6 thoughts on “Working into the night to be ready for Saturday”

  1. Is that photo new? If so, I’m glad to see they have replaced the missing “T.” As much as my wife and I had enjoyed joking about the “Beacon Hill Sation” every time we went to Red Apple, it would have been a little unfortunate if it still read that way on Saturday.

  2. When I walked by at about 6pm tonight after getting off of the rush hour 36 for what is hopefully the last time in a long time I didn’t see much going on. It was a good feeling to watch the last lone construction worker walking back to his truck, leaving behind a finished station. I’m sure there is more to do, but it looks pretty complete to me. Even the bus shelter was up.

    I was talking to my neighbor the other day as we walked by and he didn’t realize that the empty lots are going to look the way they look now for a while and that development of those properties is up to the owners. Does anyone have an idea if there are plans in the works for those properties?

  3. I don’t think so. I think they actually belong to the owners of the properties from before Sound Transit started building the stations. ST rented them and then they will revert to the previous owners. El Centro is planning to develop part of their property south of the station, though.

  4. Cat, El Centro owns the property to the north of Lander. I was referring to the several vacant lots between Lander and McClellan. I just checked out the King County GIS info and it isn’t clear really who owns the two properties immediately north of McClellan, but a Lee Kenyon of Seatac owns the other lots. (www5.kingcounty.gov/parcelviewer/viewer/kingcounty/viewer.asp?PIN=3086003255). I wonder if it helps that one person owns so many of the lots. I thought there were more owners than there are, potentially hindering the development because of such small lots. I wonder who owns the two lots adjacent to McClellan and if either party plans to buy out the other. The real question is whether anyone plans to do anything soon.

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