A photographic look back at 2009 on Beacon Hill

During the last year, many of you have contributed amazing photos to the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr. The photos you see here today were chosen from the nearly 700 photos that were taken and posted in the photo pool during 2009. Some were chosen because of their photographic beauty; others, because they captured newsworthy moments on the Hill. Some of these we’ve published before, and some we haven’t.

We would like to thank all of our wonderful Beacon Hill photographers for posting photos to the pool and their generosity in allowing us to share them with you. We hope you enjoy this look back at 2009. Happy New Year!

A foggy morning at Beacon Hill Playfield in January. Photo by Bridget Christian.
Enjoying the horsie ride at the Red Apple. Photo by melissajonas.
Keeping cool in a Beacon Hill condo pool, late July. Photo by Bridget Christian.
A door opened in the July heat at Kusina Filipina. Photo by l0st2.
Waiting to try the new light rail train on opening weekend at Beacon Hill Station. Photo by Jason.
A ladybug explores a backyard garden on the Hill in May. Photo by K. Shuyler.
Jace Ecaj performs at an outdoor concert from the rooftop of Spoons at Beacon and 15th, July. Photo by Jason.
A sunny spring day at Jefferson Park. Photo by Joel Lee.
Daytime at the new Beacon Hill Station. Photo by Doug Mahugh.
...and sunset at Beacon Hill Station. Photo by Wendi.
Waiting for the new train. Photo by Wendi.
A close look at a drain grate near El Centro de la Raza in September. Photo by Jocelyne Houghton.
Neighbors get together for the Neighborhood Night Out in August. Photo by Bridget Christian.
Nice autumn weather brought us amazing fall colors. Photo by Maria Isabel Velez.
January, 2009: More snow in the aftermath of December's "Snopocalypse." Luckily, this snow didn't stay around as long. Photo by Wendi.