Is this your dog?

This cute dog is hanging out at 12th and Massachusetts without a leash.
Neighbor Joseph writes, “Can you help finding an owner for this dog? He hangs out around 12th and Massachusetts. He seems to be friendly and I am sure he lives near by so if anyone knows who he belongs to, I have an extra leash!”

Seattle does have a leash law which requires dogs to be on-leash at all times when on public property, except at off-leash areas. There is an off-leash area on North Beacon Hill at Dr. Jose Rizal Park.

5 thoughts on “Is this your dog?”

  1. my wife and I have seen this dog a handful of times over the last 6 months. He clearly lives in the area, was very friendly with our puggle, but was skittish when we tried to approach him.

  2. We’ve had same experience, tho not for a couple weeks. I was wondering if he might belong to someone living in the jungle?

  3. he’s a nice dog. he’s played with our dog a few times. we see him quite a bit. seems plenty healthy

  4. Even if he is a friendly little guy, it’s not safe for him to be wandering around without a leash. He may even be abandoned. Please call the humane society to have them come out and pick him up. If he belongs to someone, they can call the H.S. to retrieve him. Better he’s kept out of harms way than end up getting hit by a car.

  5. We just encountered this dog on 12th and Mass. I saw two kids (15ish and another in his early 20s) who reported the dog was aggresive towards them. I did not see what happened but wanted to report what they said happened. They were clearly shaken and advised me to pick up my 20 month old daughter. The dog ran into the jungle when I made eye contact with it from accross the street.

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