Beacon Bits: cerveza, soccer, and STEM

Now customers at El Quetzal can have beer with dinner. Photo by Jason.
El Quetzal, 3209 Beacon Avenue South, has been approved for a liquor license in the category “Restaurant – beer.” Now you can have a cerveza with your torta.

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Seattle Soccer Club members are looking for players to join them for a pick-up soccer game at the old Van Asselt Elementary School tomorrow, Saturday, January 23, at noon. (If the field is occupied, they’ll move across the street to the Van Asselt Community Center.) Players of all levels are welcome. Details are on their Meetup page.

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The South Seattle Beacon discusses Cleveland High School’s new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) option program that will open this fall. In the article, principal Princess Shareef expresses some worry that Beacon Hill families near Cleveland might not take advantage of the STEM program’s availability: “The teachers and families want it to remain diverse, but when we have community meetings, families from our community haven’t been showing up… I want the Beacon Hill community to understand what is going to be happening here and for them to consider having their kids be students here.” Cleveland is hosting an open house for the STEM program tomorrow, January 23, from 10:00 am – noon, at 5511 15th Avenue South. (via Seattle Public Schools community blog)

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Urban farmer (and MacArthur Genius Fellow) Will Allen is visiting Seattle on February 3 for a series of events promoting urban farming to help Seattle residents gain access to healthy food.

At 7:00 pm he’ll be at Mercer Middle School for “Inside the Urban Farmer’s Studio,” a free, community-wide discussion about food, urban farming, and food policy.

You can find out more about Allen and the February 3 events at the Delridge Grassroots Leadership website.

3 thoughts on “Beacon Bits: cerveza, soccer, and STEM”

  1. Here’s a much more realistic update about the STEM program at Cleveland, from the perspective of a Beacon Hill neighbor whose daughter wants to attend:

    The Cleveland principal’s comments in the South Seattle Beacon article seemed a little out of touch, for example the comment about how “the expectations will go up a tad.” But it sounds like in reality, STEM will have the highest math requirements in the whole district, and most of the current students would need to take double math classes year after year in order to get through calculus before graduating. To me (as someone who did well enough on the math PSAT to become a National Merit Scholar semifinalist, but still struggled to even get a passing grade in calculus as a senior in high school), that seems like more than “a tad.” A lot more.

  2. I was unable to attend the pick-up game of soccer over the weekend, but I am wondering if there are more planned. I’ve been itching to play soccer again (I think the last game I played with in 5th grade), and it sounded like a good opportunity.

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