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Help restore the Maple School Natural Area

The Maple School Natural Area is a 15-acre greenspace, overrun by invasive plants such as blackberry and ivy. The Northwest Environmental Education Council has planned a work day on January 19 to remove the invasive plants and plant native species to restore the greenspace.

If you would like to help, please meet at the base of the stairs at South Lucile Street and 18th Avenue South at 10:00 am on January 19 (MLK Jr. Day). Wear work clothes. Tools, gloves, snacks and instruction will be provided.

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Local ceramic artist hosting open house this weekend

Those looking for original gifts made right here on Beacon Hill take note: artist/designer Louise Schollaert is hosting a Ceramic Show and Sale open house this weekend, at 4802 12th Avenue South, from 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm on Saturday, and 12:00 noon – 4:00 pm on Sunday. The show will feature both sculptural and functional works. Saturday’s show will include wine and hors d’oeuvres. Louise’s flyer for the event lists the location as “just east of Georgetown,” but don’t be fooled; it’s pure Mid-Beacon Hill. Georgetown doesn’t have all the art.

Beacon Hill Dry Cleaners site for sale

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Got $1.3 million to spare? The Beacon Hill Dry Cleaners site on the corner of Beacon and Columbian is for sale. The sale flyer says: “Great opportunity to own 13864 square feet of developable land on the corner of Beacon Ave S and Columbia. This area is expecting major growth.” Sounds like there might be changes coming when and if the sale happens.

Not so Nice

This other day we mentioned an altercation at a restaurant “just south of Beacon and Columbian.” This restaurant is the Saigon Nice, formerly the Tan Tuu Quan, at 4864 Beacon Avenue South, and things haven’t been so nice there lately: there was another fight last night, and two people were stabbed. One of the victims went out to his car and returned with a gun, but was stopped by security from re-entering the club. The suspects and victims then both fled. The victims later received treatment for non-life-threatening injuries, but the Seattle Police Department says “there is very little suspect information.”

The owners of Saigon Nice signed a Good Neighbor Agreement on June 4 with the North Beacon Hill Council under the guidance of the City Attorney’s office. Good Neighbor Agreements, or GNAs, are voluntary agreements between retail businesses and local neighborhood organization, in which the retailers agree to modify their businesses in ways that will restrict behavior harmful to the community. For example, a convenience store with a GNA might agree not to sell certain types of alcohol that are favored by street drunks, or might agree to remove a phone booth used by drug dealers.

In the case of Saigon Nice, we’re not sure yet what the exact terms of the GNA are, but this Mid Beacon Hill post from April suggests what the eventual GNA may have included: “…they will welcome police into their establishment, not hinder investigations, call police when they see suspicious or illegal activity, paint over graffiti immediately, keep the area clean, follow all the laws including not serve liquor after 2am and not serve minors, etc.”

Given the incidents of the past couple of days, the question is whether Saigon Nice has been living up to its GNA.

On the Beacon Hill mailing list, Shelly Bates writes:

“The GNA helps the community to have a little more influence over an establishment’s liquor license. City Attorney John McGoodwin, who works out of the S. Precinct, assisted with the GNA and will be following up with Liquor and meeting with the owner of Saigon Nice ASAP. If anyone knows of more information regarding the two incidents this past week or of any unreported incidents, please contact Mr. McGoodwin with that information at john.mcgoodwin@seattle.gov.”