Park and P-Patch volunteers needed Saturday

Beacon Bluff P-Patch. Photo by Melissa Jonas in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
Your volunteer labor is needed to help at a couple of work parties at Dr. Jose Rizal Park and the Beacon Bluff P-Patch on Saturday, June 12.

Craig Thompson writes to tell us that The Filipino-American Association of CPAs will have a work party in Rizal Park on Saturday at 9:00 am. They will be working in the upper area of the park. Neighbors are welcome to pitch in.

Neighbors are also welcome to help at 10:00 am or so on the same day, when volunteers will create a new planting bed at the nearby Beacon Bluff P-Patch. The P-Patch is located at South Massachusetts between 14th and 15th Avenues South.