Did you hear that?

Just before 5:40 am today we had two of the loudest possible thunderclaps imaginable. I was actually looking through my camera viewfinder, to take a picture of the falling snow, when there was a flash, then only a split-second later, a bomb-like boom that shook the house back and forth and caused car alarms to go off on our street. Then a couple of minutes later, it happened again. Did you hear them? Did they wake you up? Tell us about it in the comments to this post.

16 thoughts on “Did you hear that?”

  1. It woke me up from a dead sleep. I was confused and thought it was a bomb. All the car alarms were going off. I went to look outside and saw all the white then told my boy I didn’t think there was going to be any school again. He said “YAY!” Then the other boom happened. My dog was and still is terrified. Whee.

  2. We were up because the sleet that was coming down sounded like it had a broken sky light.

    Amazingly loud!

  3. my wife and i (20th & Hanford) were already awake from the sound of sleet when we saw the big white flash fill our windows. we had enough time to look at each other quizically before the boom shook our house. then we listened to the thunder roll away. very cool. and so loud that, if i hadn’t seen the flash, i might have wondered if a plane crashed nearby!

  4. I did think it was a plane crash (did anybody read that Vanity Fair article?) or a bomb or some nuclear apocalypse, such are the times we live in. The flash woke up my whole family of four and there was virtually no delay b/w the lightning & the thunder. I’ve lived in Seattle my whole life and have never seen snow like this. By the way – Buggy is open for business if you need snow gear or presents!

  5. My husband and I both awoke to the loudest noise I have ever heard (or felt in my life). Scrambling to the window, my heart pounding, I was looking for fire or smoke on the horizon; we thought we had been bombed or a house had exploded. Afraid to go to sleep, the next flash and second BOOM shook the house to the foundation. “Oh,” I said, “it’s *just* thunder.” Unbelievable!

  6. Up by PacMed, thought a tanker truck had gone off, pulled from memory the propane tank explosion off Airport Way near Chinatown last year that rattled the house like a howitzer. The cat beside me jumped for cover, those by my wife darted to the nearest hidey hole, the second round caught my shadow in a blue brilliance simultaneous with another go by the gods.

  7. The first flash woke me up out of a deep sleep, and the thunder was almost simultaneous with the lightning. Amazing. Our low-key dog didn’t seem to notice.

  8. I was awake after hearing all the sleet against my bedroom window. I saw the flash through my blinds and heard the boom and thought a plane had crashed on our street. I’ve seen/heard lots of thunderstorms in my life but I think these two claps were the loudest I’ve ever heard.

    Although my dog that’s a hunting breed managed to sleep through the whole thing.

  9. I had one very scared dog also – I was powering down my computers when the 2nd one hit – flash of light seemed to be right outside our west-side windows above the greenbelt, with virtually no delay in the the following thunderclap. Was wondering whether a tree was hit…..

  10. Ditto on most of what folks have said…I’m at 12th and Massachusetts and I literally jumped out of bed and ran out the front door half asleep to see what blew up. I wrote about it on my blog (link above) if you want to read my perspective of it.

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