Seattle Times: What Mid-Beacon Hill?

The Seattle Times posted a “Neighborhood of the Week” article about South Beacon Hill, touting its affordability, diversity, closeness to Georgetown and Columbia City, and mentioning places like Lockmore and Cleveland High School — hey, wait a minute! Those locations are about as Mid-Beacon as you get. Apparently, to the Times, anything south of Jefferson Park is South Beacon Hill. Folks who live there, particularly in Lockmore, do you think of where you live as South Beacon?

5 thoughts on “Seattle Times: What Mid-Beacon Hill?”

  1. I live in the area due west of the VA/Asa Mercer between Spokane and Maplewood Playfield (I think we’re called Beacon Bluff), and I definitely consider this area Mid-Beacon Hill. Why can’t the Times get it right?

  2. Well, the article describes the area including New Holly and going all the way down to the southern border of the city. That really is SBH.

  3. We live on 17th, about halfway between McPhersons and the High School, and I’d definitely consider our neighborhood to be “Mid Beacon.” That said, I can’t complain too much since the article is so overwelmingly positive. It’s good to see our neck of the woods get some coverage like that… even if the writer is confused about where they are talking about.

  4. After one of our big earthquakes, there was some building damage in the International District Chinatown area (9th and Jackson perhaps. In the Seattle Times article the location was called “Downtown Seattle”.
    Not too terribly long after, there was a shooting incident alongside the Paul Allen Vulcan building. That’s west of the official Chinatown boundary which begins at the Chinatown Gate on 5th and King. The Seattle times reported it as “Gang related Driveby Shooting in Chinatown”. So I’m not surprised about Mid and South Beacon Hill being blended in a Seattle Times article.

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