Happy birthday, ROCKiTspace!

Photo by Jason.
ROCKiT space, the community music and art organization located on Beacon Avenue, is having their First Birthday Party tomorrow, November 6, from 12 noon to 12 midnight.

They promise “family fun from noon to 6:00 pm,” including “SquashFest,” face-painting, music, games, and prizes. Grown-up fun (but kids are welcome) follows from 6:00 pm to midnight with more music, games, prizes, and surprises.

The ROCKiT space folks say “If you have any leftover Halloween pumpkins or squash that are still good, feel free to bring ’em and we’ll smash ’em up and put them in our soup!”

ROCKiT space is at 3315 Beacon Avenue South in North Beacon Hill.

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