12th Avenue apartment building a “nuisance property”?

Discussion has been hot and heavy on the BAN mailing list lately about an apartment building at 1308 12th Avenue South. Neighbors in the area have complained of drug dealing, violence, and a slum-quality building with broken windows, an unfinished room, and garbage strewn everywhere.

Craig Thompson recently wrote about an assault at that location and the history of trouble at the building. Neighbors are now hoping that the Chronic Nuisance Property Ordinance will enforce changes at 1308. On the komonews.com website, Rose Egge points out that the police have nine documented complaints of crimes committed at 1308 in the last 60 days. If three of these are confirmed and qualify under the ordinance, further action could be taken. Egge followed up with a story today reporting that police and representatives from the Department of Planning and Development will be meeting with the owner of 1308 tomorrow, but police aren’t yet pursuing this as a “nuisance property” under the CNPO.

If you live nearby, please post your experiences living near 1308. For the rest of you, are there other buildings on Beacon Hill that you feel qualify as “chronic nuisances”?

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4 thoughts on “12th Avenue apartment building a “nuisance property”?”

  1. I truly hope something happens to straighten things out there. I’ve called the cops on them a couple of times when they’re blaring music or screaming at 2am on a week night. I’ve never witnessed anything truly violent, but shady is an understatment for that place.

  2. there is danger…there is pathos…and there should be outrage…about the disaster at 1308 12th!

    twenty plus years ago in my days in a seattle cop-car we developed a very effective abatement strategy to quickly put an end to these dangerous nuisances.

    we did this in concert with then city atty Doug Jewett and then state rep Gary Locke!

    failure to keep this process alive has lead to many more years of the misery on 12th so. and countless other locations… e.g.:those wretched motels on aurora that went unchecked for 15 violent years…

    so the city tells you they need “better laws”…and drag their feet…well check the docket in King County Superior Court…Case # 10-2-27422-7 SEA. this is a civil action we filed last week to force the cessation of the outrage at 1308. we canvassed the neighborhood…obtained first hand accounts from neighbors in legal declarations…obtained police records…all this to bring real final focus to the problem…and served it on the owners.

    And…VOILA…the city…which had pronounced the week before that “these things take time” suddenly mirrors our effort and things are in motion for a real resolution…

    it took the city more than ten years…it took us…TEN DAYS!!!…

    the important first issue is the problem is being solved!!!…the other is the question only the neighbors and/ or the media can raise…WHY ARE PRECIOUS AREAS OF THIS CITY ABANDONED FOR YEARS ON END WHEN THE LAW HAS ALWAYS BEEN ADEQUATE TO THIS CHALLENGE???…hope somebody asks city hall,,,regards…Chuck Pillon

  3. Please, this property looks good compared to the Mobile Home Park on Renton-Iss. Rd. Used to be a “beautiful mobile park”! All the “chanty add-ons, traffic in and out, and who knows what have ruined it. But guess as long as the rents are paid, that’s all that counts! Nobody really cares about “trailer trash”! Right?

  4. Well, I’m sure that the mobile home park is not in good shape, but this blog is about Beacon Hill in Seattle. A mobile home park on the Renton-Issaquah Road isn’t very relevant to us. So that would be why we haven’t posted about it. Maybe there’s a blog out there that covers your neighborhood?

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