through the windows to see the progress. (And it’s nice to see the windows uncovered, after all of those years they were covered up!) We were happy to see that Owner/Head Brewer Les McAuliffe and Assistant Brewer Hunter Jaworski posted photos in the window showing historic views of the building. (Maybe the photos will be inside after the pub opens?) The space is small, but looks roomy enough for a cozy neighborhood hangout.

These old photos show the appearance of the building years ago. It looks very strange without the big trees on Beacon. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.
These old photos show the appearance of the building years ago. It looks very strange without the big trees on Beacon. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.

Seattle Beer News tells us the brewpub will be kid-friendly and the kitchen will serve “elevated pub food.”

You can find all the beer-geek details about the new most-local of brews at Seattle Beer News, and follow the pub on Twitter at @Perihelionbeer.

S. McClellan to close for weekend repaving project

This Saturday, June 8, westbound South McClellan Street will be closed between 23rd Avenue South and 20th Avenue South for repaving by the Seattle Department of Transportation. The street will close at 7 a.m. to repave concrete panels in the 2100 block.

The street will remain closed until about 2 p.m. on Sunday, to give the concrete time to cure. A detour route will be provided for westbound travelers: south on 23rd, west on South Spokane Street, then north on Beacon Avenue South to McClellan and Beacon.

View S. McClellan street closure, 6/8/13 in a larger map

Dine out in SE Seattle to help your community

This Thursday, April 25, Lifelong AIDS Alliance’s Dining Out For Life returns to raise money to fight illness and hunger in our community. During the event, when you dine at a participating restaurant on Beacon Hill or elsewhere, a portion of your bill will be donated to Lifelong.

Restaurants in the Beacon Hill/Columbia City/Mount Baker neighborhoods that are participating include:

Besides the benefit of contributing to your community, if you dine at one of these establishments you’ll also be entered to win two domestic airline tickets from Alaska Airlines. Tweet photos of yourself participating, and you’ll have a chance to win a Dining Out For Life prize package.

See the restaurant locations in this interactive map:

Do you have information about this burglary?

Neighbor Travis writes:

Dear Neighbors,

I want to share that our home, near the intersection of 16th Avenue South and South Stevens Street, was broken in on Saturday afternoon between 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. It seems a very bold break-in.

The burglars kicked in the back door and took the most valuable and smallest items, i.e., laptops and jewelry. The sentimental value of the jewelry out weighs the cash value — passed down from elders, etc. — and we are working hard to try to have them find their way back to us, somehow.

If anyone believes they saw suspicious activity during that time in our area of Beacon Hill your information would be very helpful. Our neighbors were able to provide some concrete leads to the officer, and the more info the better.

On that note, we want to thank all of our neighbors who have been extremely supportive and helpful, and Officer T. Saewong was thorough, informative, and professional.

On the bright side, we know our neighbors much better after this nasty incident, and we have shared personal contact information so we can better keep an eye out for one another.

Feel free to call 206-930-5321 with any leads or information, or contact Officer Saewong directly at 206-386-1850 with case #2013-115804.

Thank you.

City announces ‘ultra high-speed’ broadband demonstration project to include Beacon Hill

This map shows the 12 neighborhoods in the planned Gigabit Seattle demonstration project, including part of North Beacon Hill. Click to see a larger copy of the map.
This map shows the 12 neighborhoods in the planned Gigabit Seattle demonstration project, including part of North Beacon Hill. Click to see a larger copy of the map.

The City of Seattle today announced an agreement with broadband developer Gigabit Squared that plans to use the city’s excess fiber-optic capacity to provide an “ultra high-speed” fiber-to-the-home/business broadband network starting in Fall 2013 with demonstration projects in 12 Seattle neighborhoods, including portions of North Beacon Hill and other Southeast Seattle neighborhoods. An additional part of the project is the development of dedicated broadband wireless connections to multifamily housing and offices, and “next generation” mobile wireless Internet.

