Are we going to let Rainier Valley beat us?

It’s midway through KEXP’s summer membership drive and Fifth Annual Hood-to-Hood Challenge, in which Seattle neighborhoods are pitted against each other to see which neighborhood can win bragging rights by contributing the most support to the non-profit, independent radio station.

Currently, Capitol Hill/First Hill/Madison Park are in first place with $19,305 in pledges, while Beacon Hill/Georgetown/South Park/Sodo are in a weak 14th place with only $1,815. Rainier Valley/Mount Baker/Columbia City/Rainier Beach/Skyway have nearly twice the pledges, with $3,420 — but they had to combine five neighborhoods to do it. (We have four, but one of them is a neighborhood no one lives in!)

If you’re a KEXP listener and want to show some neighborhood pride while supporting independent radio, go here.

Thanks to Matthew McDonald for reminding us to mention this!

3 thoughts on “Are we going to let Rainier Valley beat us?”

  1. Even though you claim to call yourselves the music powered by the people, I see it as a predominately white boy network…yes, you have wopop, but mostly your organization is overpaying John in the morning who likes to represent white guy music and pat himself on the back.

  2. John Richards is one dj at the station. Yes the most heard of/popular, but you should take a listen to the other programs and dj’s. This station, despite a small percentage of not so wonderful dj’s, is full of great music and we’re fortunate to have a commercial “light” station with such a healthy diversity of tunes.

    Just a sample of Not-so-white-boy music programing:

    The Best Ambience
    Jazz Theater
    Street Sounds
    Positive Vibrations
    Preachin’ the Blues

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