How “southend” are you?

Currently on Twitter there’s a hashtag meme going around: #imsosouthend. Some of the tweets people are posting with that hashtag might bring back some memories:

keepheaven79: Real Charlie Brown Christmas trees from Chubby&Tubby EVERY year. #imsosouthend

NAMSAYIN: #imsosouthend I rode my lowrider bike on beacon ave

Gfunkology: #imsosouthend that i remember when beacon hill wasnt really considered the southend unless you lived in the hollys

yeloson: #imsosouthend Family dinners- either South China or La Cabana.

yeloson: #imsosouthend digging out golfballs from the edges of the driving range to sell back for candy money.

yeloson: #imsosouthend “Hold up, plane overhead” punctuating your phone calls.

antron5000: #imsosouthend I know this number by heart 2067257000 hahahaha!

BBOYWORTHING: #imsosouthend all the homies took school buses to the northend in middle school and elementary school

BBOYWORTHING: #imsosouthend when it snowed we used to sled down McClellan hill and that was live and dangerous

TheRealBJOng: #imsosouthend we used to have our bday parties at Imperial Lanes- and still do.