The City, the University of Washington, and Gigabit Squared have signed a memorandum of understanding and a letter of intent that allows Gigabit Squared to begin raising the capital needed for the first phase of the project.

That’s the good news. The bad news is: only a small part of Beacon Hill is included in the demonstration project (see this map or this map), so this will only improve things for a limited number of residents. However, Gigabit Seattle asks that you sign up on their website to show your interest in having the service so they can determine where to expand next.

Here’s how the city described the plan today in a press release:

1. Fiber to the home and business: Gigabit Seattle plans to build out a fiber-to-the-home/fiber-to-the-business (FTTH/FTTB) network to more than 50,000 households and businesses in 12 demonstration neighborhoods, connected together with the excess capacity that Gigabit Seattle will lease from the City’s own fiber network. Gigabit Seattle’s technology intends to offer gigabit speeds that are up to 1,000 times faster than the typical high-speed connection.

The initial 12 neighborhoods include: Area 1: the University of Washington’s West Campus District, Area 2: South Lake Union, Area 3: First Hill/Capitol Hill/Central Area, Area 4: the University of Washington’s Metropolitan Tract in downtown Seattle, Area 5: the University of Washington’s Family Housing at Sand Point, Area 6: Northgate, Area 7: Volunteer Park Area, Area 8: Beacon Hill and SODO Light Rail Station and Areas 9-12: Mount Baker, Columbia City, Othello, and Rainier Beach.

2. Dedicated gigabit to multifamily housing and offices: To provide initial coverage beyond the 12 demonstration neighborhoods, Gigabit Seattle intends to build a dedicated gigabit broadband wireless umbrella to cover Seattle providing point-to-point radio access up to one gigabit per second. This will be achieved by placing fiber transmitters on top of 38 buildings across Seattle. These transmitters can beam fiber internet to multifamily housing and offices across Seattle, even those outside the twelve demonstration neighborhoods, as long as they are in a line of sight. Internet service would be delivered to individual units within a building through existing wiring. This wireless coverage can provide network and Internet services to customers that do not have immediate access to fiber in the city.

3. Next generation mobile wireless internet: Gigabit Seattle will provide next generation wireless cloud services in its 12 neighborhoods to provide customers with mobile access.

See more about today’s announcement at the Seattle Times, which points out that parts of the East Side already have fiber broadband, and residents of Ephrata in Grant County have “one of the world’s fastest broadband services” — for $45 per month. Some parts of Seattle already have access to this speed as well, including the South Lake Union neighborhood through CondoInternet, which charges $200 per month for their “up-to-gigabit-speed” service. Gigabit Seattle has yet to finalize the rates for their service.

According to the Gigabit Seattle website, “the more interest we have in your area, the higher priority your neighborhood will become.” They ask that all interested people sign up at their website to show interest in receiving this service to their neighborhoods.

Community invited to give input on new plaza

On Monday, December 10, at 6:30 p.m. El Centro de la Raza is hosting a community meeting about the public gathering spaces in the planned Plaza Roberto Maestas (PRM) development, to be built in El Centro’s south parking lot, just north of Beacon Hill Station.

Representatives of El Centro and Beacon Development group will present and discuss ideas for 10,000+ square feet plaza and the adjacent community center, including how the two spaces will work together on the site and with the surrounding community.

Monday’s meeting is the latest in a series of community meetings about the PRM development project. Community opinions and concerns stated at a meeting last June are viewable here.

The meeting is at El Centro de la Raza, 2524 16th Ave. S. There will be refreshments available, and translation will be offered. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to execasst@elcentrodelaraza.org to confirm attendance for planning purposes.

This preliminary design shows a possible plaza in the PRM development project.

Zipcar car sharing service returns to Beacon Hill

Zipcar sign in Washington DC. Photo by NCinDC via Creative Commons/Flickr.
In December 2008 carless Beaconians received an unwelcome Christmas gift when Zipcar announced they were pulling out of Southeast Seattle. The car sharing service had kept a car in a spot at Red Apple for some months. The closing announcement they emailed to customers suggested unhelpfully that the Zipcar location at South Charles Street/Hiawatha Place (on the other side of I-90, near Dearborn, and about 1.4 miles away from the Red Apple site) would be a good alternative. (That location is no longer in service.)

