EarthCorps work party at Rizal Park 5/14

Craig Thompson forwarded an announcement about a volunteer opportunity helping EarthCorps to improve Dr. Jose Rizal Park this Saturday, May 14. Volunteers are welcome to come at 10 a.m., and the work party will probably run until 2 p.m.

Craig also described last weekend’s efforts in the park:

“Last weekend, 35 Rainier Scholars and staff, Mountains to Sound Greenway volunteers and organizers, and a few neighbors came out in the sun to work on the orchard area at the park and an overlapping forested area. Blackberries were cut back, and the few remaining trees with ivy in the lower off-leash area were cleared with survival rings. Some basic pruning of the crab apples removed some problem branches. We opened up visibility into the area from the access road beneath, having cleared an area down to the stand of Leyland cypresses.

“We removed about three bags of trash, plus a small collection of empty bottles/cans of alcoholic beverages (about half of which are barred from the Alcohol Impact Area down the hill).

“The true apples in the orchard are beginning to blossom, so there is a good possibility that they may produce fruit this year. Please consider joining in this weekend.”