Tires vandalized on North Beacon Hill

Recently quite a few North Beacon Hill neighbors on the Beacon Hill mailing list have reported finding the tires of their cars punctured. In some cases, the tires were nearly new, and more than one tire on the car was vandalized.

The vandalism seems to happen to multiple cars in the same area at the same time. If possible, consider keeping your car in a driveway or garage, or in a well-lit area. If you see any suspicious activity around cars in the neighborhood, please call 911.

Here is a map of the locations we know of where tires were recently punctured. If this has happened to you, too, please let us know in the comments.

View Punctured tire vandalism, Spring 2011 in a larger map

8 thoughts on “Tires vandalized on North Beacon Hill”

  1. From Erika:

    3 more tires punctured last night. 13th Ave. S. (Between Dakota & Oregon).

    The vandals are blanketing the neighborhood!!

  2. In the past it has been a gang right of passage thing.
    You got scored on how brazen you were about getting the tires, and you more gang cred for the more tires in one night.

    Several years ago I towed 12 cars out of one 4 block area after they got hit. Total damage count…32 tires, 5 windows, 3 mail boxes and broken front window.
    Cops caught the kids though…Three 16 year old boys, said they did all the damage in less then an hour on a gang dare.

  3. You can add 27th & Dawson to that map too. They got a bunch of us around this block on the 26th.

    The big jerks! I work nights and would love to run into them on my way home at 3am. Oops, was that a new speed bump on the block, haha.

  4. Cars over on and between S. Hines St. and 24th Ave So/S. Spokane St. were shot at with a BB gun. This happened late Saturday night.

  5. Sometime over the past few days some lowlife snipped the padlock and ransacked my detached garage just off College on 16th Ave S. It’s getting worse on this hill everyday. Watch your back.

  6. a little late, but yes…. 2 of our cars’ tires were punctured… we live on 14th and hanford

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