NBHC Meeting tonight at Library

Amie Patao reminds us that tonight — yes, tonight — is this month’s meeting of the North Beacon Hill Council at the Beacon Hill Library.

  • 7:00 Welcome, quick intros
  • 7:10 What Programs Exist for our Neighborhood Youth?
    • Jennifer and Dano Jonavich: Thursday night BBQ
    • Mariana Quarnstrom: What Youth Need
    • Announcements of other programs – Judith and Steve
    • Questions, answers and comments
  • 8:00 South Seattle Police Department report
  • 8:15 Council business
    • Requests to use 501c3 number – SONG and Jefferson Park Playground (if granted, requires Board approval – will need a quorum)
    • Pancake Breakfast update (Robert Hinrix)
    • Metro news (Warren Yee)
  • 8:45 End

2 thoughts on “NBHC Meeting tonight at Library”

  1. Is there a place where the agenda is posted a little further in advance and as well, a place where full minutes from the meeting are posted?

    Thanks! Love this blog!

  2. Sometimes the agenda comes out a few days beforehand on the mailing lists, but not always — we’ll always try to get them up here ASAP when we get them. I’m not able to track down any recent recorded minutes on any of the various NBHC-related sites, sorry. (See “North Beacon Hill” and “North Beacon Hill Council” in the sidebar to the right.)

    Thanks for stopping in!

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