Car thieves strike Accords on Beacon Hill

Photo by dailyinvention.
Do you own a Honda Accord? Is it still in your driveway? You might want to check. At least two Accords were stolen this week on Beacon Hill.

One neighbor (he didn’t sign his name) wrote to the mailing list, “Our car was stolen [January 5]. It is a four door Honda Accord, colored maroon. The license plate number is 860YZM. We already reported it to the police this morning. If anybody happens to see the car, please give us a call at 206-722-2533.”

Then we heard from Kristen, who told us:

“Our car was stolen between 1:30 am and 7:45 am Sunday, January 3 from 15th and Hanford. If you see a 1994 White 4-door Honda Accord license plate 862 SYZ, please report it!”

11 thoughts on “Car thieves strike Accords on Beacon Hill”

  1. Someone tried to steal my Honda Civic about a month ago. Pried the door open, ripped apart the steering wheel.

  2. I can pretty much 2nd what Jay said, tried to steal our Honda Civic a month ago. The shop said it was the worst damage they had ever seen to a steering column in an attempted theft and that they must have been amateurs.

  3. Why so much crime recently too? I read the cross streets of these incident and realize many are happening within a block or two of my house.


  4. I live @ 20th & Hanford. Recently, there have been several break-ins and thefts within 3-4 blocks of me. I’m not sure how to explain it. Maybe some new bad apples moved in? Or do crooks usually work this way, zeroing in on a spot and working it for a while?

    I don’t think it’s just beacon hill. My friends in other neighborhoods are reporting increased crime, too. It’s probably the economy.

  5. It’s unfortunate. I’m out of town on business and I spend quite a bit of time worrying about my place being broke into. I have two people keeping an eye out for me but I still worry.

  6. Many Honda vehicles of a certain age can be entered with a key form almost any other Honda of a similar age.

    There are also a bunch of Honda “master” keys floating out there with crooks.

    Found this out the hard way.

  7. Kristen, I believe your Accord is located on the corner of 17th Ave and Juneau St (near Cleveland HS and I-5). Your vehicle was reported to the police yesterday afternoon.

  8. as Lady in red said, buy a steering wheel lock like ‘the club’ if you have a honda or acura. Alarms are ineffective. I’ve had an acura stolen (not in seattle) and this was my interaction with the police:

    Me: ‘I parked the car between a and b on c street, are there any parking restrictions here? Maybe the car was towed.’

    Police: ‘I don’t believe so, sir. What kind of car was it?’

    Me: ‘1994 Acura Integra’

    Police: ‘Yeah, that’ll be stolen. ‘

    I’m sure you can steal a honda with ‘the club’ just fine, but it makes it that much harder than the next one. In the long run, I’d like to see better enforcement on car theft, but in the short run, protect your car.

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