Beacon Bits: bear apparel, a plant pillager, and a permit

  • We may have only had a fake bear on Beacon Hill for one day last week, but that was enough for Behi Bonsai to create a Beacon Hill Bear t-shirt.
  • Awhile ago we posted about the plant pilferer recorded by security cameras while stealing people’s shrubs. Neighbor April reports that several neighbors have identified the man as someone who lives near 16th Avenue South and South College Street. A police officer watched the security video, and spoke to the man, who denied stealing the plants. April says “Unfortunately, that probably is as far as it will go — it would be very unlikely that he is actually going to be charged with the theft unless more evidence is provided by others.” If your garden is also victimized, please file a police report.
  • The folks at First Choice car wash at 2507 Beacon Avenue South have filed for a construction permit to “Establish use of a portion of commercial building as an auto detailing service, per plan.” The building continues to be zoned NC2P-40, which means that, according to the city land use code, “Drive-in or drive-thru businesses are prohibited” at the site.

2 thoughts on “Beacon Bits: bear apparel, a plant pillager, and a permit”

  1. Do we really know the bear was fake? Just because the police could not find it? Please!

    We have a huge amount of green space to hide in, if we have deer and raccoon then why not a bear?

  2. wow just saw that pant stealing creep video.
    hope he gets what’s coming to him.

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