Beacon Hill Merchants hiring Business District Coordinator

The Beacon Hill Merchants Association is hiring a part-time Business District Coordinator. Here’s the job posting they sent us:

The Beacon Hill Merchants Association is a newly created organization of storefront and home-based businesses on Beacon Hill in Seattle. We are seeking a part-time Business District Coordinator to assist in creating relationships with property and business owners, building a diverse membership and beginning implementation of a comprehensive business district strategy for Beacon Hill.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Visit every business on Beacon Hill in order to promote the Merchants Association and our activities, and collect contact and other information from business owners.
  • Build and maintain a database of both businesses and commercial property owners on Beacon Hill
  • Design, distribute and analyze a survey of business owners within the core of the district in order to ascertain their greatest concerns and needs related to the future of the district, including marketing, promotion and pedestrian environment.
  • Provide support to the board, businesses and promoters to create a successful Beat Walk event.
  • Work with existing community partners to explore the expansion of clean and safe programs.
  • Assisting the Executive Committee of the Board to execute a beautification project and grants to other activities and organizations that fulfill the purpose of the Beacon Hill Merchants Association.
  • Maintain and actively use a website and extensive email list in order to communicate information about the BHMA and upcoming district events.
  • Coordinate scheduling and preparation for board and membership meetings
  • Attend all board and membership meetings, approximately 6 per year.
  • Work with the board to ensure that BHMA is meeting milestones outlined in funding contracts.
  • Work with the board to submit additional funding applications.
  • Staff Beacon Hill Merchants Association office space, including assisting with scheduling of meeting space

Qualifications required:

  • Bachelor’s degree or a minimum of three years experience in organizational, economic/business or community development. Masters Degree in related field a plus
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including coalition building and ability to build relationships among diverse groups
  • Excellent communications skills, including written, verbal, and public speaking.
  • Experience with successful project management
  • Experience with business district revitalization, or experience working directly with small businesses.
  • Demonstrated ability to be both leader and a member of a team, as well as motivated and capable of operating alone
  • Experience with spreadsheets and database management
  • Commitment to social justice and belief in the positive power of community organizing
  • Bilingual in English and Chinese, Spanish, and/or Vietnamese a plus
  • Experience with community planning or organizing a plus
  • Familiarity with Beacon Hill a plus
  • Able to prioritize tasks and maintain sense of humor and positive attitude

Compensation and Hours: Approximately 18-20 hours a week, compensation commensurate with experience. Work will begin no later than May 2nd and current contract will last through the year, with the potential of subsequent contracts depending on funding and performance. The Business District Coordinator will be an independent contractor.

Send cover letter, letter of recommendation and resume by April 4th


Beacon Hill Merchants Association
3211 Beacon Ave S. Suite 4
Seattle, WA 98144

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  1. I didn’t know we even had a merchants’ association – but I’m really glad we do! Question: Who is in it and where does their funding come from?

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