Lost black and white cat near 17th and Stevens

Kristen writes:

Greetings Neighbors!

This morning about 11:15, it seems our black and white tuxedo cat made a run for it. The cat disappeared from the corner of 17th and Stevens St.

The kitty’s name is Ivy. She is a VERY LARGE (overweight) tuxedo (black and white) cat. Ivy is an indoor cat. She’s probably out there and scared silly.

She is friendly but shy, but will be easy to catch because she sort of waddles. She looks like she is wearing a black tuxedo jacket that doesn’t close in the front. She has a round face and very large round gold eyes.

Thanks for keeping your eyes open for her–

Kristen Turner

If anyone sees her, please contact us here at the Blog and we will forward your message to Kristen. Thanks.

One thought on “Lost black and white cat near 17th and Stevens”

  1. Thanks to those out there who have emailed their possible sightings of Ivy. It has been several weeks now and we just haven’t seen any evidence of her around. There is at least a trio of tuxedo cats in the neighborhood, but if you saw Ivy, she is unmistakeable. She is practically a caricature of the most enormous cat you’ve ever seen. She has smooth fur (is not fluffy) and her tail is pointy on the end, really fat near her rear and rather short for her body. For any one who finds her, she is spayed and chipped. Due to her enormous size, she is not very good at taking care of herself. The best we are hoping for at this point is that someone has taken her into their home and she is safe and healthy.

    Thanks, Kristen

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