Crosswalk beacons now working at Beacon and Lander

We have received a few questions over the last couple of months about the new crosswalk beacons on Beacon Avenue South at South Lander, just in front of Beacon Hill Station. The crosswalk signs and lights were installed in October, but the lights did not function, and no buttons were installed to activate them.

The lights have just started working recently. According to SDOT, the delay was caused when the lights were installed by Sound Transit’s contractor, who installed the wrong wiring for them. The contractor removed and replaced the wiring, and now the overhead crosswalk beacons are on and flashing. (They won’t be button-controlled.)

New pedestrian warning signage on Beacon Avenue South

2 thoughts on “Crosswalk beacons now working at Beacon and Lander”

  1. Thanks for the update here, Wendi. (Stuff I don’t hear about at work…)

    Any word about the lumpy pavement there across the middle of Beacon Ave there at this crosswalk? I’m afraid somebody’s going to lose control there and hurt someone — most likely a pedestrian.


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