Volunteers needed Saturday for Rizal Park project

Volunteers are needed on Saturday afternoon to help improve the Dr. Jose Rizal Park off-leash area. Craig Thompson writes with the details:

Saturday, May 22, a Seattle Works team will help construct a barricade around the wet spot downhill from the spigot in the Dr. Jose Rizal Park off-leash area. This is the fourth year in a row that a team has celebrated Seattle Works Day at the park.

We chose this project as we learned from several people that they don’t bring dogs to the OLA because of the wet spot—dogs roll in the mud, have to be washed, etc.

The event Saturday starts at noon and lasts till 4:00 pm, with setup beginning around 11:00 am. We have all tools we need, but we could use more people, as we’ll be moving a brush pile from the bench/view area to the wet spot. We’ll also be planting salmon berries within the barrier, as they’ll provide a natural barrier to the site once the brush decomposes in a few years, plus salmon berries are heavenly. There’s a huge party after the event—details and location are at the Seattle Works website.

Dr. Jose Rizal Park is located at 1008 12th Avenue South.

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