Bus stop spacing to increase on Routes 36 and 60

This Route 60 stop at 15th and Hanford is safe, but the stop just to the south at Hinds is proposed for closure. Photo by l0st2 in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
Metro Transit has announced that they will be reducing the number of stops on Routes 36 and 60 to improve the speed and reliability of the buses on those routes and also reduce costs, energy consumption, and emissions. The planned removals will increase the average spacing between stops to about 1,150 feet from the current 920 feet.

The two routes currently have a combined total of 137 stops south of South Jackson Street (including Route 60’s trips through Georgetown and West Seattle); 28 of these would be removed, including 20 stops on Beacon Hill. One new stop would be added, on 14th Avenue South at South Walker Street, where it would replace the current stops at South Hill and South College streets.

According to Metro, 11 percent of Route 36 and 60 riders who board south of Jackson will have to catch their buses at a different stop.

You can see an interactive map and a list of all the stop closures on Metro’s website. The page also contains a list of options for sending Metro your feedback about these changes.

3 thoughts on “Bus stop spacing to increase on Routes 36 and 60”

  1. Hooray number two! I can’t stand it when the 36 stops across from the Massachusetts tower building and then drives around the corner and stops again. One of many instances of stops too close together making it take forever to get downtown.

  2. The 2nd stop following the crossing of Spokane on Beacon northbound, as well as the 2nd to the last stop before crossing Spokane southbound, were totally redundant in my book. I’m glad that they are looking to improve transit times to and from downtown.

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