This December, Zipcar is bringing a much more welcome gift: the return of a Zipcar location on Beacon Hill. Two vehicles will be located at the El Centro de la Raza parking lot at 16th Avenue South and Roberto Maestas Festival Street. The cars, a Nissan Sentra nicknamed “Seahawk” and a Kia Soul named “Shapeshifter,” will be available to Zipcar users for $8-10.25 per hour (depending on vehicle) or, in the case of the Sentra, $72 per day.

Along with the Beacon Hill location, there are two other Southeast Seattle Zipcar sites: Rainier Avenue South/South Angeline, and South Othello Street/MLK Jr Way South.

Volunteers search near Jefferson Park for signs of missing woman

Kelsey Collins.
by Kiersten Throndsen, KOMO Communities (Beacon Hill Blog news partners)

More than three dozen volunteers with King County Search and Rescue spent Sunday scouring wooded areas near Jefferson Park Golf Course, searching for evidence of Kelsey Collins who went missing from her home three years ago.

“We have strong reason to believe she was murdered. We have seen or heard nothing since early May 2009,” said Jim Pugel, assistant chief of police with the Seattle Police Department.

Pugel would not go into to detail but said they have obtained credible information leading them to believe Collins may be buried somewhere along the greenbelt or wooded areas near the golf course.

According to Pugel, Collins was forced into prostitution by a violent pimp at an early age. She was 18-years-old at the time she went missing.

“This was a particularly tragic case. As we know young girls do not voluntarily do that, they are kept in prostitution by coercion and violence, so this one is very important to us,” he said.

The hope behind Sunday’s search was to find any evidence indicating Collins may have been buried or kept in the area at some point but Pugel admits, search crews were challenged by the environment and the conditions.

“As you can see it’s very wet out here. There are years and years of environmental debris, leaves, steep terrain in certain areas, and human garbage as well.”

Pugel says there are no particular suspects at this time but detectives do have strong leads and suspicions about who may have been involved with Collins’ disappearance and possibly her death.

Findlay Street Christian Church project moving forward

This is a Lego version of the proposed Findlay Street Christian Church development project. Photo courtesy of Findlay Street Christian Church.

The long-delayed Findlay Street Christian Church project at South Bayview Street and 14th Avenue South on North Beacon Hill may be moving forward after all, so they are hosting a benefit concert to celebrate and raise funds for the project.

The church, previously located in Hillman City, sold its property some years ago, planning to move to Beacon Hill and develop what they have described as “an ambitious, forward-looking, mixed-use building that included worship space and multi-unit affordable housing.” But in January of this year, a church statement said “Unfortunately, we have run into a number of unforeseen setbacks and have so far been unable to get the project off the ground.”

Now that things are moving forward, they plan to celebrate (and raise funds) this Friday, November 9, with a concert featuring two a cappella groups, 545 Express and Shot in the Dark. Along with the music, guests will be able to see a large Lego rendering of the planned building, created by one of Findlay Street’s youth members.

The concert is at 7 p.m. this Friday, November 9, at Mt. Baker Park Presbyterian Church, 3201 Hunter Blvd. S. The suggested donation is $10.

Seattle Met: Bar del Corso one of Seattle’s best restaurants

Photo by Dapper Lad Cycles in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
Bar del Corso on Beacon Avenue South is featured in the annual Seattle Met Best Restaurants list for 2012. Writer Kathryn Robinson says “[Seattle’s] soul resides in the mom-and-pop neighborhood restaurants that dot the city like a starry constellation. Jerry Corso’s Beacon Hill pizzeria provides the blueprint for how it’s done.”

The only other Southeast Seattle restaurant mentioned is Columbia City’s Full Tilt Ice Cream.

Read about Bar del Corso, Full Tilt, and the 23 other restaurants included on the list here.