Your input needed for North Beacon Hill’s future

Judith Edwards sends the following request:

Many of you were unable to attend the March 28th North Beacon Hill workshop on Neighborhood Planning held at El Centro de la Raza. We are one of three SE Seattle locations which will have updates to our neighborhood plans, due to our proximity to light rail stations. (This) link takes you to a simple survey that is being used to gather input from the residents of the community. It asks what you want Beacon Hill to be like in the future, what appeals to you about the Hill, etc. Please take the time to fill it out – it only takes about five minutes.

At the workshop, copies of our Neighborhood Plan were made available to each table group. Neighborhood facilitators helped groups to identify those improvements to the Hill that are part of the Neighborhood Plan. We also looked at those aspects of the plan which have yet to realize completion, for example Jefferson Park, a boulevard on Beacon Ave. that extends south to Jefferson Park, and other improvements. Please look at the plan on your next visit to the Library. An ad hoc committee of the North Beacon Hill Council is now meeting to define those elements of the Neighborhood Plan which have high priority. If you would like to join this committee, contact Freddie Merrill at or Robert Hinrix at

Your input to the future of Beacon Hill is important. Thanks for taking five minutes to fill out the survey.

5 thoughts on “Your input needed for North Beacon Hill’s future”

  1. I took the questionnaire, and answered the several pompous, and ‘leading survey questions’ to the best of my ability. I’m not looking past :
    – promotion of local business
    – office, retail, restaurant development in N Beacon town center
    – traffic safety
    – ensuring Jefferson Park (all of it!) gets completed

  2. Has anyone actually been able to answer every question in 5 minutes? It took me more like 10, and I even skipped one.

  3. Thanks for the link – you might mention that it gives you the choice to respond to any of the three SE plans. It definitely takes more than 5 minutes. My answers for the MLK at Holly plan took 20 minutes, and could easily have taken an hour.

  4. Now that I’ve taken the survey: it took me at least 20 minutes. I don’t know how anyone could answer it in 5.

  5. If you really only have 5 minutes, scroll through the entire survey and pick a couple questions to write meaningful responses. I took at least 30 minutes because I started out writing long responses and didn’t realize how long the survey was.

    Also, I encourage any of you who have a stake, or even just an interest, in this issue to volunteer for this committee.

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