Tasha’s Bistro Café closing for business on Sunday

On Sunday, the door will close on Tasha's Bistro Café. Photo by Wendi.

Hampered by current economic conditions, Tasha’s is closing after just over three months in business. From a post in our forums:

It is with great sadness that Tasha’s Bistro Cafe will be closing our doors after breakfast on Sunday, November 7th. We have enjoyed meeting each and every customer over the past several months. Your support has been great, however it is apparent that with the economy, we are unable to sustain our type of restaurant in Beacon Hill without an investor or interested restaurant owner.

More from Tasha in the original post.

4 thoughts on “Tasha’s Bistro Café closing for business on Sunday”

  1. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to say it was the menu, the prices and the decor (better chairs for those prices please), and not the recession, that did Tasha’s in. I hope someone else is brave enough to take over the space.

  2. Yeah this is too bad.

    Everyone who lives in Beacon Hill, especially those who would love to leave their car at home, knows that the lack of restaurants, shops etc is a big problem. Tasha’s had their issues though. I was only their once, for happy hour. Good value on drinks. The food was, shall we say not nearly as cheap. That was okay though since supporting local business is what we are talking here. The problem was the service – really slow, spotty and honestly, pretty incompetent. Friends I was there with warned of this and they were right. I would have given them another shot, but too late I guess. I liked the location though. Like others have said, I hope someone else gives it a shot. Folks in the neighborhood want to support businesses like this, but don’t want to be made to feel like suckers when they do.

  3. Unlike the others I had a fantastic experience at this cafe. I was served promptly on a Sunday morning and had excellent service. I found the prices comparable to other breakfast places in the area and am sad to see them go. It was a cozy place with a nice atmosphere. I really enjoyed eating at the cafe and am sad to see others did not get the excellent service I received when I visited this cafe.
    I wish the owners luck in the future!!! You were really great!!

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