Pet pair looking for a way home?

Neighbor Miranda writes,

“On my way to the train this morning around 7:45 on 22nd & Lander I spotted a large, black, senior Labrador mix anxiously walking around with a brown/orange/black tabby cat following close by. The two were obviously together. I followed them to College but the dog was scared. I couldn’t get close and I didn’t want to chase them down to Rainier. I managed to get a photo of the dog, the cat was behind the car. It’s attached. Hopefully one of the BHB readers will recognize them so they can go home.”

I hope this animal pair finds its way home. Perhaps they are on an incredible journey.

3 thoughts on “Pet pair looking for a way home?”

  1. I’m not sure who the owner is, but I’ve seen the dog (with his cat friend from time to time) wandering the neighborhood often. We’re at 20th and Lander and seem to be at the western boundry of his territory.

  2. I have seen them walking together regulary. I think they live on the corner of 14th Ave so and so walker or very near the asian mart on the same corner.

  3. The dog’s name is Riley he lives next door to me. The owner doesn’t believe in fences or monitoring the dog. The cat is also hers. He lives not far from the corner of 21st and Lander. He can’t see very well which is why I think he runs away.

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