In memory of Fred Nakagawa

Craig Thompson has posted a heartfelt eulogy for Fred Nakagawa, a Beacon Hill neighbor who passed away last week at the age of 88. Fred was a founder of the Beacon Alliance of Neighbors, and as Craig writes, “an advocate for the woods, for seniors, for public safety, for his family and friends, for Japanese Americans, for freedom, for democracy.” Craig’s post is here.

3 thoughts on “In memory of Fred Nakagawa”

  1. I know this is way overdue but I just found out that Mr. Nakagawa passed away. He was my 6th grade teacher at Yokota AFB in Japan back in 1989. He has always stood out in my mind as my favorite teacher. He introduced the class to the abacus and I loved it! I did so well that he took me to soroban contests to compete. Although I never placed higher than third he was always so proud of me. Back in (I think) 2000 I tracked him down through an old friend. I sent him a letter and he called me. He remembered me and that meant so much. He taught sooo many kids that I thought there was no way he would remember but he did. And he would bring up things I had no idea he remembered. We spoke once again after that and I am so grateful I was able to speak to him. I could hear his smile through the phone. He absolutely loved that I tracked him down. I know it meant a lot to him. If I could talk to him again I thank him again for all he did. And I’m glad I got to tell him when we spoke.

  2. I first met Fred in August of 1962, both of us new Department of Defense Schools (DoDDS) teachers in Mannheim, Germany. Fred was always ready to go on weekends and we spent many a day criss-crossing Germany. Although Fred left Germany for Japan in 1964 (I remained for two more years) we stayed in contact up until his death. Fred was the most understanding and charitable person I have ever known. He did not judge the behavior of others as long as they did not interfere with him. Fred made many a visit to me in Maryland after his retirement from DoDDS and my children (now grown men) came to love and respect him as well. I surely do miss Fred.

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