Any changes in airplane noise lately?

The Central District News posted the map seen here of the glidepaths for Sea-Tac. The red line is the glide path to the new third runway; the green line is the old one. If you live under these paths, have you noticed a change in airplane noise since the third runway opened recently? If you’re on the west part of the Hill, do you hear more noise? Here at the Blog, we live between those two paths, and have noticed a decrease in noise, but not since the third runway opened. It got quieter months ago for some reason.

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3 thoughts on “Any changes in airplane noise lately?”

  1. we haven’t noticed a difference. They have always flown directly over our house (11th and Snoqualmie, right under the red line), and they continue to do so. I rarely have seen any out as far east as the green line in the 8 yrs I’ve lived here, but I suppose I wouldn’t really be looking there since that’s not much of an impact on us, so maybe they are out there occasionally. This is one of the worst things about living on BH–planes so low and loud. Not as bad as the helicopters though.

  2. The funny thing is that we live on 17th and when we see the planes, they are directly over our heads. According to this map, that shouldn’t happen.

  3. I live at 19th & Hanford. During the summer, planes fly so directly overhead that they are perfectly framed in our skylight. It always seems like they’re more present in summer, and then traffic abruptly decreases in fall. But maybe that’s just because we’re inside more / have the windows shut etc.

    I have noticed an unusual uptick in glide traffic in the past week or so, which theoretically doesn’t make much sense because we’re under the green.

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