Beacon Rocks again on sunny Sunday

The second Beacon Rocks! music event happened yesterday at the Lander Festival Street. Here are some of the images of the day:

The Screaming Starts' lead vocalist, The Creeper, putting on a show. Photo by Wendi.
A happy audience enjoys the event. Photo by Jason.
A volunteer crossing guard helps a pedestrian cross Beacon Avenue to the event site. Photo by Wendi.
JJ del Serra performs at the event. Photo by Wendi.
Lander Festival Street, closed to all traffic. (Perhaps it should always be this way.) Photo by Wendi.

Last but not least, here’s a brief video clip Jason made of the Screaming Starts. It’s a bit rough, but it gives you a taste of the event. (The video quality improves about halfway through.) If anyone recorded any of the other acts, please let us know so we can link to them too..

2 thoughts on “Beacon Rocks again on sunny Sunday”

  1. Thanks to everyone who showed up and enjoyed some truly wonderful performances. The diversity of the musical offerings was a credit to the fabulously broad range of cultures we enjoy on Beacon Hill!

  2. The crossing guards were a perfect touch! Thanks to the volunteers & thanks to the organizers for thinking of it!

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