Is this your dog? (Update — owner found!)

Is this your dog? He's awfully cute.
Is this your dog? He's awfully cute.

Levecke Mas writes,

“I just picked up a stray dog running in the falling snow on 19th ave so b’ween S.Forest and S. McClellan.

“Asked 3 different house if they knew the dog…nope.

“He is unaltered, young male. Super friendly.

 “No collar. 

 “I will deliver and need to see that this dog belongs to claimant.”

If this is your dog, please email Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Is this your dog? (Update — owner found!)”

  1. I saw on Craigslist:

    “MIA Dec 13th…….NAME IS MAX He is a small 6 month old black and white maltese mix w no collar on. He has all white legs fluffy and soft(like sheep skin fur) / black face with black eyes / small white spot top of head / not fixed yet. Most likely found around 18th and Forest St. or Vacinity of N. Beacon Hill/ near Red Apple or close to Beacon Ave./ McClellan St. Please return him for a REWARD / He loves us and is very spoiled. It was snowing and most probably picked up by a caring dog lover. He snuck out un-noticed. Please…. He has the best home.”

    From speaking with the poster, it sounds like they’ve been connected and Max will be returning home shortly!

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