Theft ring busted — go get yer stuff!

The Seattle P-I, may they live forever, reports that Seattle police broke up a large theft ring recently, and now they want to reunite a lot of theft victims with their stuff.

The ring used burglaries, car prowls, and car thefts to acquire their ill-gotten goods. Most of the Seattle crimes occurred in the North and West Precincts, but the police say that anyone who reported a theft or burglary before December 11 should drop in to their local precinct to view photos of the recovered items. For us, that’s the South Precinct at 3001 South Myrtle Street. You can also call 206-684-4381 and leave your name, case number and a description of the stolen item.

The P-I has also posted pictures of the recovered items.

3 thoughts on “Theft ring busted — go get yer stuff!”

  1. Are these pictures all of the items or just a partial.. from the answering machine recording it sounds like, you only leave a voice message if you see your item.

  2. I don’t know if the P-I posted all of them or not. They have multiple pages of photos, so maybe that is all of them.

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