Cat found attacked by wild animal

A sad message came to us on Sunday:

Hi Wendi & Jason,
We live at 20th and Lander and found an attacked blackish brown cat this morning.  We think it was killed by a wild animal last night sometime but didn’t hear anything.  We don’t recognize as one of the regular cats around and it doesn’t have any tags but looks too well groomed to be feral. We’ve already called Animal Control and they said they’ll be up to remove the body. We have a picture of the face (not too gruesome, but not postable either).  We can e-mail it to anyone who thinks that it might be theirs.
Thank you,
Patrick & Leigh

You can reach Patrick at

There are quite a few wild animals in and around the Hill, including some coyotes. We hope your pets are safe and sound.

2 thoughts on “Cat found attacked by wild animal”

  1. Without getting too graphic, the condition of the cat’s body pretty strongly suggested it.

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